Spiritual Development: Does it involves achieving set goals?



What is spiritual development

Spiritual development is the different stages of growth in consciousness about the creator, source power and the universe, from the victim stage where we become indoctrinated into religion, flow with the crowd, blame and judge others for what is not right, to personal encounters, in which we are faced with challenges, that force us to wake up to the realization of truth, here we no longer blame anyone for whatever happens to us, we realize that all our life experiences are for our growth, we learn to surrender and begin to take responsibility for our actions, we grow in knowledge and become evolved into a higher consciousness.

Spiritual Path and Success

Spiritual paths may be different for different people but all leads to the same destination. However, people may try to pursue spiritual progress by itself and think they are making progress at it. But they have no real way to prove it without any external achievements to reflect their inner power. Power is not something static. Power is the capability to act and accomplish things. Without accomplishment and achievement of external goals, there is no proof, measure or manifestation of power. God created and designed the universe for spiritual development and material achievement to go together as a way of reaping the fruit of our labor. Inner corresponds with outer.

Note that in the end it is all about results, both in the spiritual aspect as well as the physical. When you achieve what you want, it means you applied the correct spiritual principle, otherwise it was just nonsense. There are many spiritual perceptions about what is the correct way to be, act or achieve success, some of these ways even contradict and conflict with each other. The only way to know for sure is to put them to the test divinely and authentically, just as Jesus says in his message of salvation, test every spirit, same applies in the actual pursuit of goals, so test and see what actually works. Supposedly spiritual people can talk about principles but those who test them actively can know the right things for sure.

The ultimate success formula states that you should test different ways of doing things to find those that are most effective in getting you the results you want. Same way, you have to test even spiritual matters and not only physical ones. You must experience for yourself what is true rather than simply accepting what is taught. This is the true path to intelligence and divine awareness. Those who test and see what really works are the ones who manage to get what they want. The rest who just accept teachings blindly never succeed fully.

Is it wrong to achieve your goals, become successful and yet spiritual

In truth, the secret of success lies in your divine spiritual consciousness. Inspiration comes from your being. When you are in alignment with your soul purpose, you become motivated, passionate about honouring your soul’s voice and doing what you are inspired to do. The energy, the creativity, the resources and the ideas will keep flowing because of the dream and vision you have about what you can create in this world. Jesus says in his message of redemption that the gift of a man bring blessing to that man, abundance is the birthright of every child of God. You cannot be wrong when you are on your soul path and achieving material success. But you can become wrong when you allow your ego to take the lead in the application or use of such possessions.

Spirituality generally is about awareness, it create portals for profound consciousness that leads to miracles that brings about material success. This is different from doctrines of religion which are of course control.

And spiritual development is the portal that takes us to this abundance.






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