Healthy Tips To Live A Long And Happy Life

1. Healthy friendships

2. Movements and exercise

3. Sociable and romantic lifestyle

4. Do things you are passionate about

5. Gratitude


Establishing strong connections and healthy communication with other females keep you feeling deserving and grounded. People who make friends easily are never feeling lonely. When you connect with the right people who have a sense of humour, chatty, warm and funny, they will give you a reason to always laugh and feel happy in their company and if they also have a playful and childlike thoughts who are not hard and rigid on themselves and others, there will always be excitement and fun because it gives people the freedom to share their experiences and help one other through illness and grief, studies have shown that friendships aren’t just fun, they’re also good for your health, all of that however create a longer and fulfilling life.


Starting from early morning stretches after waking up to exercises which includes squats working with light weights, even if it’s between twenty to thirty minutes every day does a lot to the body.

Daily movement helps us feel more youthful. Research has shown that regular exercise may slow down and prevent body cells from aging rapidly.


Love yourself first and treat yourself right, that gives others an idea on how to treat you. Socialise with others showing love to them and receiving it. Most people want love but don’t know how to receive it, be open to socialising, loving and receiving love healthily.

No matter the situation you find yourself, if it isn’t pleasing and happy, don’t dwell in it, never give it power or allow it to dictate how you feel. Be it the end of a marriage or the loss of a husband don’t allow it to prevents you from finding happiness again, learn to accept things you have no control over, and always try new things, be open to new situations and ideas.

Romantic relationships can improve physical and mental health by lowering stress levels and preventing depression leading to a longer lifespan.


Volunteering is one of the ways in which most people prefer to express their gifts, talents and passion. They get involve in charities. Find time to engage in your hobbies. You derive a sense of fulfillment when you do things you love regularly. Experts suggest that helping others and being kind can benefit your physical and mental health, it helps to improve mood, reduce stress and possibly increasing lifespan.


Gratitude is one of the best habits of inducing happiness and increasing lifespan. Those who show gratitude for what they have always find themselves having more of that which they are grateful for and this also improve other areas of their lives they didn’t find fulfilling.

Science has proven that gratitude improves your overall well-being and gives you a sense of fulfillment leading to a longer lifespan.

However, it’s important to prioritise your happiness over other things. Keep a cheerful expression, laugh more and reminisce happy and exciting past moments. All these help your longevity.




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