Power of Being a Creator of Reality


Who are creators of reality

We are all creators by default. All individuals are by nature creators of their reality, but this is creating out of awareness and because of this lack of awareness, we often create and bring into existence dysfunctions. Reality actually has to do more with the way we think and perceive things. All things are neutral until we act on them including our thoughts and feelings. If we are conscious of the fact that we are creating our reality moment by moment, our life situations and circumstances are a product of our thoughts, beliefs, actions and the vibrations we ruminates with, we will begin to create with intention, and therefore become intentional and mindful of the thoughts we allow to take preeminence over our lives and our actions and we will not allow negative or unproductive beliefs to rule our existence.

What can you do to become a creator of reality

First of all, when you are aware that you are a co creator of your reality both physically and vibrationally, anything that is meant to be for the good of humanity, you are the one who initiates and creates it into existence, instead of waiting for things to happen, you go ahead and begin them. When others who are bringing to reality what is more or less things that are not useful to them due to lack of awareness look to someone to follow, you lead the way. You start the ball rolling instead of waiting for someone else to make it roll. You take control of situations and direct them the way you desire them to go. You become the cause of events and experiences. You have the power to move the world at will because you make decisions and follow them.

It is in the moments of decision your destiny is shaped. Where there is no decision, there is no shaping of destiny. The experience of our life’s purpose involves making decisions to do what we desire to do. The divine will is expressed through us when we choose to co-create with it. We cannot avoid our role as chooser-creators in every moment of life. To decide is to cut off, deciding is to select one possibility to manifest while cutting off all others and shaping reality to that particular form.

We are always deciding whether we’re aware of it or not. When we do not decide to change things, we are deciding that they remain the same. Therefore, being a creator is not about whether you are deciding or not, but whether you are making conscious decisions. It’s about being aware when you have a decision to make, and then choosing intentionally which one to go for. Things do not change until we do. Creators do not wait for change to happen, they are the cause of the changes they like to see.

How to become a powerful creator of reality

Life is responding to us as we perceive it. There is no limitation until you perceive there is. In truth, there really are no limitations. Perceptions creates reality and whenever you perceive something to be, you create it to be. Hence when something appears to be a limitation but you do not perceive it as one, it will not become something that limits you. Having a mindset of no limitation is very powerful because it causes you to become unstoppable. When you perceive yourself to have no limitations, you will become totally irresistible to others.


Creating with freedom to free others

The reason why people resist is because they perceive that there is something we are lacking. They only want to accept or let in that which will complete them and not something that doesn’t fit because it is incomplete. Our perceptions create their perceptions. When we perceive limitation about ourselves, we will project it to others to perceive. We are the creator of all the resistance that we experience. When we perceive no limitation about ourselves, we project it to others and they have nothing to resist.

People want to be free and they are drawn to others who can make them feel free. You can’t free others unless you are free yourself. Being in the presence of someone who perceives no limitations is so liberating, because it makes you feel that you can be, do and have anything you desire. People who have no limitation have great influence over others because they are able to make people do anything they want. Sometimes, it feels like we are under their control as they are able to have their way with us and make us drop all our inhibitions.

We all are creators of reality and are creating everyday. It is important that we become mindful of our thoughts and actions so we can create things that are impactful to others and ourselves. We can become powerful creators of our realities when we are able to change the way we perceive and relate with all the things around us.





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