overcoming overachieving mentality.

Overcoming over achieving mindset can actually save us from a lot of problems. The problem here is that we are always in denial of our obsession with doing too much to acquire the world. We never acknowledge this and we also don’t even attempt to imagine it could be a problem until we gradually begin to experience the symptoms in form of sickness before we start to actually view our internal world to see the stories we are creating and how we are paying less attention to what is important and focusing all our attention somewhere unnecessary.

over achieving mentality is not good for you.

Over achieving mentality is really not good for us because a depressive state comes from an obsessive thought of wanting to be an overachiever and most of the things we are diagnosed with are often depression and anxiety which are signs and symptoms of something deeper, it’s often something psychological and gut issues at play which could be causing inflammation in the brain resulting in those symptoms of depression. They may be some nervous system activation happening in your body when you are living in a state of psychological deregulation, setting yourself up for a break now as your mind is always obsessing and putting you in a constant state of seeking for perfection and to have everything, that is why when you get to a certain point, you will try to reconnect back to yourself but find it difficult, you will try affirmation and nothing changes because of your body response to stress and anxiety caused by build up of gut problems. Stress is insidious in our lives and it causes not only psychological, but a whole range of physical and health symptoms, stress is really problematic, as adults, our life experiences are increasingly adding to the amount of stress, we need resources, coping tools to deal with it.

Our bodies are very much stuck in stress overwhelmed state making change and transformation incredibly difficult.

Overcoming overachieving mentality can create a balance and help maintain your mental health.

To overcome this over achieving mentality we have to consider the best stress coping strategies, and we as individuals all have access to the most powerful regulator of stress and that is our breath. This can help us in two ways, it enable us to be present to our bodies. Take normal breathing pattern, calm, take a deep breath when your body is in that state of relaxation, it’s receptive to the world around us, feeling safe to express.

Some of us are chest based shallow breathers. Breath deeply, note that our minds are constantly scanning our bodies and it processes, when this happens your body begin to send signals of stress, the reason we often struggle with anxiety and panic attacks and it’s problematic, the mind always scan the body for what is wrong in the environment and we are often in the habit of identifying what is wrong and in that moment dropping into our body and noticing our natural rhythm can give us a clue about how activated we are, when our activated nervous system is high, it’s important to start to harness intentional breathing, sometimes, it feels like you are lacking energy when in this state. We can use breath work and we can also use it to control our body responses because it can build body balance back and when you switch to doing something different it can create change particularly for someone who has suffered debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, you can imagine how overwhelming and out of control that can feel, breath help to calm your body responses. When you hit that peak of panic, you can learn to control your body through breath.

Panic attack is the ultimate state of nervous system activation where your body is ready to fight flight or fleet. It’s important to cultivate that balance only when we need it, we can make breath work a permanent part of us.

Avoid the mindset of over achieving to prevent yourself from falling a victim of intense body activation and the stress that comes with it from your body responses which can cause many other problems including panic and heart attacks.



Why You Need Focus For Manifestation

1. What is focus

2. Why do we need to focus

3. What is the importance of focus

4. Does lack of focus affect our Manifestation

What is focus

Focus is the ability to channel your attention and concentration on a particular thing. To achieve anything in life, focus is required. Anything we focus on expands. Our attention and focus give meaning and purpose to things. If you take your focus away from something, it dies a natural death because our attention and focus is what feeds our interest, if you stop feeding anything with your attention, in other words, if you stop giving it attention, it dissipate.

Pure undiluted focus of thoughts on your intention cause the intention to manifest almost instantaneously.

Why do we need to focus

Focus actually give life to things. When you begin to pay more attention to anything, and constantly ruminates with it, because you place your focus on it, you start to create more of that thing. Take social media for example, the attention we give to certain people bring them recognition, our attention make celebrities, if we don’t focus on them and whatever they are producing their presence will have no value and meaning. Vibrationally, we create things into existence with our thoughts when we focus on them. However, during visualization, intense focus of attention is required to be able to effect a favourable outcome.

