Universal Life Force is Secret to wealth: Connect Now


What is universal Life Force

Universal life energy is cosmic energy, it is a strong energetic force, it’s released from the universe itself, this force can be harnessed into our being so we can utilize it for our own good.

How can we connect to it

This energy is always flowing in us, but we may not be able to utilize it for our ultimate good if we are too attached to form and always in resistance of what is. To connect, we must learn to let go of the desire to force things to be the way we want. We must practice acceptance and learn to surrender, allowing things to unfold and manifest naturally.

It is also necessary to practice mindfulness and let go of limiting beliefs. It is important to meditate and let go of the believe in separation, for all are united by a common humanity and all emanate from the same source power that created all things in existence. It is essential to harness your energy light centers and always be in nature to enable you recharge yourself.

How do we become successful by connecting to it.

We do not need concentration or strong mental efforts to contact the life vibrations. All we need to do is to become conscious of their continual flow in us to establish the contact. The easiest and simplest way of contacting universal life energy is through mental contact. Simply think the words “I am one with universal life energy. It is flowing through me now. I feel it” and feel it. Relax physically, mentally and emotionally and feel harmony within you. When you’re in that state, the power is flowing through you.

To relax at will takes practice. Feel the feeling physically as comfortable and as much at ease as you can. Relax your mind as much as possible. Try not to think of anything but just to sense rest, peace, and when the condition is attained, then enter mentally into silence, try to silence your mind, let there be silence within your own self for a while, all impulses, desires and even thought. The relaxation and silence will rest your body and mind to open them to the flow of life energy. Practice will enable you to enter the silence instantaneously.

The conscious contact with universal life energy, once established, remains for a considerable amount of time. Therefore your energy-power will last for a while as you go about doing things and experiencing good success with them. You don’t always have to consciously charge yourself all the time because that will cause an imbalance. You want your energy circuit to run by itself and only recharge at appropriate times. Re-establishing the mental contact three or four times a day would be the optimal way.

Connecting with life force energy can help us explore the energy of the universe to expand, to become successful when we harness it.






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