Narcissists: Masters of Deception

1. Narcissistic deception, how does it play out?

2. Narcissistic deception can be identified by paying attention to their behaviour

3. Narcissistic red flags, what are they?

Narcissist feels good when the words they alter hurt others because that gives them a sense of relief and this is one of the ways they take revenge on their victims. People who struggle with narcissistic personality disorder suffer greatly and often have a feeling of shame and defensiveness.

Things Narcissist enjoy, healthy people don’t. Due to their emptiness and low self-worth, they fantasize frenzy and are addicted to admiration, they are highly conflicted unpredictable individuals who are extremely jealous and competitive and always need people in order to regulate themselves.

Narcissistic deception, how does it pay out?

Narcissists are masters of mind games. To them life is a game. Therefore they toy with people’s emotions and exploits their empathic ability and vulnerability. At the beginning of their relationship with anyone, they tend to idealise their victims by making them feel important by the treatment they offer them and soon begin to threaten to leave them which is a way of gaslighting them into feeling uncertain.

Although it can be alluring getting into a relationship with a charming narcissist because they appear to have an overwhelming sexual chemistry with their victims, that is why every victim of narcissistic relationship finds it difficult to let them go and even when they attempt to do so the narcissistic always have a way of getting them or hoovering them back. They are skilled at preying on their victim’s vulnerability and always emotionally unavailable creating a sense of frustration on their victims.

When they hurt their victims, they however play the victim and accused them of doing terrible things to him, they project their negativity and what they do to others and accused them of doing to him.

Narcissistic deception can be identified by paying attention to their behaviour.

A narcissist would tell you something and soon after when you ask them the same thing, they immediately deny it. They delight in lying and lie for no just reason. They are experts at manipulation. They manipulate to create confusion in order to cloud their victim’s sense of reality. However, to be able to catch the narcissistic on his lies, you have to start playing close attention to his behaviour and observing how he relate to the people around him. Remember that narcissistic people have double personality, they are usually not the same in every situation, they take on identity that fits every occasion because they are good at pretending to be what they are not just to delude people so they don’t get to know the real person behind the mask of deception.

They are serial cheats and unable to maintain healthy relationships. To engage in intimate relationship with multiple women is a normal phenomenon with a narcissist.

Narcissistic red flags what are they?

Narcissistic red flags are the nudge about their abnormal dysfunctional and negative behaviour which victims of narcissistic relationship often ignore when the narcissist unexpectedly have a sudden outbursts and react in a way that shows his real personality particularly at the early stage of the relationship. At this stage, victims often make excuses for the bad behaviour, putting up defences and protecting the narcissist against any criticism but this abnormal behaviour becomes more visible after the love bomb stage of the relationship.

A red flag can be a verbal abuse, name calling or being liken to an object or inanimate thing. It starts with an insult and gradually move to a yell to a slap and eventual domestic violence. Lack of financial support, gaslighting and extreme restriction and isolation are all red flags.

Focus on the ideals and reject what does not feel right in the relationship. Do not violate your fundamental principles for reasons not clear and ensure to establish firm boundaries, narcissists are known to always violate boundaries, above all, pay attention to how they treat you and how they treat others, this will help to understand the nature of the person you are dealing with for your own safety and protection. Deception is their ground game in all their relationships, beware and pay close attention.






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