Why it’s important to raise your spiritual vibration and frequency..

Subtle energy system can affect your spiritual vibration and frequency and help create a shift in consciousness and bring about transformation.

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What is spiritual vibration

Spiritual vibration is a scale or a level in which a person’s feelings and emotions soares. The vibration rises high and also plummet. The feelings a person ruminates with at a particular time determines whether his vibration frequency will rise or drops.

Positive emotions rises the vibration positively and negative emotions decline the vibration. Whenever you are ruminating with negative thoughts and feelings as jealous, anger, hatred, anxiety, your vibration drops to a low frequency, these emotions are low vibration emotions. On the other hand, whenever you are thinking and feeling emotions of love, gratitude, confidence, your vibrational frequency tend to rise.

If you are feeling down, you are vibrating at a low frequency where you become prone to attracting negative situations, bad luck or misfortunes.

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How can we raise our vibration

Participating in activity you naturally love and are passionate about such as listening or singing the music you love can positively increase your vibrational frequency. Indulging in things that lift your spirit and make you happy, engaging in meditation, visualization, spending time with people you love, holding positive thoughts and reminiscing exciting past events, scenarios and circumstances can spontaneously raise your vibration to a high frequency.

However, regular communication with certain people whose energy is draining and toxic or who often dwell on negativity can pull down your own vibration to a very low level.

Some environment and objects also hold low vibration energy, when you come in contact with such, your energy vibration will drop. Same is true of places and objects with positive vibrational ambience and energy, they however, affect people positively.

Raising your vibration can also includes eating healthy food, engaging in self-care, self-love and wearing clothes and dressing up in a way that is pleasing to you to boost your self-confidence.

What does frequency mean

Frequency describes the number of waves cycles per unit of time. It’s a measure of the quality of a wave-like vibration. You can observe the different qualities of different frequencies in sound waves. A low frequency note has a certain feel to it, while a high frequency note has another feeling altogether. We refer to different frequencies of different people or environments when we say that a person or a place has “good vibes” or “bad vibes.” If you change your energetic level frequently everything else changes.

If you want to make significant shift in your life, it’s most effective when you frequently raise your vibration to a high level with positive emotions, when you shift yourself at the energetic level, you shift your conscious and subconscious thought processes.

When you constantly do things that keep your vibration at a high frequency you continuously attract luck and other good things to yourself, high vibration and high frequency when combine with gratitude birth an amazing life.








3 Super Ways to Understand Narcissistic Abuse

Painful relationship stories continue to increase due to narcissistic relationship dynamics. Now is the time to end this paradigm through victims taking proactive actions.

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What is Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic abuse consist of physical, emotional and psychological abuse and manipulation often unleashed by people with narcissistic personality disorder on their victims.

People with this personality disorder feel entitled to hurt others because they lack empathy and only care about themselves.

They also feel shame or low self worth, so they compensate by being grandiose and lashing out in the face of any criticism that may trigger negative feelings.

These days narcissists are just everywhere, they seem to have finally have the centre stage they have always craved, and it appears some people or probably narcissists are trying to get people to continue to enable their dysfunctional behaviour by changing the narrative by saying things like “What does our judgement of narcissism reveals about our humanity” by Michael Friedman PhD.

And my question: Does this in any way suggest that we should become enablers and allow narcissists to continue to operate in this manner, causing people pain, suffering and brokenness?

Narcissists make their victims vulnerable and cause them to walk on eggshells, they erode their confidence, demean them and make them to lose sense with reality.

They manipulate you with insult, threats, false accusation to make you afraid to get what they want.

They can’t take responsibility for their actions, with them everything is about subordination and competition, intensely aggressive, highly controlling and manipulative.

The ability to observe how others feel is the compassion that narcissists don’t have. They are emotionally unavailable  to understand how you feel, to them it’s like accountability. They are not self aware and anything that stands a person out is a threat to a narcissist and the next thing that follows is competition.

What are the signs of narcissistic abuse?

