Is Your Life With a Vision and Purpose? If You Act This Way You Have no Vision and Purpose in Life.


1. Life without a Vision and purpose

2. What is needed to find your vision and purpose

3. Tips for finding vision and purpose.

Life without a vision and purpose

There is no human without a purpose in life. We are all given assignments to solve in this life but when we haven’t found that mission, we mierda, procrastinate, and engaging in fruitless ventures.

Finding your purpose early in life helps you go through life efficiently, better and more fulfilling.

When I recall the times I was still trying to figure out what my life purpose could be, l felt quite uneasy, lazy and incredibly disgruntled. This often happens generally to people who are yet to find their mission. You will go to work, come back and watch television for the rest of the time. You are sure to develop a few bad habits that will reflect a lack of purpose.

What is needed to find your vision and purpose.

Deep reflection. Avoid mindlessly scrolling through social networks for a whole day. It is actually easy to get lost in the endless scroll, checking updates of others.

Although, we understand that we can learn certain things on social media but spending excessive time on social media indicate a lack of direction. Watching others who have found what they can do with their lives and feeling excited about it without you seeking to know that which you can bring out to excite others and make yourself happy. Instead of immersing yourself on social networks you should consider pursuing what makes you happy, find your hobbies and connect with real-life friends elsewhere or travel and explore new opportunities.

Avoid procrastination, don’t put important tasks on hold. We all procrastinate sometimes, it is just a non productive habit that often time we allow to overwhelm us when we are lacking motivation and clear goals. But we can resolve this issue of procrastination to avoid setting aside what is important to us by simply breaking them into smaller and manageable steps, this will however, reduce the workload and make it seem less daunting to help us stay focus on achieving your goals. For example if you intend to start something on social media, first think of the content, understanding that your presence on any platform requires personal input, instead of opening a Facebook page or YouTube channel, break things down into small tasks, such as: write a script outline, find the locations, film, choose background music, edict the introduction and so on.

This is one of the ways you can trick your subconscious mind into doing these relatively easy tasks instead of holding it in your mind that there is so much to be done.

Putting aside your passions and interests- The most important things your should never neglect are the things you are genuinely passionate about and your family. Neglecting these two aspects of your life will make you feel empty and dissatisfied.

Instead of setting aside your passions, make out time to pursue them. Engaging in activities you love can ignite joy, happiness and purpose in your life. Merely thinking about the things you are passionate about can always help you survive the day especially if you are in a place you don’t like or doing a job you don’t love.

Failure to confront challenges we perceive as difficult- Remaining in your comfort zone and not wanting to try can be a natural anxiety of fear of the unknown. Everyone wants to be in a familiar situation and in control. However, this resistance to challenge the fear comes at the cost of personal and professional development.

When you resist challenges, you miss out on valuable opportunities for learning and growth, development often takes place when you push your boundaries, tackle new problems and navigate unfamiliar territories.

Each successful encounter with a challenge builds confidence and contribute to a more robust sense of self.

Complaining constantly without taking action – When we are in one place and always complaining without the desire to do something new we tend to create a cycle of negativity and stagnation. It’s common with us when things are not moving for us we start feeling frustrated but instead of us to address the underlying cause of our lack of growth, we stay stuck and complain.

Don’t only express your discontent, consider shifting your focus towards problem-solving, start by identifying the root causes of your concerns.

Staying glued to watching programs- We do this on a daily basis yet it can also hold us back even after we have found our life purpose. We understand that we are not complete without watching certain programs that put smiles on our faces but excessive binge-watching indicates a lack of balance, it’s important to incorporate activities that contribute to personal growth.

Paying too much attention to short term pleasures instead of focusing also on long term goals- How often do we consume much food that we find enjoyable even as we know they are not healthy for us? Sure we find them delicious but in the long run, we might regret not going for the healthy alternative.

Immediate gratification is tempting but prioritizing long-term goals leads to a more fulfilling life. Pursuing long-term goals is like investing in your future happiness.

Surrounding yourself with negative influences-  The people you spend most of your time with can significantly create an impact in your life either influencing you positively or negatively.

Connect with people who bring good vibes, uplift and inspire.

Not valuing our relationships and avoiding social interactions- Sometimes we prefer to be on our own when we feel that the lifestyles of the people around us don’t resonate with ours, some of us particularly myself feels it easy and it saves me trouble to stay away from social gatherings. However, building healthy connections might take some effort, it’s investing in happiness.

Tips for finding vision and purpose

Seek to find what truly matters to you. What activities that whenever you indulge in make you lose track of time and bring you a sense of fulfillment…

Think about what you are passionate about, consider your values and strengths.

Reflect on both positive and challenging experiences in your life, as they often give you clues about what deeply resonates with you.

Take note of situations and gatherings that tends to make you expressive and happy. Although finding your purpose is not something that only happens in a day, it comes with a continuous process of exploration and adaptation.

Be open to change, learn from your experiences and stay true to what feels authentic and meaningful to you and stay focused.



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