How to love yourself


Do you want to learn how to love yourself? This is just the right article for you.


How to love yourself: What’s the relationship you have with yourself

The relationship you have with yourself is the most elegant and profound of all relationships. When you love, embrace and accept yourself fully, every aspects of your body start to respond positively towards you and your other relationships also improve.

Most people neglect themselves and focus only on others because they hate parts of themselves but admire and appreciate what they see in others and looking for people to love them, approve and validate them so they can feel valid and worthy enough to exist.

The fact is no one can authentically love you or others unless they are able to love themselves. You however, cannot truly love anyone else if you do not love yourself, the reason we dwell in bitterness, hate, anger and jealousy, we want to be like other people living in denial of our own beauty and brilliance because we have refused to look inward to behold the overwhelming exquisite beauty and greatness that lies within us if only we can reduce our outward focus and tune in to ourselves to explore our authentic natural and divine endowment.

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Loving yourself: Focus is necessary

Anything you give attention in this universe respond to you and begin to grow, whatever you focus on expands.

Dr Emoto, a Japanese and a scientist at California University conducted an experiment where he used frizzed water and crystals and projected different emotions both positive and negative such as love and hate, the vails of water that contained emotions of love turned out beautifully and symmetrical while the vails of water that hate and other negative emotions were projected into were nasty and ugly.

This goes to show that words can tear down and words can heal, the thoughts we hold in our awareness can either make or break us.


How to love yourself: Power in words

There’s power in words, Thoughts and beliefs. All the material things we see around us, the technology we enjoy today and everything else that exists within our awareness started with a thought.

Some people slept, thought about them, move into action and they all became reality. Thoughts of harmony, love, peace and gratitude gives life to anything.

Studies have shown that our consciousness and how we relate to our environment affect the things around us, this is how our thoughts and emotions impact us, if you ruminate with thoughts of hate, and project the hateful and sad emotions to the parts of yourself you do not appreciate, they will continue to reflect what you feel about them, but if you love every part of you and accept them the way they are and begin to see them in your mind’s eyes as beautiful and lovely, they start to radiate beauty.


The energy around us

The way we feel and resent rejection, everything we are made up of does the same. Everything around us is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

We are all a part of universal energy and also vibrate at different frequencies. Whatever we send out comes back to us, as we think so we are, we reap what we sow.

Therefore we attract who we are at a deeper level and life response to us as we think and feel about it.


Loving yourself: Avoid negative paradigm

If you are stuck in negative paradigms, you will continue to recycle same, whatever you give out comes back to you in the same proportion.

Self-love brings great transformation, it heals unprocessed childhood emotional experience and trauma. It feels good to love yourself, be gentle with yourself, you are the best person to do it, you are an expression of God, you are love energy love energy is like sexual energy because it is powerful, humanity emerged from it, there’s no existence without love.

Find love within yourself and bring that love energy to others and all that exist around you, for love heals all wounds and it is the best medicine for the ills of mind kind.
Stop depending on other people to love you before you can feel loved, you are loved because you emerged from love energy, all you need is to simply activate the love within you and bring it to others so that you will set a standard for others to do same.


Vibration of love

You are a vibration of love. If you can touch people with the divine love you can ignite within yourself, you become a magnet of love including the love you express and receive from the opposite sex.

You can create a happy life for yourself by focusing on love and gratitude.

Eliminate the things that don’t serve you and let go of people who don’t honour you by saying no to things that don’t lift you up, by standing in your vision and standing for your vision, by asking for what you want and praying for yourself because love attract love, you become a magnet of love by holding yourself accountable when you end a toxic relationship and get the lessons.

You love yourself by getting lessons for things that hurt you, by getting rid of family patterns that don’t serve you, by taking time to listen to yourself.

By making yourself a priority. If you do a good thing for others’s benefit, you are unleashing divine power of love, your love is divine, the only relationship that holds any value at all is your relationship with God, the creative source though you will come up with relationships that should have value in this space but the most important is to be in alignment with the creator, the God of your understanding, the divine love energy, only man is co-creator with God and this comes with responsibility.

You have the right and capacity to chose to ruminate with loving thoughts, feelings and actions, anything you are enslaved and obligated to, you made that choice, when you had another option which could be a choice of love. 

The only way we are going to experience freedom is to always chose love and not fear, become mindful, conscious about what you are thinking, what feelings you are allowing to breed in the garden of your heart and what you do in response to what you feel and think, prioritize your thoughts and anything you don’t feel attached to let it go.

Give up the story, it hurt, the shaming and distressing.

Freedom means authoring your life moment by moment to move you forward and stand in your inner authority to determine what you are going to chose moment by moment, if you continue to remind yourself about what someone said about you or what happened, what they did and what they didn’t, you are going to be enslaved to the past experiences and will never discover the allure that is in you, give up the story this way, look up, give up your humanness and step into your divinity, it doesn’t matter what you are seeking, write down what you want and how you want to see yourself, meditate and visualize the outcome you want, let go trust the process and watch.

Give up people’s opinion of you because when you start paying attention to people’s opinion of you it may leads you to judging yourself and judgement leads to enslavement, if you can free yourself from these, you have prepared yourself for freedom that comes with inherent rights and ability to make choices that will empower you to live a liberated life.

Commit to yourself, don’t feel guilty to give yourself the most elegant treat, don’t be ashamed to feel and give yourself what you deserve, forgive yourself for the times you disappointed yourself and acted in ways that made you to regret.

Take care of yourself and take responsibility and be accountable for your life, be willing to embrace uncertainty, it’s okay not to know if things appear strange, focus on what you have and be grateful, don’t get caught up in the lack consciousness and mentality, all beneficial change is preceded by chaos, maybe you need to loose the old self so you can create the new self.

Remember that every other relationship you have may end but the relationship you have with yourself remains forever.

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