Unable to Receive Love: Do this

Those who were not given love at a young age, either because they grew up with parents or people who had no idea how to show love are unable to receive love, but can learn to receive love.

Love is an emotion, a feeling, a deep affection and liking for other people or things. Love involves sharing a part of yourself with others by giving, listening, spending time and committing yourself to them. It also involves passion and intimacy.


How do we show love to others

We express love when we show affection either by touching, holding hands, hugging, pecking or kissing.

Some people express their love through gifting and altering kind and compassionate words. Being kind, helpful and generous is also an expression of love.

Spending quality time with honest and authentic conversation can be regarded as an act of love, when we loosen up with the people we trust and engage in real and frank discussion with them, we are showing love.

How can we receive love from others

There are those who are good at receiving love, they are able to attract all the love from others wherever they go. They act as if they are the star and everyone likes them. They are always expecting love and adoration from everyone and are showing it in the way they behave towards you. They talk to you as if you admire them, as if you like them, adore them, love them and want them. You can almost feel that they are tugging on your heart strings and drawing love from you to them. They appear and behave as so lovable.

You can receive love by opening yourself to love and allowing others the joy of loving you. Give them the gift of loving you by being loveable and attracting love from them. This is the magic key to making others love you and be able to show it to you. Allow them to express love to you in their action, words and expression, and having it well received. Our world will be so much more beautiful when others are able to express love to us and have us receive it fully, and we are also able to express love to others and have them receive it fully.

What to do if you don’t know how to receive love

In order to receive love from others, you must first be able to receive love from yourself. Declare mentally “I love myself” and then let the feeling of love generate from your heart space and expand to fill your entire being. Imagine a white light of love energy wrapped all over you on the inside and outside. Feel the love for yourself as you give it unconditionally and wholeheartedly. When you step into any place with the feeling of complete self-love, you will have an unassailable form that cannot be shaken by anyone.

Love is actually the most beautiful feeling irrespective of the type of love we are expressing but if you don’t know how to receive it, there is the tendency that you will always feel lonely and rejected even when love is all around you. Giving and receiving love tend to bring out the best in us because it allows us the freedom to lovingly and authentically express ourselves, feeling that sweet feeling of love.

Love is unity, acceptance, forgiveness and creates a lasting bond between individuals, learning to love and be loved by showing it in different ways either through gifts, honesty, true communication and receiving of love itself is the essence of our being.



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