Best Approach to Healing Trauma



Many people are living with repressed trauma and adopting self care and other happiness strategies to make them feel relied but living in a world with many upsetting situations and events that constantly reminds you of the pain you have experienced and the stress you have gone through makes it difficult to  completely heal from trauma unless steps are taken to actually process it.

What is even trauma?

Trauma is a flight and fight response to stuck unresolved distressing emotional events experienced in the past. It is a lasting emotional response resulting from a bad or painful situation that  occurred or you experienced in the past.

Experiencing a traumatic event can harm a person’s sense of safety and self worth. It can also affect one’s ability to regulate their emotions, navigate and maintain healthy relationships.

What are the effects of trauma

Is there anything that whenever you remember in your life you feel sad, a sense of regret or anger? The behaviour of People that we encounter on daily basis are mostly influenced by the trauma they experienced in their early years. The need to protect oneself from perceived threats within the environment is stored in hippocampus and amygdala which are the memory and emotional centres of the brain. These emotional centres activate the body whenever a situation reminds you of the traumatic events, the result is trauma and this shows up in the body in form of anxiety, depression, avoidance, nightmares, trouble focusing or brain fog, memory issues and tightness of the chest.

When you experience trauma and do not process it, it tends to shrink your level of tolerance.

How does it manifest

If the body holds trauma for too long without healing occurring to process it, it could lead to physical symptoms years later such as headaches, chronic pain and dissociation.

Sometimes it appears in the behaviour of people as obsession, anger, rejection, fear and hospitality. Some people become damaged after having a traumatic experience that last many years in their bodies.

How can I heal from trauma

Positive coping strategy: People advocate for and depend on self care to cope, well self care may not completely rid you of trauma. What we have found to effectively heal you of your traumatic experiences and put you back in shape is having a spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga etc.

Meditation particularly would raise your level of consciousness to enable you see the reality for what it is and accept that it actually happened to you, surrender to whatever that is and create a space for healing.

Well, it’s okay to cry to have a relief after a traumatic event as it kind of help your body to release happiness chemicals, such as oxytocin and endorphins because they help to heal physical and emotional pain.

Unfortunately, majority of people are influenced by the traumatic experiences they have suffered and are not even aware. They end up living with it for the rest of their lives and it begins to show up in different ways. Unprocessed trauma can put you at increased risk of experiencing high blood pressure, stroke or even heart attacks.







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