Why it’s important to raise your spiritual vibration and frequency..

Subtle energy system can affect your spiritual vibration and frequency and help create a shift in consciousness and bring about transformation.

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What is spiritual vibration

Spiritual vibration is a scale or a level in which a person’s feelings and emotions soares. The vibration rises high and also plummet. The feelings a person ruminates with at a particular time determines whether his vibration frequency will rise or drops.

Positive emotions rises the vibration positively and negative emotions decline the vibration. Whenever you are ruminating with negative thoughts and feelings as jealous, anger, hatred, anxiety, your vibration drops to a low frequency, these emotions are low vibration emotions. On the other hand, whenever you are thinking and feeling emotions of love, gratitude, confidence, your vibrational frequency tend to rise.

If you are feeling down, you are vibrating at a low frequency where you become prone to attracting negative situations, bad luck or misfortunes.

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How can we raise our vibration

Participating in activity you naturally love and are passionate about such as listening or singing the music you love can positively increase your vibrational frequency. Indulging in things that lift your spirit and make you happy, engaging in meditation, visualization, spending time with people you love, holding positive thoughts and reminiscing exciting past events, scenarios and circumstances can spontaneously raise your vibration to a high frequency.

However, regular communication with certain people whose energy is draining and toxic or who often dwell on negativity can pull down your own vibration to a very low level.

Some environment and objects also hold low vibration energy, when you come in contact with such, your energy vibration will drop. Same is true of places and objects with positive vibrational ambience and energy, they however, affect people positively.

Raising your vibration can also includes eating healthy food, engaging in self-care, self-love and wearing clothes and dressing up in a way that is pleasing to you to boost your self-confidence.

What does frequency mean

Frequency describes the number of waves cycles per unit of time. It’s a measure of the quality of a wave-like vibration. You can observe the different qualities of different frequencies in sound waves. A low frequency note has a certain feel to it, while a high frequency note has another feeling altogether. We refer to different frequencies of different people or environments when we say that a person or a place has “good vibes” or “bad vibes.” If you change your energetic level frequently everything else changes.

If you want to make significant shift in your life, it’s most effective when you frequently raise your vibration to a high level with positive emotions, when you shift yourself at the energetic level, you shift your conscious and subconscious thought processes.

When you constantly do things that keep your vibration at a high frequency you continuously attract luck and other good things to yourself, high vibration and high frequency when combine with gratitude birth an amazing life.








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