1. Control: Narcissists control their victims with debasing words, they refer to them with derogatory remarks and call them names, they are miserable and sad, they hate it when others are happy, they tend to control how you should feel in a relationship with them.

1. Violating boundaries: Narcissists don’t respect boundaries because they don’t take no for an answer, they always have their way irrespective of how others feel.

2. Gaslighting: Narcissists will tell you something which is normal to believe and trust when someone tell you something but they will turn around and make you feel like you are imagining things or crazy, claiming they never said that.

3. Compel you to go against your will to do their bidding.

4. Manipulation. They will cloud your sense of reasoning with confusion, and manipulate your perception of reality, twisting things to screw you up.

5. They idealize and devalue you and also triangulate you to get you jealous.

6. Narcissists physically assault or attack those close to them. They also attack them with verbal abuse.

7. Some narcissists kill their victims either during a fight or intense argument and there is always domestic violence in a relationship with a narcissist.

How to know if you are a victim of narcissist abuse

1. Sadness: You know that there is something wrong in your relationship with that man or woman, you feel sad, you can’t figure out the problem and you wish you could change it but you can’t.

2. Confusion.

3. Hopelessness

4. Loneliness

5. Isolation:

6. Depression

7. Panic and heart attacks.

8. World wary.

9. Death.

Narcissists are people who constantly need administration, approval and validation, it is extremely difficult for anyone in a relationship with a narcissist to cope because their gaslighting and manipulation will take a toll on you as you continue in the relationship. It is intensely detrimental to your mental health.

If you are a victim of narcissistic abuse, there are a few steps you can take to break free and commence your healing process.

1. Talk to a therapist.

2. Seek help

3. Make your exist plans quietly.

4. Engage in meditation to clear the confusion and gain clarity in order to see the reality for what it is.

5. Separate yourself emotionally from the narcissist. You can do this by focusing on the pain he has caused you so you don’t give in when he start to hover you back.






Positive Emotional Empathy and Draining Emotional Empathy: How to show it.

There are two types of empathy.


Positive Emotional Empathy

Positive or Emotional empty is an emotional reaction to the pain of another. This occurs when one person is hurting and another takes on the energy of that person, in other words, feels the pain of the person and develop an emotional reaction to it. It is feeling what others feel and internalizing.

Positive and Emotional empathy function this way; When an individual begin to randomly takes on the energy of others and internalize their experience, they don’t only imagine how they feel but have emotional reaction to something they could just empathize and move on. You take on the energy of other people because you feel what they are going through and this can cause them to develop a kind of sickness, some people go into depression due to this emotional reaction they have for other people’s troubles.

It’s something to feel, empathize and encourage but it’s not something to internalize and it becomes your problem.

In Positive Emotional Empathy we develop and grow in our relationship skills, here we just don’t get caught up by our emotions, we process the emotion as we are feeling it, we don’t allow it to register in our brains.

This is where you love a person, feel for them but make them participate in their own outcome. You teach them to tap their own resources.

Positive Emotional Empathy is when you feel for a person and you have an intelligent response that helps them to help themselves for example, ‘ I understand you… I feel you… But I am not going to take your energy into me and go there with you, that is not going to help me nor help you either, it’s not my issue it’s your problem, I am not going to deplete myself to get you out of whatever it is you are in. I am going to feel, love you enough to show you how to meet your own needs.

In Positive emotional empathy you don’t become an enabler of bad behaviour but you simply have a cognitive response to what is going, you are not going to use emotional response here, either “I cry because you are crying” Because it’s not going to help any of us but I am going to help you make an intelligent choice that could change your life. In John 5:2-9 ‘Jesus had a cognitive and spiritual response to the man at the pool.’ He didn’t help or touched him but he showed him how to get well.

In Positive emotional empathy, you love with boundaries. Here you do not have to deplete yourself of what God has given you, what you have worked for or set yourself backward to fix another.

It means you are going to love that person enough to tell them the truth, if they accept it fine and if they don’t is left to them because you are not going to allow them to infringe into your life as we all have the responsibility to do certain things for ourselves. And you are going to still love them where they are with boundaries.

