Is Your Life With a Vision and Purpose? If You Act This Way You Have no Vision and Purpose in Life.


1. Life without a Vision and purpose

2. What is needed to find your vision and purpose

3. Tips for finding vision and purpose.

Life without a vision and purpose

There is no human without a purpose in life. We are all given assignments to solve in this life but when we haven’t found that mission, we mierda, procrastinate, and engaging in fruitless ventures.

Finding your purpose early in life helps you go through life efficiently, better and more fulfilling.

When I recall the times I was still trying to figure out what my life purpose could be, l felt quite uneasy, lazy and incredibly disgruntled. This often happens generally to people who are yet to find their mission. You will go to work, come back and watch television for the rest of the time. You are sure to develop a few bad habits that will reflect a lack of purpose.

What is needed to find your vision and purpose.

Deep reflection. Avoid mindlessly scrolling through social networks for a whole day. It is actually easy to get lost in the endless scroll, checking updates of others.

Although, we understand that we can learn certain things on social media but spending excessive time on social media indicate a lack of direction. Watching others who have found what they can do with their lives and feeling excited about it without you seeking to know that which you can bring out to excite others and make yourself happy. Instead of immersing yourself on social networks you should consider pursuing what makes you happy, find your hobbies and connect with real-life friends elsewhere or travel and explore new opportunities.

Avoid procrastination, don’t put important tasks on hold. We all procrastinate sometimes, it is just a non productive habit that often time we allow to overwhelm us when we are lacking motivation and clear goals. But we can resolve this issue of procrastination to avoid setting aside what is important to us by simply breaking them into smaller and manageable steps, this will however, reduce the workload and make it seem less daunting to help us stay focus on achieving your goals. For example if you intend to start something on social media, first think of the content, understanding that your presence on any platform requires personal input, instead of opening a Facebook page or YouTube channel, break things down into small tasks, such as: write a script outline, find the locations, film, choose background music, edict the introduction and so on.

This is one of the ways you can trick your subconscious mind into doing these relatively easy tasks instead of holding it in your mind that there is so much to be done.

Putting aside your passions and interests- The most important things your should never neglect are the things you are genuinely passionate about and your family. Neglecting these two aspects of your life will make you feel empty and dissatisfied.

Instead of setting aside your passions, make out time to pursue them. Engaging in activities you love can ignite joy, happiness and purpose in your life. Merely thinking about the things you are passionate about can always help you survive the day especially if you are in a place you don’t like or doing a job you don’t love.

Failure to confront challenges we perceive as difficult- Remaining in your comfort zone and not wanting to try can be a natural anxiety of fear of the unknown. Everyone wants to be in a familiar situation and in control. However, this resistance to challenge the fear comes at the cost of personal and professional development.

When you resist challenges, you miss out on valuable opportunities for learning and growth, development often takes place when you push your boundaries, tackle new problems and navigate unfamiliar territories.

Each successful encounter with a challenge builds confidence and contribute to a more robust sense of self.

Complaining constantly without taking action – When we are in one place and always complaining without the desire to do something new we tend to create a cycle of negativity and stagnation. It’s common with us when things are not moving for us we start feeling frustrated but instead of us to address the underlying cause of our lack of growth, we stay stuck and complain.

Don’t only express your discontent, consider shifting your focus towards problem-solving, start by identifying the root causes of your concerns.

Staying glued to watching programs- We do this on a daily basis yet it can also hold us back even after we have found our life purpose. We understand that we are not complete without watching certain programs that put smiles on our faces but excessive binge-watching indicates a lack of balance, it’s important to incorporate activities that contribute to personal growth.

Paying too much attention to short term pleasures instead of focusing also on long term goals- How often do we consume much food that we find enjoyable even as we know they are not healthy for us? Sure we find them delicious but in the long run, we might regret not going for the healthy alternative.

Immediate gratification is tempting but prioritizing long-term goals leads to a more fulfilling life. Pursuing long-term goals is like investing in your future happiness.

Surrounding yourself with negative influences-  The people you spend most of your time with can significantly create an impact in your life either influencing you positively or negatively.

