The Church Members in my Station in our Community have been complaining that the church is dead because the number of worshipers has reduced in size and the most active members have moved to other churches and others have stopped coming.

The Rev. Father tried to give the remaining members hope and assured them that everything will be fine and that the church is not dead that they all need to pray and commit the situation into God’s hands and also speak to their friends and neighbors to visit their church in order to have new members.

But the devotees continued to convince everyone and the rest of the other church members that there’s no point trying, the church is dead.

Then the priest said, since everyone believes the church is dead, then the parishioners have to conduct a burial ceremony to bury the church. They were all surprised and the priest insisted that the church has to be buried.

A committee was set up to organize the burial and members were appointed to take charge of the different contributions and provide the necessaries needed for the burial.

The date of the burial was fixed and circulated, mourners were invited and all the necessary items needed including a casket were ready for the scheduled day to bury the church.

On the day of the burial, the Rev. Father told the burial committee to take the casket to the mortuary so that Mr Church’s remains would be conveyed to the church premises. At this point, the members were astounded and confused. A well decorated table was placed in the center of the church, adorned with beautiful flowers of different colors and perfumes to place the casket for Mr Church’s lying in state.

Behold, a hearse carrying the body of Mr Church accompanied by mourners and hefty looking bouncers slowly approached the church entrance to the astonishments of all church members.

The Rev. Father had convinced parishioners that Mr Church was inside the casket since non of them was inside the mortuary to know what happened, so they didn’t know what to think.

During lying in state, all the church members were line up to pay their last respect to Mr Church.

The Priest was standing beside the coffin that was made of glass like that of the late Queen πŸ‘‘ Elizabeth of England. The first member stepped forward and the Priest unveiled the coffin, as the parishioner looked into the casket, he saw himself instead of Mr Church and the Priest asked him who do you see? And he responded I saw my own reflection in the glass and the Priest said you are the one dead, God’s words never dies only people do.


Repent and accept the Good News for the Kingdom of God is here. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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