Action and Consequences: Do we Bear Consequences of our Choices


What is an action

Action is something we carry out, what we do on our own volition as individuals and this includes the decisions and choices we make in our daily lives which also affect us individually and collectively, immediately and in a long term.

The Third Law of Motion states that ” For Every Action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” The reaction constituting a consequence of the action.

Any action a person takes, is always going to create an outcome resulting from that action. This science principle cut across all areas of life and in spirituality giving credence to the laws of the universe.

“Whatever we sow is what we reap” and the Law of gravity, “What goes up, comes down”.

Whatever vibration we send to the universe is what we attract. ” Likes attract likes”. What a person ruminates with vibrationally attracts, what we give out comes back to us.

All these goes to say that as we think so we are and what we give out we receive because our actions are constantly being rewarded good or bad.


Consequences are results or outcomes of our own actions and choices. Every action has a consequence and every choice has a corresponding consequence. Our decisions and choices create and produces outcomes which may impact others positively or causes infringement or a negative impact.

The duality of the universe creates two opposing polarities of which one is action and the other consequence.

We are consistently reaping the rewards of our doings and if we understand this it becomes necessary for us to begin to guide our actions and pay attention and be mindful of the things we do.

How does our actions affect others

Our actions affect other people in different ways. Even though people often suffer the consequences of our hurtful actions, whatever, pleasant and unpleasant situations and circumstances we cause others to experience, we actually embody it, if our creations gives them favourable outcomes, we are enormously rewarded and if such creations cause them suffering and pain, we are also rewarded but this reward often manifest in form of punishment to complement the action.

Do we bear the consequences of our actions?

Often times people make terrible choices but tend to avoid the consequences of their creation, they don’t remember or probably not aware that all choices have their consequences, some may have immediate consequences and others may be in future and when later in life they start to show up, instead of the people involved to find reasonable ways and approach to deal with and resolve them, the rather begin to take it on other people, create more problems and blame others for their own actions and the situations they have created. This however, does not only happen to individuals, it is common with people who are leaders taking decisions in different capacities that binds their followers.

It is important that people generally, irrespective of their position exercise caution and be thoughtful in their individual and collective choices and be aware of what they are creating just in case the later consequences are grave and appalling, they will be able to navigate them.

How does duality affect our choices

Everything in existence has its opposite. Just as we experience the good, we also experience the bad. We have the light and the dark. The strong and the weak, the same way our actions are expected to produce intended results according to our creations.


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