Connect with people who bring good vibes, uplift and inspire.

Not valuing our relationships and avoiding social interactions- Sometimes we prefer to be on our own when we feel that the lifestyles of the people around us don’t resonate with ours, some of us particularly myself feels it easy and it saves me trouble to stay away from social gatherings. However, building healthy connections might take some effort, it’s investing in happiness.

Tips for finding vision and purpose

Seek to find what truly matters to you. What activities that whenever you indulge in make you lose track of time and bring you a sense of fulfillment…

Think about what you are passionate about, consider your values and strengths.

Reflect on both positive and challenging experiences in your life, as they often give you clues about what deeply resonates with you.

Take note of situations and gatherings that tends to make you expressive and happy. Although finding your purpose is not something that only happens in a day, it comes with a continuous process of exploration and adaptation.

Be open to change, learn from your experiences and stay true to what feels authentic and meaningful to you and stay focused.



Blood covenant: Do this to become free

There people who are undergoing some sort of suffering and pain as a result of a choice they made in the past during their early adulthood in their first experience of love with the opposite sex.



What is blood covenant?

A “blood covenant” is an oath taking between two persons (Lovers) who have a common interest to bind themselves in an agreement by licking the blood of each other. This is done by making incisions or cutting a part of the body usually around the arm or the thumb and squeeze the body to extract enough blood to be licked by both parties. In some cases the blood of both parties is drawn and mix together before they lick it. During the ritual, the two lovers make an oath to bind them in the relationship forever.

Blood covenant is a cultural belief and has been in existence since the ancient times where our ancestors engaged in it to protect the sanctity of their high values and secrets. It was believed to help keep and maintain secrets in friendships, be it love or intimate relationship, mother-son relationship or with the occult. This is done to build trust, loyalty and commitment in a relationship. The blood covenant oath-taking will bind them together until death separate them.

Causes of blood covenant

Fear is the major cause why people engage in blood covenant. This could be fear of abandonment. In the case of lovers, one person is afraid that the other might leave them and it’s common with first experience in love with the opposite sex, the person who often initiates the idea, feels a deep sense of fear because of the intense feeling of love he or she is experiencing and does not want to lose it to a heart break and blood covenant becomes necessary for the person in order to receive the assurance that the other party will sustain the relationship. It is  believed that people who genuinely love each other often engage in blood covenant. In other cases, the oath-taking to enter into the covenant to bind the parties or members is usually done to keep a secret.

The dangers/ consequences of blood covenant.

Although many people enter into this blood covenant without the awareness that it has grave consequences. They enter into it to safeguard their relationship and love without considering what may happen in the event of default or unfulfillment.

From the spiritual perspectives: Some people claim blood covenant has some benefits while others believe it’s demonic. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard or received information or any account of the rewards those who engaged in it have benefited. But there are enormous amount of terrible and horrific information, stories of suffering, torture, disappointment, frustration and experiences of weird and terrifying dreams involving them and those they did the blood covenant with even when they are dead. Because it is a demonic practice whether one party disappoint the other or not, there’s always struggle, hardship and rejection. It is believed that if one party leaves the other and marries someone else, there is going to be intense struggle, pain and domestic violence and they will not experience peace in the relationship.

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Generally, the essence of engaging in blood covenant is to prevent separation, heart break and other possible emotional trauma in the future between the two lovers. However, this may have it own problems, because we don’t know what the future holds for us, if a forever inseparable bond is created between the two, if one contract a contagious incurable disease or a deadly virus, or even in the case of sickle cell anemia, where the possibility of having unhealthy children is prominent, blood is the substance involved here, obviously they have created a problem for themselves.

Blood covenant involves sharing blood, and if the oath is till death separate you in the case of lovers or partners in love, if one party dies prematurely, the other partner is at risk of losing her life too not because the deceased partner will kill the other but because the weird dreams and regular sexual encounter the deceased is going to be having with the living partner can induce depression, hypertension and heart attack resulting to death.

