Thoughts are highly creative, guide them well:The creative power of your thoughts.



1. Taking responsibility for our thoughts creation

2. Understand your co-creative ability

3. Effect of negative thoughts


All the things around us are a product of thought, they emanate from thought both positive and negative thoughts. We are all creators of reality and are constantly creating all the things we are experiencing.

Unfortunately, our highly creative thoughts sometimes create dysfunction too.

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Taking responsibility for our thoughts creation

Humans are highly co-creative beings. We create our life situations and experiences, we are independently creating our reality, sometimes by default and other times consciously by the thoughts we think. Newton’s Third Law of Motion is the golden rule, it states that ” For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction” This law is actually the ‘law of nature’ and originally a spiritual concept. Christ in his message of redemption said: “As a man thinks and so it is.” Our thoughts affect all outcomes. The thoughts we hold in our awareness and project create circumstances and situations that affect ourselves and others.

Negative thoughts create dysfunction and positive thoughts create beneficial outcomes and fascinating experiences. Well, it is important to guide our thoughts and also think positive thoughts because all we bring into reality comes back to us and only us can suffer the consequences of our thoughts and actions.

According to science, humans think on the average of sixty thousand thoughts per day approximately. Think about it, now, if all the thoughts we think are mostly positive and empowering, we will constantly produce more good than dysfunction and chaos. Our negative thoughts are also creating repeated patterns and experiences we are not comfortable with just as our good thoughts unleash our highest potential. However, we are creating cause and effect and experiencing altogether at the same time and in the same space.

We must learn to take responsibility for creating dysfunction with our thoughts, focus and actions. Unfortunately we constantly projects and perceive what others are doing that is affecting us but blind to the perversion of our individual creative abilities, causing pain and suffering wherever we find ourselves sometimes and in different ways.

Understand your co-creative ability

Whatever we focus on we create more of it because whatever we give attention has the potential to expand. If you have a thought in your mind and gradually become obsessed with it there is the tendency that your focus will start to increase the momentum, and this is usually accompanied by feeling and the next thing that follows is the action plan and how to execute it in reality and the result or outcome of this whole thing will determine whether the thought was positive or negative.

Effect of negative thoughts

We sometimes get deluded into believing that when we embark on a task and fail, some malevolence force is responsible for our failure, the known force that often holds us down is the negative thoughts we hold within us, the negative thoughts others hold within them, direct them concerning that project and inaction on our own part. But if you hold firm to your reality and believe, taking action to achieve it you manifest your desire. If we are not aware that we are in the lead position of our lives, we become hypnotized by this delusion and our lives begin to appear haphazard to us. Every thought we hold within consciously or unconsciously is sending out energy vibration into the world. The moment we release these thoughts into the universe and move to action we have sent a signal, an energy informing the universe of our intention which will most certainly become a thing, if we vibrate on a high frequency, believing the universal power that abides in all things, trusting the higher order, what we send out also attract the like back to us and sometimes we create and manifest them by default.

Guide your thoughts to create only those things that are useful to humanity.

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