The Importance of Self Confidence


What is self confidence

Self confidence is a feeling of worth and a perceived sense of competence in one’s skills and capabilities. Self confidence involves not only the belief in your ability to handle situations it also has to do with an internal boost, that has been cultivated or instilled in a person either by the raising of that person by the parents, by training, by the environment, situation or circumstance.

Self Confidence can be acquired and can be instilled in individuals. Unfortunately, the conditioned pattern of the society tend to erode self confidence on the female gender as it is often perceived as rudeness. This however, stem from the belief that a woman is supposed to be under a man and therefore she is not expected to speak or express herself with confidence and loudness in a way it may suggest as taking the position of a man. Until recently, women with self confidence often come across as  annoying, rude and hated on.


why do you need self confidence to succeed

Self confidence becomes a motivation here, when you have confidence in yourself and your ability, it motivate you to keep trying relentlessly in whatever pursuit you are indulging in, and help you to remain consistent until you achieve success.


The importance of self confidence

Self confidence and the belief in self are the most important things to protect. It is the foundation of all personal success. You can achieve anything when you believe in yourself, and you will fail when you have doubt in yourself. The feeling of confidence is a positive state of vibration where your subconscious mind is directed towards the success of a thing. It is when you are single minded and fully aligned with the realization of your goals. Your confidence is your personal magnetic field that attracts that which you desire to you.

When you increase in confidence, you increase in success. When you increase in success, you increase in confidence. Create positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement. Focus more on doing things that get you positive results and less on things that make you feel disappointed. Choose to always engage in situations that you are more likely to win than lose. Successful business grow from strength to strength. Each Positive experience is a positive reinforcement that increases your power.

You have to tap into your strength and build yourself from there. By drawing power from other sources of strengths or accomplishments, you are able to engage the situation at hand powerfully and with higher capability. And gain further power in the process. This is how power begets power and increases itself exponentially. Tap into different states. You have to empower yourself with the things that empowers you and give you positive emotions, positively enhance your mental state and energies. When you are in a state of power, the way to direct power to achieve success is to simply think about what you want, and then decide that you are creating it with your thought. Increase capacity by building on success.

Self confidence is the force and power that breed success.







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