7 Reasons Your Man Loves You

People believe that all men are the same and all women are the same. The truth is all men are not the same and all women are not the same. Men and women can possess the same personality traits and can also have varied personality traits. The bottom line is the characteristics found in men can also be found in women.

If a man finds a woman who shares the same values with him and if a woman finds a man who shares the same values with her, it becomes easy for both to connect on a deeper level. A man and a woman can easily reach a common ground if they are interested and are attracted to the same kinds of things.

Likeness is the first thing that brings a person closer to another. Love set in after spending some amount of time with the individual and what actually makes someone to fall in love is the behaviour of the person.

Some of us though believe in love at first sight but what we refer to as love at first sight is in my opinion infatuation, true love does not just happen in a moment, love develops with time, it comes with being impressed with the behavioural output of the other person and if both parties are impressed with the treatment and behaviour of each other without any form of compulsion, if it’s happening naturally to them, they would be love at both sides.

Your husband falls in love with you if you exhibits these qualities.

Understanding and generous.

Men like to play smart and in most cases don’t expect their women to react in every situation and if you are the type who sometimes pretend not to see certain things he does which he himself knows are not right, he may or may not express or show a sense of guilt and if you the woman understands from his action and choose not to react and give the impression that it’s okay instead of holding him by the throat for the mistake, and enforcing your right as a punishment you rather show understanding. This action makes a man to be comfortable, it automatically gives him the idea that this woman will give him peace. Whether we agree or not every man wants peace of mind in their marriage or intimate relationship.

2. Respectful and kind with words.

Respect is the foundation of every long and lasting relationship. Everyone wants to feel valued and respected including children. We have all been there, where we are not respected we immediately disconnect, be it amongst friends or family members. The feeling of not being approved of and disrespected can make you feel unwanted and unsafe, no one wants to stay in such situations, if one is being disregarded be it in words in or actions it’s painful. Kind and respectful words can melt the heart of anyone and make them give their all. Every relationship experience difficult moments at some point, during those times, if partners are not kind and encouraging with their words, it could be disastrous.

3. Empathetic and compassionate

Empathy and compassion are essential ingredients in intimate relationships. Empathy and compassion comes with love. A man or woman who is in love with you will naturally have empathy and compassion for you. These two are the essence of love. Love without empathy and compassion is not love, it can be likened to a toxic pattern where there’s competition and rivalry which constitute unhealthy relationship.

4. Confident and authentic

Confidence and authenticity are the admiration of healthy men. An ideal man loves a confident and real woman. Such a woman is the speck of a proper man. And one may wonder what I mean by a real or proper man, well, a real or proper man is actually someone who can handle a confident woman. Women who are confident generally come across as cocky, they are often perceived as arrogant with overbearing attitude.

The reasoning and words of a confident woman are usually a threat to insecure men. It takes a real man to be able to handle and deal with the reasoning of a confident woman. Confident women are authentic, proactive, kind and open minded.

However, by this we are not referring to women who pretend to be confident by exhibiting a certain level of boldness or who indulge in some habits to appear a certain way, confidence is a natural personality trait.

5. Sexy and romantic

We keep evolving with time, in the past, being sexy and romantic were never a necessary attribute for a man to fall for you. Now times have changed. A woman who is sexy and romantic takes the man to another realm of love making that tend to create unforgettable memories in the man’s mind, and love making is a crucial part of a loving relationship.

6. Neat with a good fashion sense

Every man feels comfortable when his woman is admired by others as looking good.

When a woman catches the attention of other men and even women as being neat and fashionable, her man feels proud to present and introduce her to anyone and proud to walk with her. Except the insecure men who could feel afraid that someone else may snatch the woman from them.

7. Sincere and blunt.

Some women are in the habit of hiding things from their lovers, if you are someone who always say the truth no matter the situation and state things straight the way they should be without fear, your man can trust you with anything.

Any woman who exhibits these qualities or even most of these qualities, a man will fall deeply in love with her. You are the target of an ideal and proper man.

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