What is Spiritual Magnetism




What is spiritual magnetism

Spiritual magnetism is a divine power and attraction we naturally posses as divine beings. When we begin to ruminates with low vibration energy, we start to alter that attraction but if we remain attached to our essence, and continue to maintain a high level vibrational frequency our spiritual magnetism continue to develop and expand and we are able to attract our desires and intentions.

We maintain this power when we regularly meditate and listen to uplifting music, we can remain in that vibration if we spend time in nature and block negative energies of others close to us who tend to pull our vibration through negative projection, when we absorb negative energy it often pull down our high vibration. It is important to avoid places, people and things of low or negative vibration that have the ability of altering our divine high vibrational state and plunge us into negative emotions where we start engaging in low or negative pursuit.

Spiritual magnetism unveils our energy lights which when we unclog allows us to deeply connect with our divine essence in which we begin to express our true nature and our godself.

How do we magnetize through gratitude

Gratitude is a feeling that raises our vibration taking us back to recognise acknowledge and appreciate what we have. It is an expression of a grateful state for our acquisition which includes life and other little things in life.

Gratitude increase our chances of attracting more blessings. It helps us magnetize all that is good and we begin to attract more abundance into our lives. A state of gratitude is a state of constant conscious creation, the more grateful and appreciative you are for what you already have the more opportunities present themselves for attracting and magnetizing abundantly.

How do we magnetize blessings

We magnetize blessings when we begin to raise our vibration and begin to live in love. Magnetism is being intensively attracted to something or forcefully pull something towards you. Words have power, when we speak an intention, the intention actually converts our thought energy into a more physical form as sound. You may think about your desire and if there is a means to bring that to your awareness or you can see it coming to fruition you feel good about it, you must speak it to existence through the power of the tongue.

The tongue is the rudder of your whole energy body. To be a master of magnetizing, you must maintain awareness and conscious control of the  tongue, it’s always much better to keep silent than to say things that are counter productive to your intention. We can magnetize love, and maintain a magnetic personality that can make you be attracted to others, there are people with magnetic energy field or aura.

Magnetism can become instantaneous, when you meditate on your intention and visualize it as already taken place, feel the emotion, emotion is energy in motion, the action pull that person or thing you are trying to attract or magnetize to yourself, that also put you in a high vibrational state, you feel good and excited, this vibrational happy state is what bring your intention into being.

Spiritual magnetism not only help us connect with the divine as we stay in alignment, it also enables us to connect and attract people who share our vibration, dictates and repel negative energy and get more in tune with our authentic self and those who lift us through their positive vibrational state.

Our magnetic resonance influence others just as others influences us. People’s energy can affect us the reason we must guide our energy to protect themselves against invading our energy field.






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