Blood covenant: Do this to become free

There people who are undergoing some sort of suffering and pain as a result of a choice they made in the past during their early adulthood in their first experience of love with the opposite sex.



What is blood covenant?

A “blood covenant” is an oath taking between two persons (Lovers) who have a common interest to bind themselves in an agreement by licking the blood of each other. This is done by making incisions or cutting a part of the body usually around the arm or the thumb and squeeze the body to extract enough blood to be licked by both parties. In some cases the blood of both parties is drawn and mix together before they lick it. During the ritual, the two lovers make an oath to bind them in the relationship forever.

Blood covenant is a cultural belief and has been in existence since the ancient times where our ancestors engaged in it to protect the sanctity of their high values and secrets. It was believed to help keep and maintain secrets in friendships, be it love or intimate relationship, mother-son relationship or with the occult. This is done to build trust, loyalty and commitment in a relationship. The blood covenant oath-taking will bind them together until death separate them.

Causes of blood covenant

Fear is the major cause why people engage in blood covenant. This could be fear of abandonment. In the case of lovers, one person is afraid that the other might leave them and it’s common with first experience in love with the opposite sex, the person who often initiates the idea, feels a deep sense of fear because of the intense feeling of love he or she is experiencing and does not want to lose it to a heart break and blood covenant becomes necessary for the person in order to receive the assurance that the other party will sustain the relationship. It is  believed that people who genuinely love each other often engage in blood covenant. In other cases, the oath-taking to enter into the covenant to bind the parties or members is usually done to keep a secret.

The dangers/ consequences of blood covenant.

Although many people enter into this blood covenant without the awareness that it has grave consequences. They enter into it to safeguard their relationship and love without considering what may happen in the event of default or unfulfillment.

From the spiritual perspectives: Some people claim blood covenant has some benefits while others believe it’s demonic. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard or received information or any account of the rewards those who engaged in it have benefited. But there are enormous amount of terrible and horrific information, stories of suffering, torture, disappointment, frustration and experiences of weird and terrifying dreams involving them and those they did the blood covenant with even when they are dead. Because it is a demonic practice whether one party disappoint the other or not, there’s always struggle, hardship and rejection. It is believed that if one party leaves the other and marries someone else, there is going to be intense struggle, pain and domestic violence and they will not experience peace in the relationship.

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Generally, the essence of engaging in blood covenant is to prevent separation, heart break and other possible emotional trauma in the future between the two lovers. However, this may have it own problems, because we don’t know what the future holds for us, if a forever inseparable bond is created between the two, if one contract a contagious incurable disease or a deadly virus, or even in the case of sickle cell anemia, where the possibility of having unhealthy children is prominent, blood is the substance involved here, obviously they have created a problem for themselves.

Blood covenant involves sharing blood, and if the oath is till death separate you in the case of lovers or partners in love, if one party dies prematurely, the other partner is at risk of losing her life too not because the deceased partner will kill the other but because the weird dreams and regular sexual encounter the deceased is going to be having with the living partner can induce depression, hypertension and heart attack resulting to death.

How to break blood covenant

Well, the significance of blood covenant between lovers is because they do not want to lose each other, whether you love your partner or afraid that he may leave you, it’s important to avoid indulging in blood covenant due to it consequences and of course it’s not Godly.

Some people said to break a blood covenant is to undue what has been done the exact way it was done initially, cutting the body again and taking the oath to reverse it. However, breaking blood covenant is not something that can be resolved in a day.

The most effective way to break blood covenant is actually through Meditation and Visualization. These are higher levels of consciousness that can surmount any physical and spiritual challenges.


Sit in silence, be in intense presence and close your eyes.

Take a deep breath slowly through the nose and exhale through the mouth 5 times.

Take your attention to your 5 senses and bring back to your heart space.

Imagine a flat TV screen in front of you, hanging on the wall. With your eyes closed visualise and see yourself on that TV screen and begin to undo anything you do not want to experience in your life again. Let this practice become your second nature for 3 months. You will start manifesting a new reality and your life will change for good.









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