How to break blood covenant

Well, the significance of blood covenant between lovers is because they do not want to lose each other, whether you love your partner or afraid that he may leave you, it’s important to avoid indulging in blood covenant due to it consequences and of course it’s not Godly.

Some people said to break a blood covenant is to undue what has been done the exact way it was done initially, cutting the body again and taking the oath to reverse it. However, breaking blood covenant is not something that can be resolved in a day.

The most effective way to break blood covenant is actually through Meditation and Visualization. These are higher levels of consciousness that can surmount any physical and spiritual challenges.


Sit in silence, be in intense presence and close your eyes.

Take a deep breath slowly through the nose and exhale through the mouth 5 times.

Take your attention to your 5 senses and bring back to your heart space.

Imagine a flat TV screen in front of you, hanging on the wall. With your eyes closed visualise and see yourself on that TV screen and begin to undo anything you do not want to experience in your life again. Let this practice become your second nature for 3 months. You will start manifesting a new reality and your life will change for good.









Unable to Receive Love: Do this

Those who were not given love at a young age, either because they grew up with parents or people who had no idea how to show love are unable to receive love, but can learn to receive love.

Love is an emotion, a feeling, a deep affection and liking for other people or things. Love involves sharing a part of yourself with others by giving, listening, spending time and committing yourself to them. It also involves passion and intimacy.


How do we show love to others

We express love when we show affection either by touching, holding hands, hugging, pecking or kissing.

Some people express their love through gifting and altering kind and compassionate words. Being kind, helpful and generous is also an expression of love.

Spending quality time with honest and authentic conversation can be regarded as an act of love, when we loosen up with the people we trust and engage in real and frank discussion with them, we are showing love.

How can we receive love from others

There are those who are good at receiving love, they are able to attract all the love from others wherever they go. They act as if they are the star and everyone likes them. They are always expecting love and adoration from everyone and are showing it in the way they behave towards you. They talk to you as if you admire them, as if you like them, adore them, love them and want them. You can almost feel that they are tugging on your heart strings and drawing love from you to them. They appear and behave as so lovable.

You can receive love by opening yourself to love and allowing others the joy of loving you. Give them the gift of loving you by being loveable and attracting love from them. This is the magic key to making others love you and be able to show it to you. Allow them to express love to you in their action, words and expression, and having it well received. Our world will be so much more beautiful when others are able to express love to us and have us receive it fully, and we are also able to express love to others and have them receive it fully.

What to do if you don’t know how to receive love

In order to receive love from others, you must first be able to receive love from yourself. Declare mentally “I love myself” and then let the feeling of love generate from your heart space and expand to fill your entire being. Imagine a white light of love energy wrapped all over you on the inside and outside. Feel the love for yourself as you give it unconditionally and wholeheartedly. When you step into any place with the feeling of complete self-love, you will have an unassailable form that cannot be shaken by anyone.

Love is actually the most beautiful feeling irrespective of the type of love we are expressing but if you don’t know how to receive it, there is the tendency that you will always feel lonely and rejected even when love is all around you. Giving and receiving love tend to bring out the best in us because it allows us the freedom to lovingly and authentically express ourselves, feeling that sweet feeling of love.

Love is unity, acceptance, forgiveness and creates a lasting bond between individuals, learning to love and be loved by showing it in different ways either through gifts, honesty, true communication and receiving of love itself is the essence of our being.



Breaking unhealthy Soul Ties.

People have entangled themselves with people places and things that have held them captives and draining the life force out of them with and without their awareness, and often times not knowing what to do. You can break free.


What are unhealthy soul ties

Unhealthy soul ties are unhealthy emotional bonds we form with people, places and things which are draining and toxic to us, affecting us mentally, psychologically and physically without us realizing it.

Unhealthy soul ties are barely recognisable and acknowledged yet causes a grave damage in our lives. There are many people who are in unhealthy soul ties with other people who are ruling their lives, they can understand that their relationships with certain people within their lives are intensely damaging, hurtful and draining, some don’t recognise themselves anymore as their lives are being dictated and ruined by others they are in relationship with but can’t let go even though they feel miserable, sick and at the collapsing end because the other person, place or thing has soul tied them in the relationship. Note that everything is energy vibrating at different frequency.