It is important that know that this boundary can also be applied to even your growing children as well as your close relations. It is improper to spend your entire life trying to fix and manage someone else, they trouble and crisis they create you are always in the middle of it working hard to fix people who are not even trying to fix anything for themselves, they create problems for themselves because they know you are going to be there to fix it.

Stop being a fixer, if they create  problems, how is it that their problems automatically become yours? That’s not healthy. The Bible says in Deuteronomy 13:19 “Life is choice driven”.

I have to love you enough to let you live by the consequences of your own choices.

If you choose to live your life on the lowest level I am going to love you enough to let you do that insofar as you are alright with it and I am going to love me enough to be fine with that. There are people in our lives that we want more for them than they want for themselves. “Life and death, blessing and curse choose”

Loving you does not require that I put myself on hold or does it require that I allow you to ruin the atmosphere around my life.



Draining Emotional Empathy.

Draining Emotional Empathy occurs when internalize emotional reaction of someone else’s situation begin to take a toll in your life, causing a problem and other issues which starts to manifest in form of sickness such depression, heart attack, stroke, or panic attack, some people bring other people’s heaviness, negative energy back home and it begins to affect the entire family because of this emotional empathic reaction to someone else’s experience.

This often happens when we are not mature enough to know how to process it or what to do with it and so it becomes unhealthy for us.

We must understand that energy spirit are transferrable and if we are immature and undeveloped to relate in ways that we will not be negatively impacted, we begin to suffer from other people’s stuff which are not supposed to be our business because people with deeply empathetic nature find themselves taking on other people’s issues and making them theirs.

However, there is a better way of empathizing and helping out, acting in this matter can give energy vampires who intentionally drains others a leeway to get their needs met through your supply of sad and negative emotions.

Emotional Empathy also cause people to long for people who abuse them. Sometimes we fail to realize that not all stories we hear are actually true, when people share their story with us depending on the nature of the story and instead of us to perceive the person as either a narcissist, psychopath or sociopath, we start to connect with their energy and the energy of their story, you begin to feel for the person to the point where you no longer feel what you should feel for you, at that moment you start to believe you can change them. The reality is that you are setting yourself up for abuse.

Some people have permanently taken the codependent role due to emotional Empathy, they deplete themselves by curing other people’s pain and become broken because they love and find a sense of fulfilment in meeting some other people’s needs and build the identity of being the saviour of the day, so you deprive yourself to solve another person’s crisis.

This is where most people get stuck in life finding their sense of purpose and value in meeting other people’s needs, they come back home their own needs are not met because no one is there to meet them but they are constantly giving to people who suppose to take care of their own needs, like what plays in families.

Well, the churches teaches that it is the Christian thing to do, but you end up having users who step into your life and narcissists who are there to take advantage of your Christlike empathy who have no corresponding rules, even the Bible says in 2nd Thessalonians 3:10 “He who does not work let him not eat.”

Codependency is a behaviour condition in a relationship where one person enables another person’s addiction, immaturity, irresponsibility or underachievement.

Among the core characteristics of codependency is the excessive reliance on other people for approval and a sense of identity, sometimes rescuing broken people can become your dysfunctional identity, you begin to create codependent relationships which always often start with Emotional Empathy.

The codependent needs to give everything to a toxic person to fill fulfilled and when they do that still wonder why they feel fulfilled and at the same time a sense of lack and the flip side of that coin is the narcissist who has taken everything from the person to fill fulfilled.

Many narcissists are seeking out toxic empaths who become overwhelmed with what they feel towards the narcissists, a toxic empath results from emotional empathy and becomes a codependent.


Breaking unhealthy Soul Ties.

People have entangled themselves with people places and things that have held them captives and draining the life force out of them with and without their awareness, and often times not knowing what to do. You can break free.


What are unhealthy soul ties

Unhealthy soul ties are unhealthy emotional bonds we form with people, places and things which are draining and toxic to us, affecting us mentally, psychologically and physically without us realizing it.