Dr Emoto’s Freeze Water experiment speak volume of this. Emoto poured water into two crystals and projected different emotions into them. One crystal contained emotions of love and  other positive emotions the other contained hate and other negative emotions.

The vials that had love and other positive emotions turned out symmetrical and beautiful. The one of hate and other negative emotions was ugly because they received a negative attention. The crystals that received love projection were beautiful because they received positive attention. Both crystals were focused on, the difference is that negative focus was placed on one and the other positive focus.

What is the importance of focus

It is necessary to place a positive focus on your intention, strong energy with no resistance to prevent lack thinking from slipping in. The average person rarely complete a single sentence without contradicting their energy, as in “I want a new home, but it’s too expensive” that is why most of us haven’t had much experience with ever feeling the combustion of thought that comes from 17+ seconds of pure thought. If you can sustain pure focus on your thought and desire for even 17 seconds, you have accomplished a big deal in creating reality.

Most people cannot make it through a sentence without contradicting the vibration of their desire and changing their focus. They will say, “I want money… and also say, money is hard to get” they are outpouring two contradictory vibrations and a shift in focus, when that happens, the universe will respond to both vibrations and nothing changes for them because their focus is placed on two opposite desires. You cannot get from here to there if you are vibrating at both places at the same time. Keep your focus only on your intent and not on the results that you are getting.

Does lack of focus affect  manifestation

Although a lack of focus can result from many factors which are not limited to hormonal emotional, physical and mental health which may include: stress, lack of sleep and lack of proper diet.

Vibrationally, lack of focus can prevent you from achieving your dreams and manifesting your desires. When you are distracted from your calling, you become a jack of all trades and master of none. This only leave you feeling stressed out due to working hard but with no purpose and fulfilment.

It essential to keep focus on your intent and desire in whatever pursuit you undertake in life.









The Importance of Self Confidence


What is self confidence

Self confidence is a feeling of worth and a perceived sense of competence in one’s skills and capabilities. Self confidence involves not only the belief in your ability to handle situations it also has to do with an internal boost, that has been cultivated or instilled in a person either by the raising of that person by the parents, by training, by the environment, situation or circumstance.

Self Confidence can be acquired and can be instilled in individuals. Unfortunately, the conditioned pattern of the society tend to erode self confidence on the female gender as it is often perceived as rudeness. This however, stem from the belief that a woman is supposed to be under a man and therefore she is not expected to speak or express herself with confidence and loudness in a way it may suggest as taking the position of a man. Until recently, women with self confidence often come across as  annoying, rude and hated on.


why do you need self confidence to succeed

Self confidence becomes a motivation here, when you have confidence in yourself and your ability, it motivate you to keep trying relentlessly in whatever pursuit you are indulging in, and help you to remain consistent until you achieve success.


The importance of self confidence

Self confidence and the belief in self are the most important things to protect. It is the foundation of all personal success. You can achieve anything when you believe in yourself, and you will fail when you have doubt in yourself. The feeling of confidence is a positive state of vibration where your subconscious mind is directed towards the success of a thing. It is when you are single minded and fully aligned with the realization of your goals. Your confidence is your personal magnetic field that attracts that which you desire to you.

When you increase in confidence, you increase in success. When you increase in success, you increase in confidence. Create positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement. Focus more on doing things that get you positive results and less on things that make you feel disappointed. Choose to always engage in situations that you are more likely to win than lose. Successful business grow from strength to strength. Each Positive experience is a positive reinforcement that increases your power.

You have to tap into your strength and build yourself from there. By drawing power from other sources of strengths or accomplishments, you are able to engage the situation at hand powerfully and with higher capability. And gain further power in the process. This is how power begets power and increases itself exponentially. Tap into different states. You have to empower yourself with the things that empowers you and give you positive emotions, positively enhance your mental state and energies. When you are in a state of power, the way to direct power to achieve success is to simply think about what you want, and then decide that you are creating it with your thought. Increase capacity by building on success.

Self confidence is the force and power that breed success.







Spiritual Development: Does it involves achieving set goals?



