Why You Need Focus For Manifestation

1. What is focus

2. Why do we need to focus

3. What is the importance of focus

4. Does lack of focus affect our Manifestation

What is focus

Focus is the ability to channel your attention and concentration on a particular thing. To achieve anything in life, focus is required. Anything we focus on expands. Our attention and focus give meaning and purpose to things. If you take your focus away from something, it dies a natural death because our attention and focus is what feeds our interest, if you stop feeding anything with your attention, in other words, if you stop giving it attention, it dissipate.

Pure undiluted focus of thoughts on your intention cause the intention to manifest almost instantaneously.

Why do we need to focus

Focus actually give life to things. When you begin to pay more attention to anything, and constantly ruminates with it, because you place your focus on it, you start to create more of that thing. Take social media for example, the attention we give to certain people bring them recognition, our attention make celebrities, if we don’t focus on them and whatever they are producing their presence will have no value and meaning. Vibrationally, we create things into existence with our thoughts when we focus on them. However, during visualization, intense focus of attention is required to be able to effect a favourable outcome.

Dr Emoto’s Freeze Water experiment speak volume of this. Emoto poured water into two crystals and projected different emotions into them. One crystal contained emotions of love and  other positive emotions the other contained hate and other negative emotions.

The vials that had love and other positive emotions turned out symmetrical and beautiful. The one of hate and other negative emotions was ugly because they received a negative attention. The crystals that received love projection were beautiful because they received positive attention. Both crystals were focused on, the difference is that negative focus was placed on one and the other positive focus.

What is the importance of focus

It is necessary to place a positive focus on your intention, strong energy with no resistance to prevent lack thinking from slipping in. The average person rarely complete a single sentence without contradicting their energy, as in “I want a new home, but it’s too expensive” that is why most of us haven’t had much experience with ever feeling the combustion of thought that comes from 17+ seconds of pure thought. If you can sustain pure focus on your thought and desire for even 17 seconds, you have accomplished a big deal in creating reality.

Most people cannot make it through a sentence without contradicting the vibration of their desire and changing their focus. They will say, “I want money… and also say, money is hard to get” they are outpouring two contradictory vibrations and a shift in focus, when that happens, the universe will respond to both vibrations and nothing changes for them because their focus is placed on two opposite desires. You cannot get from here to there if you are vibrating at both places at the same time. Keep your focus only on your intent and not on the results that you are getting.

Does lack of focus affect  manifestation

Although a lack of focus can result from many factors which are not limited to hormonal emotional, physical and mental health which may include: stress, lack of sleep and lack of proper diet.

Vibrationally, lack of focus can prevent you from achieving your dreams and manifesting your desires. When you are distracted from your calling, you become a jack of all trades and master of none. This only leave you feeling stressed out due to working hard but with no purpose and fulfilment.

It essential to keep focus on your intent and desire in whatever pursuit you undertake in life.









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