Unhealthy soul ties are barely recognisable and acknowledged yet causes a grave damage in our lives. There are many people who are in unhealthy soul ties with other people who are ruling their lives, they can understand that their relationships with certain people within their lives are intensely damaging, hurtful and draining, some don’t recognise themselves anymore as their lives are being dictated and ruined by others they are in relationship with but can’t let go even though they feel miserable, sick and at the collapsing end because the other person, place or thing has soul tied them in the relationship. Note that everything is energy vibrating at different frequency.

Types of unhealthy soul ties

1. Occultic soul tie relationship:

When you join any occult group, you become soul tied to them, you are bind by their rules and regulations, your life becomes controlled by certain forces, you have lost the power to make your own choices, you begin to carry out instructions from your masters. It is essential to understand that when you physically walk away at any point in time from the group, you remain soul tied to them until you take steps to break free, that’s why in most cases if a member attempt to fall out without adequate preparation such as denouncing and repentance and help from divine sources either exorcism or intensive meditation, the fellow is often eliminated or will never regain normalcy in their life again.

2. Soul tie with the dead.

There are people who have form soul ties with people who are dead. This can be done in different ways. Certain rituals are performed in the middle of the night where the spirits of the dead are invoked, some are made to lie on the coffin and grave to connect with the dead, usually incantations are made which creates the connection and the soul tie.

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There was a situation in Africa where a certain woman had soul tied herself with a man who later became her husband through blood covenant. When the man died, six months after, the wife who was already 70 years at the time was found to be pregnant with a baby unfortunately the mystery was unravel as she died shortly after with the pregnancy.

3. Family soul ties.

Some families form soul tie relationship with a deity which they pay allegiance and bind their generations yet unborn. They pay homage and perform sacrifices with ritualistic incantations to the deity and this is expected to be continued  in the family by the members of the family when their parents passed and at any point they stop to offer such sacrifices, they start to loose members of their family one after the other because of the soul tie.

4. Sexual relationship.

This is one of the easiest ways of creating soul ties with another. Intimate relationship with the opposite or same sex is a common ground for soul tie relationship. Where you become intimate with people who are malignant or collapsed narcissists, they form an unhealthy emotional bond or soul tie with you which becomes difficult to break. These people often use and abuse their victims yet their victims finds it extremely hard to exit the relationship because of the soul tie.

5. People, places and things

People also form unhealthy soul ties with places and things that they allow to control them, letting go of such things or moving them out of their lives is excruciating to them even when they know that the energies of those things or places are causing them harm.

6. Mother and child

There are mothers who soul tie their children to remain with them, they often express fear at the thought of either a particular daughter or son of theirs leaving her.

There are grown woman and men who are old enough to have their own families, such mothers tend to manipulate them to remain with them and continue to do her bidding such a mother doesn’t care if that daughter or son does not get married and raise his or her own family.

Signs of unhealthy soul ties

1. Fear

When you are in an unhealthy soul tie with someone, you often feel afraid to let go of that relationship with them even if you know that the person is not good for you and you are suffering or being abused.

2. Exhaustion and frustration

Always feeling drained and sometimes world wary.

3. Sadness and disconnection

You feel disconnected from source energy.

4. Stagnation and loneliness.

5. Feeling a void or emptiness within.

How long do they last

Soul ties can last forever if steps are not taken to break them. What happens is once they are form, because they are unhealthy the person begin to suffer negative consequences which often results in frustrations and unhappy life.

How to break soul ties.

1. Emotional separation.

Before you can break a soul tie with a person, place or thing, you must first of all separate yourself emotionally from that person, place or thing by reminding yourself about the pain and loses your relationship with that person, place or thing has caused you in order to muster the courage to let go of that relationship. If you disconnect this way, you will be able to overcome any manipulative tactics used to maintain the status quo, you will begin to see the truth and the reality for what it is.

2.  Visualization.

Visualize to separate the attachment of that energy from your energy field. This is usually done by cutting the cord, a string like rope that tied and hold the bond between the two of you by visualizing a surge of light entering your body and melting the rope or cord of that connection.