What is spiritual development

Spiritual development is the different stages of growth in consciousness about the creator, source power and the universe, from the victim stage where we become indoctrinated into religion, flow with the crowd, blame and judge others for what is not right, to personal encounters, in which we are faced with challenges, that force us to wake up to the realization of truth, here we no longer blame anyone for whatever happens to us, we realize that all our life experiences are for our growth, we learn to surrender and begin to take responsibility for our actions, we grow in knowledge and become evolved into a higher consciousness.

Spiritual Path and Success

Spiritual paths may be different for different people but all leads to the same destination. However, people may try to pursue spiritual progress by itself and think they are making progress at it. But they have no real way to prove it without any external achievements to reflect their inner power. Power is not something static. Power is the capability to act and accomplish things. Without accomplishment and achievement of external goals, there is no proof, measure or manifestation of power. God created and designed the universe for spiritual development and material achievement to go together as a way of reaping the fruit of our labor. Inner corresponds with outer.

Note that in the end it is all about results, both in the spiritual aspect as well as the physical. When you achieve what you want, it means you applied the correct spiritual principle, otherwise it was just nonsense. There are many spiritual perceptions about what is the correct way to be, act or achieve success, some of these ways even contradict and conflict with each other. The only way to know for sure is to put them to the test divinely and authentically, just as Jesus says in his message of salvation, test every spirit, same applies in the actual pursuit of goals, so test and see what actually works. Supposedly spiritual people can talk about principles but those who test them actively can know the right things for sure.

The ultimate success formula states that you should test different ways of doing things to find those that are most effective in getting you the results you want. Same way, you have to test even spiritual matters and not only physical ones. You must experience for yourself what is true rather than simply accepting what is taught. This is the true path to intelligence and divine awareness. Those who test and see what really works are the ones who manage to get what they want. The rest who just accept teachings blindly never succeed fully.

Is it wrong to achieve your goals, become successful and yet spiritual

In truth, the secret of success lies in your divine spiritual consciousness. Inspiration comes from your being. When you are in alignment with your soul purpose, you become motivated, passionate about honouring your soul’s voice and doing what you are inspired to do. The energy, the creativity, the resources and the ideas will keep flowing because of the dream and vision you have about what you can create in this world. Jesus says in his message of redemption that the gift of a man bring blessing to that man, abundance is the birthright of every child of God. You cannot be wrong when you are on your soul path and achieving material success. But you can become wrong when you allow your ego to take the lead in the application or use of such possessions.

Spirituality generally is about awareness, it create portals for profound consciousness that leads to miracles that brings about material success. This is different from doctrines of religion which are of course control.

And spiritual development is the portal that takes us to this abundance.






Narcissistic Mother: Who is her golden child and the Scapegoat?



Who is a narcissist

A narcissist is someone who is in love and obsessed with his own image, he is full of admiration for himself and does not see anyone else as worth anything. He is egoistic, entitled, controlling and highly manipulative. A narcissist has low self esteem, mean, selfish and lack confidence and because of that they prey on people and do bad things to gain power and control.

What do we mean by a narcissistic mother

A narcissistic mother is a narcissist and a mother who has a personality disorder who treat her children and others as worthless fools, they are full of drama and often cause pain to her children and others. Narcissistic mothers are essentially controlling, toxic and always gaslighting people. They devalue their children and make them feel less human, they have no love, no regard for others’ feelings, they don’t validate their children and don’t even know if their children have feelings, and often refer to them with derogatory names such as fools, animals. They don’t show love nor listen to the children’s emotional needs, no empathy and so treat people with cruelty and hostility.

People with narcissistic personality disorder are generally unhappy and miserable and they project this their dysfunctional behaviour on others, this is how a narcissistic mother unleash her terrible behaviour and drama on her children, lashing out, raging and yelling at them whether they have done something right or wrong.

Who is the golden child

In every family where the mother is a narcissist, there is always the mother’s Golden child and the Scapegoat.

The golden child is the mother’s favourite child and the scapegoat is often the child hated by the mother.

How does a narcissitic mother treat her golden child

The golden child is praised and valued by the mother, he or she is never wrong and always receives the approval of the mother in everything, he get whatever he wants and always being treated as the special child.

