Simple Ways to Handle Toxicity

Toxic energy is something that is highly draining and unhealthy to settle for. To avoid being consistently drained and feeling out of balance with lack of energy, it is important to clear your space of toxicity and this includes anything that is toxic to one’s life be it people, environment or place and activities.

Why it’s not advisable to put up with toxicity

Toxic energy is inconsistent, often vacillate and extremely draining causing others to have low vibrations and feeling down.

It is essential to separate yourself from people who toxify your life with their toxic vibrations to help safeguard your mental health. Toxic people emit toxic energy, their words are like an arrow that Pierces the heart, being close to such people and engaging in regular and intense discussion with them can literally sap you of your energy. Their energy, words and actions are completely toxic and unbearable and can throw anyone off balance. They often use their toxic words to control others. They are highly judgemental and in the habit of condemning and shaming others. Their behaviour is always calculated to make other people vulnerable and to also doubt their worth. They are inauthentic and therefore derive their sense of value from external sources, our sense of value comes from our natural selves their own sense of value comes from external  sources, they need some kind of attachment to be valued. They create situations that cause all kinds of damage. They seek to be prioritised while violating other people’s boundaries and breaking rules, causing you to go against your values and fundamental principles, they make you break your own rules to please them.

Their words and reaction to issues make those close to them to second guess their own worth, they make you question your worth, and begin to redefine your essence in your own mind. They tend to recalibrate your self-esteem to a level where they can control you.

General habits of toxic people

They are critical about everything, sometimes, they criticise with a smile designed to break you down to see yourself less. They also spend a large amount of time and energy monitoring the lives of the people close to them and constantly seeking approval and validation.

They are always picking on others and want to dictate how others should be, act and behave, nothing is ever right if it doesn’t come from or emerged through them. They project their insecurities through wanting to prove that their own ideas are the best. They like to compare, and often engage in unhealthy competition with friends and others with a deep  obsession for class. They tend to control others to not believe in themselves and in who they are making them to walk on eggshells believing they are not good enough if they can not meet up the fake lifestyle they have created for them, the reason people and particularly women are hugely dependent on external attachments and emptiness to fill the void of not good enough.

They discourage people from being themselves to take up and promote the fake fragile identity and give up their true authentic self so they can be like them in order for them to feel good and comfortable about themselves.

Unfortunately, they never ever feel it no matter how hard they try even when they are constantly reminded how incredible they are, they remain insatiable, always desiring and wanting, deceiving others and creating the impression that it’s the best life, this is how they control others to remain dependent on surgeries to augment their bodies for approval and recognition without realising that they are being controlled by these toxic critical people walking around masked and pretending to be normal not realising that they are perfectly good enough in their perceived imperfect and worthy of all.

How to whittle their toxic brainwash

Prioritise your own virtues, respect, honour, worthiness, purity, goodness and sexuality with dignity.

Pay less attention to their projections. Don’t give in to their make believe and falsehood. It is important to ignore them sometimes and be yourself. Don’t let them into coarse you into believing and surrendering to their inauthentic lifestyle.

It is perfectly normal to ghost them if their behaviour starts to grieve your spirit, making you miserable.

Establish firm boundaries with them to avoid their drama in order to maintain your mental health.

Have your own non-negotiable limits. Manage your virtues intentionally, don’t be carried away by the desperation to be like everyone else and jump into the social absurdity.


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