3. Write your intention.

Write down your intention on a sheet of paper and rap it with anything you got from that person, place or thing say a word of prayer, set it ablaze, burn it and believe it’s done and so shall it be for you.

4. Ground yourself.

Connect and align more with the divine, source energy or God.

5. Establish firm and healthy boundaries.

Set boundaries, remember how you felt when that relationship lasted and learn the pattern to prevent yourself from becoming a victim a second time.











Unhealthy Love Patterns.

Often times people get stuck in unhealthy love patterns believing it to be true love not realizing that they are merely attached to the person and there’s really no true love between them.


What is unhealthy Love

Unhealthy Love consist of patterns of dysfunctional toxic behaviour which a person exhibit in a supposed love relationship.

It is essential to understand that people who are emotionally damaged can not offer love until they undergo a process of healing, to unlearn and relearn how to remove the emotional baggage they are carrying with them and also heal from the traumatic experience that broke them.

What makes love unhealthy

Love is unhealthy when one person wants to always control the life of the other in everything without boundaries.

There are those who are emotionally immature as a result of their upbringing. These people are people who were over indulged by their parents, and given a false sense of superiority in which they become unnecessarily overbearing, controlling, toxic and narcissistic. And others who were not listened to and given attention at their early formative years, their parents erode their confidence and self-worth through abuse and mistreatment, growing up not knowing what love feels like because they were not given love, therefore, they are unable to offer and receive love, they are unfulfilled and always finding people to love them because they feel a void of emptiness within them. They however, prey on people and never taking responsibility but wanting and forcing people to love and respect them by controlling and gaslighting them, their actions are intensely hurtful, some of these people are utterly bitter and angry and they project their anger and bitterness to the people in their lives to destroy their sense of value through emotional abuse and they violate people’ boundaries as they were not taught empathy and compassion, they are familiar with the toxic and narcissistic lifestyle they grow up in.

And the other people who were raised by parents who only find value in serving the needs of others, these people find fulfillment in helping others, they take on the codependent role where they feel validated when approved by  others and often being used in all their relationships because they always compromise and don’t know how to say no to things that are unhealthy to them due to their inability to set healthy boundaries.

Well, it can be said that one way or another, or to a certain degree, we all needs healing, we have to generally heal from the conditioned pattern of the society that creates pain, trauma and other emotional sicknesses people suffers.

However, in order to stop recycling our love relationships painful experiences, we must have to start recognizing unhealthy love patterns. If loving someone else is depleting or hurting you as an individual, you have to consciously begin to pay more attention to these unhealthy love patterns, be intentional and sensitive to this to prevent yourself from being hurt many times and from abuse generally.

What are signs of unhealthy love.

  • Emotional manipulation and Control
  •  Physical, psychological and emotional abuse.
  • Gaslighting.

When you love, you feel what they feel. When love has no boundary or rules it becomes toxic for you as well as for them. Love should never hurt. There is no fear in love as perfect love cast out fear but you become afraid to let go when you are attached to the person and there is no love. Partners are often competitive and flexes their ego in attachment relationship.

What are the signs of love

  • Mutual respect and honouring
  • Affection and vulnerability
  • Empathy and authenticity


When love is involved, there is vulnerability and authenticity, you are yourself, compassionate, empathetic and forgiving. Love survives the passage of time. People always have a place in their hearts for those that they love even when they are no longer together and always wish them well. Love is freedom, but the party who is not in love becomes controlling but remain acting under the pretence of love unleashing control. Love should not involve torment, but many are tormented because of love, many are under depression due to the love they have for their children, lovers and others because it is an unhealthy love, not developed, mature and based on God or principles because the driving force of love is empathy, if I say I love you, I feel whatever you are going through that is a natural way of love and now the onus is on me to know what to do with the feelings of love I have for you.






Dark night of the soul: Why we need it

What do we really needs to learn from this topic the dark night of the soul? I hope you will be enlightened by this… Happy reading


 Why the dark night of the soul.

Without the dark night of the soul, there is no fulfilment in life. The experience of a happy and fulfilled life start with the crushing of the ego which occurs during the period of the dark night of the soul. No one can fully and authentically enjoy life without first transcending the ego into a free spirit.

