Dark night of the soul: Why we need it

What do we really needs to learn from this topic the dark night of the soul? I hope you will be enlightened by this… Happy reading


 Why the dark night of the soul.

Without the dark night of the soul, there is no fulfilment in life. The experience of a happy and fulfilled life start with the crushing of the ego which occurs during the period of the dark night of the soul. No one can fully and authentically enjoy life without first transcending the ego into a free spirit.

How do we feel before the dark night

Before the dark night of the soul takes place in the life of a person, something must be missing in the life of that person which is usually a lack of contentment, fulfilment, peace and happiness. Many people have acquired wealth for themselves, they are established in their career and successful in their businessess, yet they feel a gapping void of emptiness within them and they have found that all they have achieved can not satisfy them. This is because they have lost the flavour of life and have not yet gained the fullness of divinity, the reason they feel that way.

The ego is the identity we acquire in this space we are, (the world). We are infinite beings and divine by nature. When we leave this space, we continue to exist in other dimensions where our divine self takes over completely because at this point we have dropped our ego self with its accumulated baggage behind, then our higher self takes preeminence over us and begin to act in full capacity.

We are powerful and limitless from birth but we become limited as we take on the ego identity and begin to learn the patterns of the world. Here our divine powerful persona is suppressed by the weak limited inauthentic ego persona that we become and its behaviour because our divine personality can not fully lead or interfer with the ego activity due to the density of the ego.

What causes the dark night

What actually causes the dark night is  when there is intense accumulation of debris in one’s life, your divine self (the soul) then sign you up to go through the dark night. When this happens, it becomes necessary for a person to undergo a purging process to eliminate the baggage and transcend the wrong ways we have been living due to the activities of the ego. The period of the dark night of the soul and the purpose of this dark night is to crumble the ego persona through pain, because during this time,  you seemingly appear lost and in pain as you face many challenges and unpleasant situations at the same time and would wonder whether God even exist because of the suffering you are experiencing and the circumstance you found yourself. The essence of this period is for you to surrender to the experience, go through the pain and allow the process to cleanse you and bring you to a divine profound transformation to experience the next best version of yourself.

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The ego is the self that operates in the world, we learn the patterns of the ego from our parents, teachers, schools, family system and in all other associations we find ourselves. These patterns contains many different emotional baggage that includes painful experiences which we are subjected to and are meant to undergo as we continue to grow.

As we grow older or in adulthood, we become loaded and wey down with these heavy emotional baggage which however begin to manifest in form of depression, frustrations, anxiety, dysfunctional behaviour, trauma, worries, failed marriages, lack of finances, other emotional sicknesses, leaving us confused, perplexed and sad not knowing what to do. We become pained and burden with many questions, seeking answers and looking for solutions.

Sometimes, when we start to notice some of these sad events happening in our lives, our friends and relations tend to abandon us, others often start to spread stories calculated to make mockery of you, shame you to erode your confidence and self-esteem, to make you feel worthless and appear less in the public eye. You however begin to feel vulnerable and humiliated. This happens to all of us, but it appears in different ways and forms because we all have ego identity.

Just as we are made up of the divine self, we are also made up of the ego self, the ego self is the personality you are identified with in the world.

For anyone to make a shift in their lives which can usher them into a space to become fulfilled in life, they must go through a process of “self discovery or spiritual awakening.” Where the ego becomes transcended and they embrace more of their divine nature.

This often happens while still going through the pain and suffering of the dark night, you suddenly begin to have a profound realization that the life you are living is actually not the true life. You start to understand that there is more to life than what you have been made to understand.

You start to listen more to yourself than what plays in the world. You become more intuitive and your purpose become activated, you find yourself wanting to help others and to know more truth, you begin to receive a download of information in your awareness coming from your divine self and you begin to share your gift in service to humanity.

It is important to note that although everyone experience the pain that comes with the ego upbringing but not everyone gives up the ego life that operates in the system. Some even when their soul want them to start the process of awakening by entering the dark night, they tend to shut down the process, they tend to procure different means to stop it because they can’t be vulnerable and surrender or give up the ways of the ego, they remain attached to the system of the society and particularly if they deceitfully followed the way the game is played and find themselves at the top where they can exploit, they never find a reason to return to their authentic and divine selves until they exist the world.





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