Types of unhealthy soul ties

1. Occultic soul tie relationship:

When you join any occult group, you become soul tied to them, you are bind by their rules and regulations, your life becomes controlled by certain forces, you have lost the power to make your own choices, you begin to carry out instructions from your masters. It is essential to understand that when you physically walk away at any point in time from the group, you remain soul tied to them until you take steps to break free, that’s why in most cases if a member attempt to fall out without adequate preparation such as denouncing and repentance and help from divine sources either exorcism or intensive meditation, the fellow is often eliminated or will never regain normalcy in their life again.

2. Soul tie with the dead.

There are people who have form soul ties with people who are dead. This can be done in different ways. Certain rituals are performed in the middle of the night where the spirits of the dead are invoked, some are made to lie on the coffin and grave to connect with the dead, usually incantations are made which creates the connection and the soul tie.

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There was a situation in Africa where a certain woman had soul tied herself with a man who later became her husband through blood covenant. When the man died, six months after, the wife who was already 70 years at the time was found to be pregnant with a baby unfortunately the mystery was unravel as she died shortly after with the pregnancy.

3. Family soul ties.

Some families form soul tie relationship with a deity which they pay allegiance and bind their generations yet unborn. They pay homage and perform sacrifices with ritualistic incantations to the deity and this is expected to be continued  in the family by the members of the family when their parents passed and at any point they stop to offer such sacrifices, they start to loose members of their family one after the other because of the soul tie.

4. Sexual relationship.

This is one of the easiest ways of creating soul ties with another. Intimate relationship with the opposite or same sex is a common ground for soul tie relationship. Where you become intimate with people who are malignant or collapsed narcissists, they form an unhealthy emotional bond or soul tie with you which becomes difficult to break. These people often use and abuse their victims yet their victims finds it extremely hard to exit the relationship because of the soul tie.

5. People, places and things

People also form unhealthy soul ties with places and things that they allow to control them, letting go of such things or moving them out of their lives is excruciating to them even when they know that the energies of those things or places are causing them harm.

6. Mother and child

There are mothers who soul tie their children to remain with them, they often express fear at the thought of either a particular daughter or son of theirs leaving her.

There are grown woman and men who are old enough to have their own families, such mothers tend to manipulate them to remain with them and continue to do her bidding such a mother doesn’t care if that daughter or son does not get married and raise his or her own family.

Signs of unhealthy soul ties

1. Fear

When you are in an unhealthy soul tie with someone, you often feel afraid to let go of that relationship with them even if you know that the person is not good for you and you are suffering or being abused.

2. Exhaustion and frustration

Always feeling drained and sometimes world wary.

3. Sadness and disconnection

You feel disconnected from source energy.

4. Stagnation and loneliness.

5. Feeling a void or emptiness within.

How long do they last

Soul ties can last forever if steps are not taken to break them. What happens is once they are form, because they are unhealthy the person begin to suffer negative consequences which often results in frustrations and unhappy life.

How to break soul ties.

1. Emotional separation.

Before you can break a soul tie with a person, place or thing, you must first of all separate yourself emotionally from that person, place or thing by reminding yourself about the pain and loses your relationship with that person, place or thing has caused you in order to muster the courage to let go of that relationship. If you disconnect this way, you will be able to overcome any manipulative tactics used to maintain the status quo, you will begin to see the truth and the reality for what it is.

2.  Visualization.

Visualize to separate the attachment of that energy from your energy field. This is usually done by cutting the cord, a string like rope that tied and hold the bond between the two of you by visualizing a surge of light entering your body and melting the rope or cord of that connection.

3. Write your intention.

Write down your intention on a sheet of paper and rap it with anything you got from that person, place or thing say a word of prayer, set it ablaze, burn it and believe it’s done and so shall it be for you.

4. Ground yourself.

Connect and align more with the divine, source energy or God.

5. Establish firm and healthy boundaries.

Set boundaries, remember how you felt when that relationship lasted and learn the pattern to prevent yourself from becoming a victim a second time.