How do we feel before the dark night

Before the dark night of the soul takes place in the life of a person, something must be missing in the life of that person which is usually a lack of contentment, fulfilment, peace and happiness. Many people have acquired wealth for themselves, they are established in their career and successful in their businessess, yet they feel a gapping void of emptiness within them and they have found that all they have achieved can not satisfy them. This is because they have lost the flavour of life and have not yet gained the fullness of divinity, the reason they feel that way.

The ego is the identity we acquire in this space we are, (the world). We are infinite beings and divine by nature. When we leave this space, we continue to exist in other dimensions where our divine self takes over completely because at this point we have dropped our ego self with its accumulated baggage behind, then our higher self takes preeminence over us and begin to act in full capacity.

We are powerful and limitless from birth but we become limited as we take on the ego identity and begin to learn the patterns of the world. Here our divine powerful persona is suppressed by the weak limited inauthentic ego persona that we become and its behaviour because our divine personality can not fully lead or interfer with the ego activity due to the density of the ego.

What causes the dark night

What actually causes the dark night is  when there is intense accumulation of debris in one’s life, your divine self (the soul) then sign you up to go through the dark night. When this happens, it becomes necessary for a person to undergo a purging process to eliminate the baggage and transcend the wrong ways we have been living due to the activities of the ego. The period of the dark night of the soul and the purpose of this dark night is to crumble the ego persona through pain, because during this time,  you seemingly appear lost and in pain as you face many challenges and unpleasant situations at the same time and would wonder whether God even exist because of the suffering you are experiencing and the circumstance you found yourself. The essence of this period is for you to surrender to the experience, go through the pain and allow the process to cleanse you and bring you to a divine profound transformation to experience the next best version of yourself.

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The ego is the self that operates in the world, we learn the patterns of the ego from our parents, teachers, schools, family system and in all other associations we find ourselves. These patterns contains many different emotional baggage that includes painful experiences which we are subjected to and are meant to undergo as we continue to grow.

As we grow older or in adulthood, we become loaded and wey down with these heavy emotional baggage which however begin to manifest in form of depression, frustrations, anxiety, dysfunctional behaviour, trauma, worries, failed marriages, lack of finances, other emotional sicknesses, leaving us confused, perplexed and sad not knowing what to do. We become pained and burden with many questions, seeking answers and looking for solutions.

Sometimes, when we start to notice some of these sad events happening in our lives, our friends and relations tend to abandon us, others often start to spread stories calculated to make mockery of you, shame you to erode your confidence and self-esteem, to make you feel worthless and appear less in the public eye. You however begin to feel vulnerable and humiliated. This happens to all of us, but it appears in different ways and forms because we all have ego identity.

Just as we are made up of the divine self, we are also made up of the ego self, the ego self is the personality you are identified with in the world.

For anyone to make a shift in their lives which can usher them into a space to become fulfilled in life, they must go through a process of “self discovery or spiritual awakening.” Where the ego becomes transcended and they embrace more of their divine nature.

This often happens while still going through the pain and suffering of the dark night, you suddenly begin to have a profound realization that the life you are living is actually not the true life. You start to understand that there is more to life than what you have been made to understand.

You start to listen more to yourself than what plays in the world. You become more intuitive and your purpose become activated, you find yourself wanting to help others and to know more truth, you begin to receive a download of information in your awareness coming from your divine self and you begin to share your gift in service to humanity.

It is important to note that although everyone experience the pain that comes with the ego upbringing but not everyone gives up the ego life that operates in the system. Some even when their soul want them to start the process of awakening by entering the dark night, they tend to shut down the process, they tend to procure different means to stop it because they can’t be vulnerable and surrender or give up the ways of the ego, they remain attached to the system of the society and particularly if they deceitfully followed the way the game is played and find themselves at the top where they can exploit, they never find a reason to return to their authentic and divine selves until they exist the world.





What is relationship dynamics?

Just what is relationship dynamics? This post will show you all you need to know about relationship dynamics.

