Meditation ls The True Way to Spiritual Consciousness

There are different many ways of communion with the source we recognise as God according to individual religion and beliefs system. One of the most effective and profound ways of communion with the father is through Meditation.

1. What is Meditation

2. The Benefits of Meditation

3. How to meditate

4. How to open the 3rd eye with meditation


What is Meditation

Meditation is a way of relaxing the body through breath and transforming the mind to enhance concentration, clarity and focus. Meditation help us to become more conscious, it is a mental exercise, it does to the mind what physical exercise does to the body.

However, spiritually, there are certain functions meditation perform in the lives of individuals that helps to expand their spiritual awareness. It creates a portal of communication between individuals who engages in it with God.

The benefits of meditation

Meditation has been proven by science to dissipate fear including the fear of death.

It transcends the ego: Meditation is a practice that unveil the truth, it unmask the force self which many people dwell on and act through it. Many people don’t know how to be themselves, some dwell on drugs or alcohol to gain confidence to perform a task, others depend on their ego mask to avoid being vulnerable. Meditation will take you home to yourself to discover who you are and that includes being vulnerable to realise on a deeper level the essence of your being and why you are here.

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It creates equanimity/calmness: Meditation will prevent you from always throwing a tantrum and reacting in an unhealthy way. You would be able to embrace even the most uncomfortable emotions and calmly resolve them.

It induces sleep and heal the body: Meditation involves taking repeated breath, and so enables the body to completely relax and that helps to induce deep sleep, and regular deep sleep heals the body.

It reduces anxiety and depression: Meditation affect the mind in enormous ways. The breathing in and out which is a necessary part of meditation alone helps in the expansion of the heart muscle, preventing anxiety, depressive state, and inducing peace.

It induces unusual experiences such as activating the Pineal gland which produces DMT, a chemical linked to creativity, dreams and hallucinations. It helps you also become self actualised.

The Spiritual Benefits of Meditation includes:

Providing people with the medium form in which the soul can be expressed.

It raises the level of vibration of the physical body and connects you with the infinite, the source of all lives we call God.

It activates the seven energy light centers of the body and induces happiness.

There are different types of meditation and different ways in which we can meditate. A person can also be guided to meditate to enhance focus and concentration.

How to meditate

Meditation is used to achieve and accomplish tasks and also resolve any issues we are faced with. It is an effective way to resolve any problem or get the best out of any situation.

To meditate, we must first and foremost sit in a comfortable position. Though people take different positions where they feel comfortable, I personally lye down to meditate.

During meditation we focus on five words, no one is restricted to this, you can take your focus to whatever you prefer.

Love, forgiveness, compassion, visualization, gratitude and blessings.

Ensure there is absolute silence, if there is distraction it’s hard to concentrate, gently close your eyes and be in intense presence.

Take a deep breath slowly through the nose with your mouth closed and exhale through the mouth. Do that five times to enable your body relax.

Take your attention to the five senses, focus on your eyes with breath, then your ears, nose, mouth and your hands and legs.

Think of anything you love, it can be anything focus on it and give it love and receive the love as well.

Empathise with those who have offended you and those you have offended.

Imagine anyone you have wrong and ask for forgiveness, asking them to release you by forgiving you. You must also forgive whoever has wrong you too.

Think of anything you desire, and imagine a TV set in front of you, focus on it and see yourself with that which you desire. This will induce a kind of feeling within you, allow yourself to feel so your desire can manifest. Each of these should be done with regular breath.

Note that there is no rational thinking when it comes to meditation. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a state of lack and feeling miserable, do not focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you want, the universe conspires and bring you people, situations and circumstances to get you whatever you want. Be in alignment and allow everything to flow, avoid being in a state of reactivity and surrender to whatever comes naturally.

The benefits of meditation are enormous, it is purpose unfolding capable of transforming your life almost immediately.






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