However, when the golden child identifies his position in the family or in his mother’s heart as special, he begins to dictate the pace of others and become controlling and overbearing to others in the family, gradually becoming a narcissist like his mother preying on others.

Who is the scapegoat

The scapegoat is resented by the mother and he or she is never right, he is treated with contempt and hate, he is often condemned and blamed for everything and even for the wrongful deeds of the golden child, he is never given love, listened to or validated. The scapegoat is like a slave in the family, often compelled to serve the golden child and others, nobody listens or pay attention to the emotional needs of the scapegoat leaving him or her feeling vulnerable, afraid, lonely and rejected.

Fortunately, the scapegoats usually turn out to be people with great ambitions who work hard for themselves and in most cases become more responsible, influential and prosperous than the golden child.

Mother’s love is extremely important in the life of everyone. And when this love is never received even when we become adult, we continue to long for it because the memories and pain remains and even in adulthood the feeling never completely goes away, the yearning for mother’s love continues. When we show and treat our children with love, we are laying the foundation for how they will love and treat the people they will have in their lives in future, love heals and it is the medicine for the ills of mind kind.

There is really no need to love one or some of your children and treat them well and also treat others with resentment. Love them as children and equally too, even when you have soft spot for some others shouldn’t be treated with hatred.




What is Spiritual Magnetism




What is spiritual magnetism

Spiritual magnetism is a divine power and attraction we naturally posses as divine beings. When we begin to ruminates with low vibration energy, we start to alter that attraction but if we remain attached to our essence, and continue to maintain a high level vibrational frequency our spiritual magnetism continue to develop and expand and we are able to attract our desires and intentions.

We maintain this power when we regularly meditate and listen to uplifting music, we can remain in that vibration if we spend time in nature and block negative energies of others close to us who tend to pull our vibration through negative projection, when we absorb negative energy it often pull down our high vibration. It is important to avoid places, people and things of low or negative vibration that have the ability of altering our divine high vibrational state and plunge us into negative emotions where we start engaging in low or negative pursuit.

Spiritual magnetism unveils our energy lights which when we unclog allows us to deeply connect with our divine essence in which we begin to express our true nature and our godself.

How do we magnetize through gratitude

Gratitude is a feeling that raises our vibration taking us back to recognise acknowledge and appreciate what we have. It is an expression of a grateful state for our acquisition which includes life and other little things in life.

Gratitude increase our chances of attracting more blessings. It helps us magnetize all that is good and we begin to attract more abundance into our lives. A state of gratitude is a state of constant conscious creation, the more grateful and appreciative you are for what you already have the more opportunities present themselves for attracting and magnetizing abundantly.

How do we magnetize blessings

We magnetize blessings when we begin to raise our vibration and begin to live in love. Magnetism is being intensively attracted to something or forcefully pull something towards you. Words have power, when we speak an intention, the intention actually converts our thought energy into a more physical form as sound. You may think about your desire and if there is a means to bring that to your awareness or you can see it coming to fruition you feel good about it, you must speak it to existence through the power of the tongue.

The tongue is the rudder of your whole energy body. To be a master of magnetizing, you must maintain awareness and conscious control of the  tongue, it’s always much better to keep silent than to say things that are counter productive to your intention. We can magnetize love, and maintain a magnetic personality that can make you be attracted to others, there are people with magnetic energy field or aura.

Magnetism can become instantaneous, when you meditate on your intention and visualize it as already taken place, feel the emotion, emotion is energy in motion, the action pull that person or thing you are trying to attract or magnetize to yourself, that also put you in a high vibrational state, you feel good and excited, this vibrational happy state is what bring your intention into being.

Spiritual magnetism not only help us connect with the divine as we stay in alignment, it also enables us to connect and attract people who share our vibration, dictates and repel negative energy and get more in tune with our authentic self and those who lift us through their positive vibrational state.

Our magnetic resonance influence others just as others influences us. People’s energy can affect us the reason we must guide our energy to protect themselves against invading our energy field.






