overcoming overachieving mentality.

Overcoming over achieving mindset can actually save us from a lot of problems. The problem here is that we are always in denial of our obsession with doing too much to acquire the world. We never acknowledge this and we also don’t even attempt to imagine it could be a problem until we gradually begin to experience the symptoms in form of sickness before we start to actually view our internal world to see the stories we are creating and how we are paying less attention to what is important and focusing all our attention somewhere unnecessary.

over achieving mentality is not good for you.

Over achieving mentality is really not good for us because a depressive state comes from an obsessive thought of wanting to be an overachiever and most of the things we are diagnosed with are often depression and anxiety which are signs and symptoms of something deeper, it’s often something psychological and gut issues at play which could be causing inflammation in the brain resulting in those symptoms of depression. They may be some nervous system activation happening in your body when you are living in a state of psychological deregulation, setting yourself up for a break now as your mind is always obsessing and putting you in a constant state of seeking for perfection and to have everything, that is why when you get to a certain point, you will try to reconnect back to yourself but find it difficult, you will try affirmation and nothing changes because of your body response to stress and anxiety caused by build up of gut problems. Stress is insidious in our lives and it causes not only psychological, but a whole range of physical and health symptoms, stress is really problematic, as adults, our life experiences are increasingly adding to the amount of stress, we need resources, coping tools to deal with it.

Our bodies are very much stuck in stress overwhelmed state making change and transformation incredibly difficult.

Overcoming overachieving mentality can create a balance and help maintain your mental health.

To overcome this over achieving mentality we have to consider the best stress coping strategies, and we as individuals all have access to the most powerful regulator of stress and that is our breath. This can help us in two ways, it enable us to be present to our bodies. Take normal breathing pattern, calm, take a deep breath when your body is in that state of relaxation, it’s receptive to the world around us, feeling safe to express.

Some of us are chest based shallow breathers. Breath deeply, note that our minds are constantly scanning our bodies and it processes, when this happens your body begin to send signals of stress, the reason we often struggle with anxiety and panic attacks and it’s problematic, the mind always scan the body for what is wrong in the environment and we are often in the habit of identifying what is wrong and in that moment dropping into our body and noticing our natural rhythm can give us a clue about how activated we are, when our activated nervous system is high, it’s important to start to harness intentional breathing, sometimes, it feels like you are lacking energy when in this state. We can use breath work and we can also use it to control our body responses because it can build body balance back and when you switch to doing something different it can create change particularly for someone who has suffered debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, you can imagine how overwhelming and out of control that can feel, breath help to calm your body responses. When you hit that peak of panic, you can learn to control your body through breath.

Panic attack is the ultimate state of nervous system activation where your body is ready to fight flight or fleet. It’s important to cultivate that balance only when we need it, we can make breath work a permanent part of us.

Avoid the mindset of over achieving to prevent yourself from falling a victim of intense body activation and the stress that comes with it from your body responses which can cause many other problems including panic and heart attacks.



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