Overcoming the Incubus and Succubus Spirits


This appears to be the most difficult and the most dangerous spirit troubling men and women and causing distruction in many marriages and indeed difficult to surmount.

What are incubus and Succubus spirits

Many people are having various degrees of problems ranging from infertility and troubled marriages to illnesses because they have had  sexual encounter in their dreams with a male or female demonic spirit.

The word incubus is a Latin word ‘incubo’ meaning a ‘nightmare’ or what ‘lies down on someone while asleep’ induced by a male demonic spirit to a sleeping woman. The incubus is in the habit of raping women during sleep. This phenomenon happens in different forms, a woman who is supposedly sleeping, can feel the presence of a male pressing her on the chest or having sexual inter course with her while having the sensation of being awake. Although the incident can induce fear and anxiety but women who have had such sexual encounter claim is the most exhilarating sexual experience they have ever had.

While a Succubus is the female demonic spirit like the male that seduce men while asleep and have inter course with them. These are what we generally refer to as spirit husband and spirit wife. This however, has been a major problem in failed marriages, because these invisible spirit man and woman who often rape their victims come to interfer in people’s intimate relationships and marriages wrecking havoc and causing distruction in order to separate couples and take over the relationship. They are intensely jealous and because of that they tend to cause confusion once one party has allowed them to have access to his or her body either through sexual involvement with the wrong person.

Why they are a disturbing issue

Oftentimes, people who are involved in such spiritual sexual encounters and relationships or marriages are not even aware they have a spirit husband or wife that causes problems for the actual physical or human spouse. This issue is not restricted to certain persons, it can affect anyone, those marine spirit violates people’s boundaries, they don’t need anyone’s consent to invade their bodies, both married and single men and women suffers it. Married women who are affected by this phenomenon experiences several miscarriages alongside financial problems and sometimes barrenness.

What are the signs of being under the influence of this spirit

Having multiple sexual partners is a sure way of inviting an incubus or succubus to your life or your family to cause destruction. They can also be attracted unknowingly through visiting or moving from one spiritual home or church to another in search of miracles, and also careless habits and ignorance. Anyone can be a victim. But the most attractive quality that draws a spirit husband or wife to a person is beauty. “Sex appeal” is the easiest way in which they find their way to their victims. The more beautiful or handsome you are, the higher your chances of being entrapped by a spirit wife or husband. You literally become a target. If you are attractive as a woman or as a man, you will hardly escape these spirit entities because they are moved by fair and beautiful appearance unless your body is kindle with divine light that is illuminating and constantly radiating in you. Just as your friends appreciates and admires your natural beauty  and allure, and are attracted to you, so do those spirit entities are attracted to you too because of your stunning appearance. If you suspect that you or your husband is having spirit entities troubling you or sexually harassing or exploiting you during sleep, you are not alone. This should be handled with utmost seriousness because it is one of the issues that are difficult to overcome. Walking alone in the night or during odd hours and bathing in the stream or river at night draws their attention to you.

You may have a spirit husband or wife if you dream of having regular sexual inter course with one or two people.

You feel or dream of the presence of someone sleeping between you when you are either with your spouse or boyfriend.

If you are a woman you always dream of sleeping together with someone who is not physical with you.

You dream of living another life either in the sea or somewhere else and having a family or children.

You always dream and see yourself at the seaside or swimming and many more other scenarios. These things are not physical but they are real and you may wonder how you could possibly be used without your conscious awareness but you feel it in your psyche which however can be a little confusing and doubtful, this is absolutely real and it is done through telepathy.

How to overcome spirit entities.

The only true way of surmounting this demonic spirit/energy is through “Meditation and Visualization”. Being in alignment with God and honouring your body as a divine temple is an effective way to prevent those evil spirits from invading your space.

Prayers alone only offers a temporary solution. Some people perform certain rituals and prepare food and other sweetened items to appease them in the hope that they will leave them alone after that unfortunately, all of that does not stop them from messing with their bodies when they sleep.  This demonic spirit wife and husband are extremely stubborn, they are powers and principalities in high places that requires a higher consciousness/ awareness and prayers to overcome. You cannot solve a problem from the consciousness that created the problem. Therefore Meditation and visualisation are higher levels of consciousness that destroys lower consciousnesses by doing the following:


1. Take any position and be in silence meditation and close your eyes. Take deep breaths repeatedly.

2. Imagine a television set hanging in front of you on the wall.

3. Visualize your body on that TV set and visualise yourself sending  light from the top of your head to the entire body, the light will locate where the attachment between you and that spirit entity is.

4. Imagine the image of that spirit you want to battle with.

5. Visualize the image with your mind’s eye on an imaginary television on your wall.

6. With the power of your mind and your eyes closed, send a surge of light to that spirit and the light will consume it. Do this for a week and the problem will be over.

Succubus and incubus are dangerous demonic spirits that attaches themselves to humans to sexually exploit and disempower them spiritually in order to destroy them. Activate your energy light centers and learn to use your divine power as a shield against all invisible spiritual threats.









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