How to stop limiting beliefs

How to stop limiting beliefs is the focus of this article. I hope you will enjoy it.


What are limiting beliefs?

We have been downloaded with disempowering and limiting beliefs from our various cultures that accumulate into heavy baggage that burden all people existing in our society.

They teach us these negative patterns from an early age to be able to absorb them like a sponge and bear them as our identity to become our only reality and consciousness.

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How to stop limiting beliefs: Existence of other realities

We are conditioned in this way to keep us away from accessing the truth to remain contained, controlled and manipulated in certain subtle ways so as to not question and generally explore the existence of other realities which are not within our awareness.

Society instills negativity and discord into the lives of its individuals so that these negative patterns can be reinforced over and over again and pass them from one generation to another.

These patterns unleash pain, misery, suffering, chaos and all manner of traumatic situations to sustain and suppress their secret plot against the truth about humanity.


Stopping negative repeated patterns

These negative repeated patterns of lies and limitations are deeply ingrained in our subconscious so much so that it’s difficult to even believe the ideal and the truth as this has been our original way of life even though it is not the true intended state for us. It was sold to us to prevent people from understanding, acknowledging, claiming and exploring their real power as human beings.

These patterns have left people broken, miserable and frustrated as they grossly impact on our emotions producing dysfunctional minds, people, situations and circumstances which we have to encounter, embrace, struggle and deal with in our daily lives.

They impact our thought pattern in a distorted and destructive manner and orchestrates our resonance in ways that are damaging to us, causing people to screw up themselves really bad by the inner discussion they have within, ruminating from those patterns cause people to use their energy to harm themselves instead of using it to build themselves up by the negative self-talk that goes on in our heads and in our minds, instead of keeping it positive.

Using the energy of your thoughts

Often, we use the energy of our thoughts in an attempt to avoid bad outcomes instead of using it to create what we desire, we obviously create terrifying situations and issues capable of destroying or harming us.

We pull ourselves down by the discouraging self-talk in our heads, this is easy because the negative beliefs are already stored in our subconscious mind, we are set on auto pilot mode by this programming and naturally ruminate and release the negative patterns on our own.

The anguish, pain and sadness this has caused humanity is incredibly overwhelming from the generations past to the present day, how these patterns make people feel has never been addressed and discussed in any way as this has long been generally embraced as the only way of living.

But with the increase in suicide cases, different types of addictions, victimisation and mental health issues have made it necessary to start to question, and challenging the probable cause of these patterns. Psychologists have attempted to come up with something to add to the narrative which relates to traumatic childhood experiences which have to do with emotional abuse. Because we have been raised to be negative, we are hardly aware of how to relate in a kind, gentle and loving manner to connect deeply on an emotional level with other people.


Toxic way of thinking

We are familiar with the irrational and toxic way of relating which is our original unfair upbringing that has its roots in negativity, we unleash that naturally. Releasing the kind, compassionate, loving and empathetic way which is a strong part of our natural identity is difficult and unfamiliar.

Parents who are raised this way by their own parents have consistently found it hard to collect new thoughts, replaced or renew their minds and change their thoughts and behaviour to connect emotionally with their children by giving them a purpose for living and giving their existence meaning and value by suitable words attuned to their emotions they should say to validate and soothe them generally.

Rather, they tear their fragile emotions with toxic and hostile behaviour. Some parents refer to their children with derogatory names such as useless, fools, animals, idiots. When a child has done something wrong perhaps, instead of correcting the child in a healthy manner by either showing them or teaching them the right way to go, the parent unprocessed baggage, childhood wounds, trauma and brokenness is often triggered and they dump their childhood emotional baggage and frustration on the child because the child had triggered the pain, the anger of their own unprocessed emotional baggage.

However, the reaction of such a parent, reinforced the same pattern in the child, children are born formless and without knowledge of anything, it is the circumstances of their birth, the environment and the society that gives them form and shape.

Whatever you teach a child is what they absorb and reproduce, the wrong way the human society is being impacted with lies, limiting beliefs and dysfunction is currently taking a toll on the society itself and it’s not surprising that we are witnessing the collapse.

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