The power of Manifestation.

What do we actually mean when we mention the topic manifestation? This article will broaden your mind and help you learn about manifestation principles to enable you begin to manifest your dreams


What is manifestation

Manifestation simply means achieving your goals as planned. You can rest when you know you have thought out how to handle every outcome that happens. When your desires are being manifested as you have intended, there is a special kind of relief that you will experience, the excitement that comes with that is unimaginable and overwhelming. This however, is everyone’s expectation because it gives us enormous fulfillment.

Those who trust in God will always see his manifestation in their lives. When you rely solely on God , he manifest himself mightily in your life. The Bible says those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion who can never be shaken but abides forever, we do not have power on our own to abide, our ability and strength to remain trusting is the manifestation of his power upon us.


How can we manifest our desires

We manifest our desires by focusing on what we want. We see the manifestation of our desires quickly when we know who we are, identify our purpose and align our personality with God’s dream for us.

Manifestation of our intentions also become easy when we write our wants down and work towards achieving them.


What do we need to manifest our goals?

  • Believe without a shadow of doubt and fully trust the process.
  • Have expectations of positive outcome
  • Maintain a positive mindset

Don’t be too attached to the outcome by regularly checking whether what you have done is working or not after giving it up to the universe to bring it to pass by allowing it to manifest in your physical reality.


How can we know if we are manifesting our goals

We know we are manifesting our goals when we feel a sense of fulfilment and happiness, we are moving without the worries of life, we do not dwell in sadness and complaining. We walk gracefully and confidently. We are not bothered by whatever that is going on in our awareness because we trust the guidance we are receiving and the force that is in control leading our lives.

We are seeing positive results of the efforts we are putting in everything we are doing and this also gives us the motivation to do more as we continue to succeed.


What is the purpose of manifestation

Manifestation of our dreams bring us to an expected end, the essence is to live a fulfilled life and this start with knowing and accepting your calling, embrace it, do the work. When your higher self assign you to undergo the process that will awaken you to the truth as you enter your dark night which is the beginning of your transformation, surrender to the experience go through the pain that comes with it to enable you to fully accept and embrace your calling that brings about immense manifestation of the blessings of God upon your life.

Manifestation of your goal is to go through every scenario of the negative and positive possibilities that might happen. Balance is the key here since going to the extreme produces the opposite effect. Then consciously intend that those negative possibilities don’t happen while emotionally accepting them in case they do happen, then you allow yourself to feel your emotions, you are allowing the stream of life to pass through, you are able to experience the next thing without the need for the previous thing to reoccur.

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“Seek and you shall find” Those who seek shall manifest these blessings from The universe.

One thing about believers and manifestation is that they pray, believe and trust the process but when their hopes and intentions begin to manifest they don’t recognise it.

Just as the guidance you are receiving to take action in certain things so that you can start to manifest your desires could appear in any form, the same way the manifestation of your intention can also show up in ways that you sometimes don’t expect that is why if you are praying for something it’s important that you take your focus away from how it should manifest and don’t be attached to a particular thing because if the outcome is not what you have placed your focus on even if your desire has manifested in a related event you may not recognise and because you don’t recognise it you will not take action and you will allow the opportunity to slip away and pass you by.

The universe is all abundant, and is responding and attending to our wants but our poor focus often blindfolds us from seeing and receiving the blessings. The universe cannot be conditioned to appear and reward a person in a certain defined way, be open minded and broaden your mind to receive. Don’t restrict yourself or attached to only one thing or one way because it can also happens in ways that we do not expect, if we understand this we can always take advantage of the possibilities when they present themselves, and as we act on them we manifest positive results.


We struggle with limiting beliefs all the time and that is why we often want to control how everything should be. The fact that we want it a particular way does not necessarily mean it will happen the way we have envisioned, sometimes we want to bypass the normal process of unfolding or cut corners to achieve what we want, it’s essential to allow things to naturally unfold by trusting the process and relying on the universe to bring it to you, don’t get caught up in desperation this can cause you to miss out completely once you commit to something and play your part, give it up to the source of all creation and leave it there and continue to do other things, move your focus from it that way allows it to come back to you with a positive outcome but when you remained attached to the outcome, you begin to block it, you are creating resistance because you do not want to let go and resistance happens due to fear, and this fear result from double, where you start ruminating with thoughts of “what if” it did not happen as expected?

The key here is to believe without doubt, for whatever you are searching, be it happiness, wealth, freedom, love, health, whatever it might be that you are looking forward to manifest, trust and be positive about the outcome. Renew your mind from the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing and enjoying the life you want, well, we understand that the limiting beliefs are part of the human condition, being that we are raised with them and they form part of our ego or the limited-self identity, the self which is necessary in this space but we don’t have to allow them to restrict and limit our power from achieving our dream and prevent us from manifesting our true and highest potential. We are heires and heiresses of the the divine source and we have been commanded to seek and find, ask and receive therefore manifestation of all that is good is actually our birthright.


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Kings are rich. Royalty is rich. There is just no question of lack or limitation when it comes to those who rule. You were born to be a prince or a princess. This privileged position signifies wealth and power. You cannot be royalty without wealth and power. It just doesn’t fit. You can only truly live as prince or princess if you realize your right to be rich and powerful. People have conflicting ideas of seeing themselves as prince or princess but yet not see themselves to be rich and powerful. They’re conflicted.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































You must give up your idea of seeing yourself as a prince or princess if you have problems with wealth and power. People think they are seeing themselves as wealthy and powerful, but that is only a delusion.
































































































































































































































































In fact they are deceiving themselves. They fantasize about being rich and powerful, but at the same time, their minds are embedded with negative judgments about wealth and power. You can see by their actions of not going for wealth and power to know their true beliefs that form their reality.




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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