Activating the power within

You can learn the basics of activating the power within with this post. Of course, everyone has a form of power he or she can draw from within.

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Activating the power within: What does it mean

All humans possess great power within waiting to be activated. Lack of this awareness has caused people to feel powerless and remain like helpless victims, blaming themselves and the government for whatever they experience in their lives.

We all ruminate with stories of creation and how we are incarnated in this space, we remind ourselves all the time, the promises of a balanced and prosperous life contained in the religious books for those who believe to attain when they become evolved.

But how we can achieve this abundance remains a secret held tightly by the external authority figures who exert control over others and expose this secret to a selected few who are ever ready to succumb and pay allegiance to other filthy and demonic energy imprints they project the power to, to take control.


Unleashing divine powers

World leaders and religious authorities inclusive, prevented their devotees from accessing their true divine powers, they stopped people who were given the revelations on how to uncover this secret of the universe to activate their divine powers that unleashes all that is good, for fear of misuse of the same power for evil purposes.

However, the reason they dissuade people from knowing it and allow the external authority figures to pervert it for their selfish interest is not averted, because these people are actually using it to gain wealth and to destroy humanity.

The leaders are allowed full access to this information for control, manipulation and to acquire riches.

It is a calculated plan that has been in existence from time immemorial and many generations had passed without accessing this knowledge, all who received divine inspiration concerning this who were not part of or refused to be part of the control system and attempted to reveal the secret lived under threats, many were silenced and others were eliminated.


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How Einstein and Tesla did it

John Lock, Einstein and Tesla were able to do it without enmeshment into the filthy cult of control.

Any discussion that relate to this topic is usually a threat and unacceptable, in fact it’s perceived as offensive because it tend to intimidate the powers that be as a threat of any form of exposure is intensively dealt with because they prefer the illusion that it doesn’t exist, they want the world to remain under this illusion and brainwashing for ever, so that their contact with the aliens who have more advanced mental ability for exchange of resources continuous, that’s why the masses minds are easily influenced,

in this material world when they induced them through telepathy. The world is ruled by deception and cover up of the reality that exists within us.


Activating the power within: Don’t be deprived of your true existence

This control system is doing everything possible to deprive you of your true existence. That is why certain unhealthy things, behaviour, lifestyle including food must be encouraged to distract people from questioning authority and seeking answers where there’s lack of understanding.

They understand that the secret of this consciousness awareness lies in your third eye in the endocrine glands, which is just one of your energy light centers.

This is your spiritual antenna, it is the seat of the soul that when activated, you begin to have clarity of vision way beyond the physical eye, it is an incredibly powerful chakra which empowers you to see through the illusion that plays in this world.


Activating the ultimate truth and power

However, there’s a way in which people can begin to activate their divine ultimate truth and power. We come to this realization when we start to connect deeply with ourselves through certain practices, visualization and meditation create a portal that enables us to activate our energy light centers to enter our promised paradise.

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Meditation as a means of activating the power within

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind, it enhances concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and a calm, seeing the true nature of things. It allows people to observe and see their individual thoughts clearly without judgment in order to achieve a more relaxed and focused mind. With meditation you can reprogram your subconscious mind from the limiting beliefs that they programmed us with that are controlling how we think and keeping us away from exploring our abundance.

We are free spirits and limitless by nature. While visualization enables you to enter an altered state of mind, this is where we access ‘deep states’ of relaxation such as the alpha, beta and theta to slow the brainwaves frequency to enter the super conscious portal to find answers to all things. These are mental triggers which help you go deep to find a solution to whatever you desire.


Seven energy light centers

Everyone of us has seven energy light centers which are the glands that make up the endocrine system, these are spiritual points that when unclogged you begin to experience a new reality, you come to awareness and free yourself from the illusion that is playing here in this space, you start to see the reality for what it is and enter your promised paradise.

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