Your perspective in life influences the dynamics of your creativity

A change in perspective in one aspect can influence change in other areas of life, the reason it is important to give consideration to others opinions and view things from the lens in which they understand life.

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Change your focus about certain emotional torture.

They are things and people that enter into our lives and force change, this change could be positive and it can also be a terrible negative change, they come into our space do things that tend to change us completely and sometimes we barely recognise ourselves when acting in such situations.

However, the experience sometimes can be pleasant and other times disheartening. We may suffer excruciating pain from the actions of these people leaving us with very painful experiences that we wish we could change and sometimes cause us to indulge in unproductive ventures, imbibe bad habits and destructive patterns and behaviour.

Most people carry on this way for the rest of their lives not realising that they can find peace within them if they dare to accept the reality of the situation and change how they view it and relate with the experience. We understand that it’s something you never wanted to be associated with and it can be really devastating, it can cause you to be ashamed of yourself and drag down your self-worth leaving you agonising for months, you may feel either being taken advantage of, violated, betrayed and disgusted but the best you can do to yourself is first forgive yourself, forgive the situation and change how you see it for your own happiness. Though it may seem difficult but if you change your focus you can do it, it becomes easy.

Focus on the good and release negativity in any situation

If we learn to view anything that we come across as a result of either a good or bad choice from ourselves or others the better we are able to deal and cope with life situations. If we understand cause and effect we would realise that things don’t just happen, all experiences are as a result of our present or past choices because our thoughts and actions are always creating scenarios and outcomes that we experience now or in time to come.

Life is all about experiences and this would continue until we exit this space therefore to keep our peace, we have to find a new way of dealing and relating with life encounters. It is imperative to start treating life events like leave notes where you flip sheet, this will help you begin to see life as a dream that it really is on a deeper level, in order to take it less serious because that is what it actually requires, to go with the flow to maintain your mental health.

Focus on what inspires you and make you happy and release all negativity and judgement of yourself and others.


Transfer problems and sad experience into objects and dispose them.

Transfer problems and sad feelings into objects and throw them away in the river or ocean as a sign of release. There is a growing sense of peace inside if you can transmute any traumatizing situation before you and change the way you perceive things and rather find the good that is related to it and embrace it.

Situations are always neutral and often a consequence resulting from a past action or choice. Our response to any circumstance either grow and extend it or crumble and diminish it. If there is this shift in focus, you would feel the courage and certainty that you can handle anything, this is actually a spiritual certainty and you can make it a reality in your life because we are created to handle any and every situation that cross around our paths.

If you stop living in denial and be honest and real and also relinquish all destructive patterns of behaviour and take responsibility for what you have participated in creating, you can honour and celebrate yourself for shifting those patterns, be honest with other people about your life, you don’t have to hide who you are and what you have been through, you can tell others your truth without fear because you realise that others opinions of you doesn’t defined who you are. Stand in that powerful humble place and show the world who you are. Some people spent years engaging in self-destructive patterns, loving for love sake because they felt there was no possible way to ignore certain things that aren’t serving them. Respect yourself enough to cause someone to treat you with dignity, some hid behind the belief that they had to give all that they had to buy love and soon after the relationship bagan to fizzle, they felt angry, hurt, rejected and stupid and the worst of it all, they felt abandoned. They felt their sense of dignity being restored after embracing the goodness that can emerge from even the toughest situation after changing their perspectives, this can open you up to a completely different loving situation, your life takes on in a larger dimension, we can direct our lives the way we want. We don’t have to lie to anyone, it is important to face the reality no matter how unpleasant it can be. True honesty includes compassion, people are afraid of being judged, it helps to accept, acknowledge and own the patterns and find a way to shift, honour and celebrate yourself for realising. The results of our past action may be staring us in the face and we would be forced to deal it, perhaps your need for validation caused you to lower your standards hoping it will be your ticket for loved. You could have hid behind the believe that you could change people or inspire them to clean up the mess but realised it wasn’t the ideal situation and became ridden with guilt and shame, you couldn’t show up with unbridle love and enthusiasm. This realization has the capacity to show you a different loving perspective.

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