The Co-creator


Who is a co-creator

The Co-creator is you and I. We are co creators with God. We are creating cause and effect and therefore responsible for our life experiences. The choices we make, the actions we take, both the positive and our negative actions, and all that we unleash means we are bringing things into existence.

How do we co-create

Co-creators create with thoughts vibrations. The thoughts a person ruminates with create more of the likes. What you send out comes back because as a person thinks and so it is. When we add feelings to our dominant thoughts and follow with action we increase the magnitude and cause it to manifest quickly.

Having the awareness that our thoughts create outcomes makes it necessary to guide our thoughts and be mindful and start to make reasonable choices.

In every situation, we must choose wisely, because our choices affect our lives both positively and negatively.

What are we creating

Some people only create dysfunction, they bring into existence things that are not useful to even themselves through the power of their thoughts, their actions and feelings.

Sometimes they do this unconsciously because they lack the knowledge that they are unleashing devastation and pain through their actions, they are potentially causing suffering to humanity because they have no idea of the devastating consequences their actions are creating.

All change is preceded by chaos, (maybe you are losing the old self, so you can create the new self). And if dramatic change was not anticipated, blame it on your choice and be prepared to do better to supercede and override the previous choice. Choose based on what you desire not what you don’t want. Every choice has a consequence, when you make a choice based on what you desire, the consequence will be in your greatest and highest good.

People find it hard because we have believed the lies for too long that’s why people don’t believe this to be true but all we hear about is hardship, turbulence, threats and fear of miseries they believe everything is difficult because we have been trained to think or believe we are powerless and dysfunctional. People often have a challenge with hearing someone saying this but let somebody tell you danger is approaching and hardship is eminent, you believe in a minute but me telling you, you can’t release negativity with your breath and head movement you don’t believe, it doesn’t have to be hard because we’re co-creators with God, the source, the Divine power. We believe that whatever you are doing, you are doing it with the creator within you, if you see it to be easy it will be and if you perceive it as hard it will be hard. Everything is a process, know that it will come once you have chosen it, be patient. Just like you, no one have sex today and expect the baby the next day, it has to go through a process of nine months. You have the ability and power to choose what is right for you, for example you can resolve to make the choice in this moment:

I am choosing to release this upset, and the negativity and then make another choice. I am choosing to release my attachment to this marriage, it could be anything. I am choosing my freedom and peace. Some people have a bed rock of negativity in their minds and holding to the possibility that something can change. I want to be more loving, I choose to be more, we have to see what we have accommodated and tolerated. If a part of you don’t want to evolve, if it doesn’t want to change, Are you choosing the part of resistance or choosing what is familiar and comfortable? If something is upsetting you, you can choose not to be upset. You can choose to see the negativity of someone as their stuff. Don’t worry  about what they feel, how anybody is going to respond, we are too concerned about how People are going to think about it but the result of your choice is going to manifest in your life not in their life and if the choices you have made are not for your greatest and highest good, make another choice, make the choice, put it out into universe and the universe will take your choice and it becomes manifest. As you experience, choose convincingly every moment. You are a co-creator, the things we experience are a function of the choices that we make. When something unpleasant and uncomfortable shows up in your life, don’t go blaming on negative spirit, first ask yourself, what wrong choice have I made or has my family made blindly on my behalf? Then neutralise it and choose to release it and make another choice to create a new experience.

Is Enabling Love or Perpetuating Dysfunction?


What is Enabling

Enabling is the same thing as aiding and abetting someone to commit a crime but in enabling, the aider, support and conceal the dysfunctional behaviour of  the individual who is engaging in harmful or destructive behaviour. Therefore, enabling is helping and concealing of the bad and problematic behaviour of another person.


How does enabling happens

Enabling happens when we are afraid to confront or challenge the irresponsible and bad behaviour of our loved ones or friends, we rather cover for them or make excuses for the wrongful behaviour in order to avoid conflicts.

However, enabling is different from assisting or rendering help to someone. It is actually an abuse and it is not love either.

Enabling abuse includes: drug abuse, substance and domestic. This is a direct way of communicating that they don’t feel loved.

If we are enablers of  toxic people, we have to stop. Although some people claim it’s not a fair mentality. If an adult child refused to support themselves, is it fair to allow them to cohabit with you under the same roof? Everyone has a reason for not doing what they are supposed to do and a reason is not an excuse. Jesus said, we should carry our own load, we are to individually bear the responsibility we have been given because they are meant for our growth, promotion and strength, but we push that to someone who is codependent enough to take it and that actually stunts their growth, we are literally taking away the opportunity for this person or people to grow in a godly fashion. 1st Corinthians 5 spoke about this.

Apostle Paul sent a grown man sleeping with his mother in the Church away, he said throw him out of the Church, and yet, we often say it’s not fair to ignore, wicked, slothful, sinful and irresponsible behaviour, and we put like little labels on it, so that he can return to God, hit rock bottom it’s important to allow them to hit rock bottom so they can find themselves and not to allow them to stay comfortably, when we enable them, we are not giving them the opportunity to become responsible and embrace what they are supposed to be doing for their own growth, we are literally stepping into God’s position, we think it’s cruel to allow people undergo suffering, however, it is in that suffering that arises as a consequence of their action that they are not acknowledging that they will wake up to find themselves.

It is not love to enable somebody to stay stuck and not been accountable for themselves.


What are enabling behaviours

1. When you remain quiet and not saying anything about their dysfunctional state, you must expose them. They may accuse or claim  you never said anything, so they thought you were comfortable.

2. You struggle with boundaries, the fact that you are helping this person doesn’t mean that they have the right to override your boundaries, if they are not responding to you, it means they are not interested, respect their boundaries.

