How to stop limiting beliefs

How to stop limiting beliefs is the focus of this article. I hope you will enjoy it.


What are limiting beliefs?

We have been downloaded with disempowering and limiting beliefs from our various cultures that accumulate into heavy baggage that burden all people existing in our society.

They teach us these negative patterns from an early age to be able to absorb them like a sponge and bear them as our identity to become our only reality and consciousness.

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How to stop limiting beliefs: Existence of other realities

We are conditioned in this way to keep us away from accessing the truth to remain contained, controlled and manipulated in certain subtle ways so as to not question and generally explore the existence of other realities which are not within our awareness.

Society instills negativity and discord into the lives of its individuals so that these negative patterns can be reinforced over and over again and pass them from one generation to another.

These patterns unleash pain, misery, suffering, chaos and all manner of traumatic situations to sustain and suppress their secret plot against the truth about humanity.


Stopping negative repeated patterns

These negative repeated patterns of lies and limitations are deeply ingrained in our subconscious so much so that it’s difficult to even believe the ideal and the truth as this has been our original way of life even though it is not the true intended state for us. It was sold to us to prevent people from understanding, acknowledging, claiming and exploring their real power as human beings.

These patterns have left people broken, miserable and frustrated as they grossly impact on our emotions producing dysfunctional minds, people, situations and circumstances which we have to encounter, embrace, struggle and deal with in our daily lives.

They impact our thought pattern in a distorted and destructive manner and orchestrates our resonance in ways that are damaging to us, causing people to screw up themselves really bad by the inner discussion they have within, ruminating from those patterns cause people to use their energy to harm themselves instead of using it to build themselves up by the negative self-talk that goes on in our heads and in our minds, instead of keeping it positive.

Using the energy of your thoughts

Often, we use the energy of our thoughts in an attempt to avoid bad outcomes instead of using it to create what we desire, we obviously create terrifying situations and issues capable of destroying or harming us.

We pull ourselves down by the discouraging self-talk in our heads, this is easy because the negative beliefs are already stored in our subconscious mind, we are set on auto pilot mode by this programming and naturally ruminate and release the negative patterns on our own.

The anguish, pain and sadness this has caused humanity is incredibly overwhelming from the generations past to the present day, how these patterns make people feel has never been addressed and discussed in any way as this has long been generally embraced as the only way of living.

But with the increase in suicide cases, different types of addictions, victimisation and mental health issues have made it necessary to start to question, and challenging the probable cause of these patterns. Psychologists have attempted to come up with something to add to the narrative which relates to traumatic childhood experiences which have to do with emotional abuse. Because we have been raised to be negative, we are hardly aware of how to relate in a kind, gentle and loving manner to connect deeply on an emotional level with other people.


Toxic way of thinking

We are familiar with the irrational and toxic way of relating which is our original unfair upbringing that has its roots in negativity, we unleash that naturally. Releasing the kind, compassionate, loving and empathetic way which is a strong part of our natural identity is difficult and unfamiliar.

Parents who are raised this way by their own parents have consistently found it hard to collect new thoughts, replaced or renew their minds and change their thoughts and behaviour to connect emotionally with their children by giving them a purpose for living and giving their existence meaning and value by suitable words attuned to their emotions they should say to validate and soothe them generally.

Rather, they tear their fragile emotions with toxic and hostile behaviour. Some parents refer to their children with derogatory names such as useless, fools, animals, idiots. When a child has done something wrong perhaps, instead of correcting the child in a healthy manner by either showing them or teaching them the right way to go, the parent unprocessed baggage, childhood wounds, trauma and brokenness is often triggered and they dump their childhood emotional baggage and frustration on the child because the child had triggered the pain, the anger of their own unprocessed emotional baggage.

However, the reaction of such a parent, reinforced the same pattern in the child, children are born formless and without knowledge of anything, it is the circumstances of their birth, the environment and the society that gives them form and shape.

Whatever you teach a child is what they absorb and reproduce, the wrong way the human society is being impacted with lies, limiting beliefs and dysfunction is currently taking a toll on the society itself and it’s not surprising that we are witnessing the collapse.

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