What Do Women Want?

Women supporting women


What exactly is the basic need of women

What exactly women need is to be who they have been created to be. Unfortunately the society tie the value of a woman to a man. Although it doesn’t seemingly appear so but in reality it is.

Treasures are only a breath away, we are meant to experience new depth within ourselves and to make new choices. We as women have been programmed to accept limited choices. Many married women are extremely lonely because they feel they have lost their choices, they have given their power away, they look up to a man and say what do I think and do? In order to make change in our lives, remember that we first need to make these changes in our minds, we change our own thinking and then the outer world respond differently to us.

It is time to join with other women to improve life for all of us and this will inturn improve life for men. When women are fulfilled, satisfied and happy, they will be superb partners, wonderful people to live with and men will feel infinitely more comfortable with equals.

How can women build confidence in themselves

Women desire validation and every woman want to be heard. Although they are conditioned to not accept who they are and to see themselves less than human, their confidence is eroded because of their position in the society. They are presumed to not be heard, speak out loud or be confident because their self-esteem is found in their attachment to men.

Women can build themselves if they are allowed to be themselves and embrace who they are.

We want to bless and prosper each other, I think we need to create something called “Every woman’s guide for success living”, it will not only be a woman’s survival menu but it will also create a new paradigm for women. We want to encourage every woman to be the best she can be. As we give encouragement to others’ life we encourage ourselves in various special ways.

Life is very forgiving, life simply asks us to be forgiving to ourselves and forgiving to our neighbours. The option of finding the right partner man is only one alternative in a long list of possibilities, if you are single, do not put your life on hold until you find a man, get on with your life and don’t give in to others’ insecurity so you don’t miss out.

How can women find their worth

Women can find their worth if they begin to recognize that there is much to life than focusing on only a person to bring them value and a sense of purpose.

The value of a woman is not tied to a person or a thing. Nothing even anything external can actually fulfil a person. Dependence on things outside ourselves cannot give fulfilment. Your worth is found within yourself and expressed through your personality in service to humanity.

We don’t want to be like someone else, we want to be ourselves as George Foyer says in her book “What every woman needs to know before and after she gets involve with men and money” The aim of women is not to emulate men but to be completely fulfilled humans persons who enjoy the rights, privileges and entitlements of all citizens and also the very pleasure of being a woman.

I am asking you to go within and change your thinking. Connect with the treasure, when we connect with the treasure within then we will give to life from the magnificence of our being.

Treat yourself special, connect with yourself everyday, do the things you love, go to the restaurant, go see a movie, dress up, give yourself a treat, make a date with yourself once a week, eat from your best dishes and you will be amazed how life will overwhelm you with pleasant surprises.

You can not truly and unconditionally love anyone. The love you share in all your relationships is based on a condition but when you authentically love and accept yourself, you love others unconditionally.

The most perfect and sustainable relationship you can ever have is the relationship with yourself, so make it the best most loving relationship, be loving to yourself, love the body you have, it will be with you all your life.

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