3. You are trying to change this person, note that they are not your responsibility, they have the ability to make their own decisions, because toxic people have been enabled their whole life and can not longer see that it’s their responsibility to make their lives but rather becomes and feels entitled unless you are putting up boundaries.

4. Giving to get, this is common with codependent because they want a relationship, this is not a complete selfless act. If you are enabling people, you are trying to fulfill a need of your own. You are enabling toxic behaviour because you are Perpetuating a problem.

5. You are being abused and used, if you allow toxic behaviour, you are not sharing love, you are allowing the operation of evil behaviour.



Six Spiritual Awakening Stages: What stage are you




What is spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is a profound realization of truth. It is a call to wake up to the reality of what is, to gain knowledge and awareness about the truth in order to become evolved into a higher consciousness.


What are the three basic stages of awakening

There are different levels of consciousness and different levels of spiritual awarenesses. The three basic stages includes: The victim stage, in the victim stage the individuals sees themselves as victims of all manners of dysfunctional things that they experience and blame everyone for whatever happens to them in their lives. Then, there is the awakened stage, here the individual has moved passed the victim stage and has gained some awareness and realized that whatever happens to them, happens for their greater good, happens for them to come to the knowledge of truth and for their own expansion, to become awaken to the truth and evolved. The awakened has come to realized and understood the truth about humanity, they have found themselves and have become evolved and living their purpose. Finally, the enlightened, those who have become spiritually enlightened no longer immerse themselves in the things of this world, they live with the consciousness that everything is an illusion and live above the manipulation of the ego mind. It is worthy of note that not everyone who has answered his or her calling is spiritually awaken, as a matter of fact, only two percent of the world’s population is actually awakened to the truth, the rest are still existing and operating from the ego consciousness which is more or less a sleep state, a space of lack of awareness of fundamental truth the governed this space and the universe. A stage where the ego of society, culture and religion is in full control.

There are six stages of spiritual awakening.

What are the six general stages of awakening

1. A Wake Up Signal:

This is triggered by an external factor which could be a severe illness, an accident, divorce or a near death experience. It often happens in a dramatic way, it is a situation where something terrible happens to you in your life that shakes you to the core. It happens without prior notice or a clue and to some people it happens spontaneously without anything dramatic. There are also people who are born awake, we see this often in children, some of them are born with their 3rd eye opened and assume their spiritual path from childhood.

Spiritual awakening always starts when your ego is challenged, when it is subjected to humiliation, suffering, shame and rejection. Because the ego seek to always be in control, whenever it looks like the ego is loosing control, it begin to gets threatened and afraid, when this happens, and you decide not to resist the threatening circumstance and pain that is humiliating your ego and causing it that pain, frustration and disruption, making it to loose control, if you did not resist the situation and surrenders to it allowing the light of awareness to come in, you begin to experience awakening. Awakening happens when we don’t resist those situations that put us in intense pain and suffering, your eyes of understanding start to open and you begin to see the world in a totally different way, when the ego cracks, it looses control over your life and you begin to see the illusions that were operating, the negative beliefs, the lies you and the ego are telling yourself and you start to see things more clearly, you suddenly become pulled into an altered state of consciousness, you begin to see things from a broader perspective and begin to have access to the soul’s truth. You start to have a deeper understanding that there is more to life than you had thought and your soul’s light begin to give you inspiration and guidance.

Your energy light centers become activated and your intuition also become hyper active and start to work in a more ascending way than before. You begin to observe without getting attached, all the information coming in, like the judgement of the ego and that from your divine self.

2. Peace and Tranquility:

In this stage, your consciousness become expanded, you start to feel the connection with all things in existence, you feel ecstatic, you feel joy, happiness, you feel a deep connection, your emotional scale is kind of reset, you feel bliss and enjoy sleep, your heart center becomes open and you start to activate your spiritual gifts.

3. The Dark Night:

The dark night is a purging period, when your soul  deemed that you have accumulated cluster of debris that needs to be purged, it will trigger a major pain, lifetime of karma, things you need to release in order to heal, deep healing begin to occur, where you heal your trauma, painful life experiences that occurred in our early childhood which are stored in the first three energy light centers, process, release and heal, heavy tense emotions of the past, it cleanse you up, and set you up to higher state of consciousness.

Your ego, a controlling feature of the mind becomes dissolved and a new ego is formed, which is more flexible, pliable and surrenders to the will of the soul, it knows it place and becomes an instrument of the soul as opposed to a feature or a mechanism of control.

You begin to surrender and don’t resist anything again and start to go as deeply as you can. Once you surrender to the dissolution of the ego, regular meditative practice is important, it helps you purge, heal quickly and prepares you for future delight.

4. The Void.

The void is a resting period. This period often feels like you are disconnected from God or the Divine, as if nothing is working again, the essence of this, is for you to become self reliant to find the light within you. As you continue on the path, you begin to know more of yourself and standing in your power, meditate all the way, focus more on your solar plexus.

5. Groundedness

Here you align and ground your lessons, experiences, and feel more confident and come to spiritual maturity, your energy system become stronger and synchronicities start to show up and begin to manifest quickly, you feel more connected again, balanced and peaceful, you don’t take life seriously again, your heart becomes light and you fully embrace the simplicity of your soul.

6. Mission and Purpose.

Your mission and Purpose in life is realized and you suddenly have the desire to abandon everything else and go with the flow of your inner calling, your soul path, and become the best version of yourself and become fulfilled.

Spiritual awakening is an experience that is indeed profound and I tell you, the best thing that can ever happen to you.