Will, desire and emotion, manifest intended purpose


Emotion is Energy for Manifesting Intention


Will is the central key of all mental phenomena. Magic is the act of causing change in accordance with will. Your will controls and shapes the energy of the reality matrix. The will is directed by desire. You will not will something unless you desire it. Strong will follows strong desire. When you strongly desire something, that is when you will strongly will everything in the universe to be aligned towards making it happen for you.


When the amplitude of your vibration is strong, that is when it will overpower every other opposing vibration and will not be stopped until it manifests into physical experience. Opposing vibrations will attempt to weaken it, that is why it is important to maintain the amplitude of your vibration. Think and do things that will bring back the intensity of your desire and the level of emotion that you experience with it.


The secret of will and perseverance is the level of emotion and desire that is driving it. You will only persist all the way for something that you strongly desire and feel lots of emotion for it. That is what it means to be on fire in your pursuit of a deep purpose. It is a fervent prayer that is effective. Prayer with strong desire and emotion allows God to move with the energy of your request act it out strongly and in mighty ways.


And this hugely bring about Godlike Manifesting from a Place of being

You are consciousness that has been individuated from original consciousness. In order to experience itself from multiple points of view, original consciousness stepped down from larger to smaller and smaller units of consciousness. Earth is a unit of consciousness that forms to collective consciousness of all living beings on the planet. Earth is part of the universe which is part of all that is. The further you have stepped down from the source, the less of its attributes you’d be able to manifest immediately.

Therefore it might seem like you are separated from your true power when the truth is that the appearance of separation is only an illusion. At the higher planes, thought manifest a lot faster or even instantly. But at the lower planes, the unit of energy that you created through intention has to step down through lower and lower forms until it fully manifest in your reality. Your true power is the power of God. In God Plane, you can be, do or have anything instantly. On Earth, time depends on source connection.

The stronger your connection to the source, the greater your energy levels will be. This gives you more power to alter reality and manifest what you desire. All intention takes energy to manifest, and the more energy there is, the faster it can manifest. When you are so strongly connected to the source, your energy level is so great that it results in near instantaneous manifestation of intent which is what others might define as a miracle. Your Connection to The Source is your Consciousness of The Source



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