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What is relationship dynamics? A definitive guide

When we are young, we don’t understand relationship dynamics as fully as we should.

Sometimes it takes a number of relationships before we become awaken and realize that just because we care about someone in a way that it includes it whole person, we want to know what their needs and desires are, what has shaped who they are, we have empathy, respect and see them as individuals, we don’t want to engulf them or completely rely on this person in an unhealthy way, we want to ensure that we don’t lose ourselves as individuals and become totally submerged in this relationship.

When people are in healthy relationships, they are able to see themselves as an individual, they don’t want to emesh or infuse the person and in fact they enjoy the fact that they are communicating with a person who is an individual, who might think differently.


Healthy relationship

In a healthy relationship, you are challenged and think you can do better, this is from a place of genuine compassion, authenticity, it’s a place of empathy.

If you are highly codependent, you are relying on someone else to make you feel worthy because you have a false or poor sense of self. Our perception of self is negative, we are shame-based, we don’t feel good enough, we have learned that love and affirmation are conditional, you have to do something to gain approval, you suffered emotional neglect and have learned that people pleasing and acquiescing is safe, if you are acquiescing to the needs of someone who is narcissistic, you please them and avoid the negative consequence.


What is relationship dynamics: Root core of every relationship

Codependents subjugate their needs for a toxic person, they feel unsafe and oftentimes they settle for bad boys or exciting girls because they don’t feel that they can attract someone who is truly healthy. Someone’s perception of self is really at the root core of every relationship

The narcissist also has the false self, they have learned that they also have to dominate and control people in order to feel emotionally regulated, they idealize people to mirror same back to them as the false idealization.

They idealize others because they need this to deceive them that they love them, it is a reflection on them so idealizing you is actually a mirror for the false idealization that they have for themselves, they do this for narcissistic supply. 

They have this grandiose perception of self that needs to be supported. When a narcissist makes you a target, their target depends on the amount of supply they are going to get from you.


A Narcissist’s mind in a relationship

In the mind of the narcissist, there must be something very important about them if  a celebrity talks to them, so they love bomb, they represent in terms of value a really narcissistic supply.

If he deems that you have a tremendous narcissistic supply of value, then you will become more of a target to them. Narcissists simply target their victims of desire.


What is relationship dynamics: Charismatic narcissists.

There are successful women who found themselves in narcissistic relationships. If a narcissist wants you, it’s almost impossible to resist because they are very romantic, they will sweep you off your feet and into their world of fantasy, you will be like omg!

This is amazing, this person is special but you don’t know that this person is idealizing you, it’s all about them getting narcissistic supply. The more value you have in society, the more prestigious you are, the more you are a huge supply to a narcissistic that is why you are going to be targeted, you are a rich source of narcissistic supply. 

Narcissists see people as commodities, so you have to offer them something they will have to figure out among the women or men in their life, they must offer them the most intense narcissistic supply. This supply could be money, fame, public attention or paparazzi.

They  don’t generate their own sense of self from within which healthy people do, we find value in nature, in the work that we do but narcissists can’t do that. It’s very sad, that makes them also treacherous to be around with.


Making conscious choices

The essence of this writing is to bring this to your knowledge to enable you make healthiest and most conscious choices. These people have to love bomb and idealize you as a source of narcissistic supply because without the narcissistic supply they cannot sustain themselves, they can’t survive without operating this way.

The fear of offending someone who is so volatile has programmed us to feel stuck and trauma bond and has also programmed us to seek approval of this narcissists, that’s why it’s easy for codependent to be with people who are highly narcissistic, a girl’s codependent role is often programmed by her mother and of course the society to always acquiescence, subjugate and figure out what the needs of others are.

We are taught that who we are is insignificant and that has become a baseline for all our relationships but when you begin to question yourself this way:

“But why do I say yes when I mean to say no,’ Why is it difficult to set boundaries, why do people always use me?”

When you recognize this in yourself, you begin to understand why a particular personality trait makes it more or less likely that you stay in toxic relationships. 

There are people out there who don’t have issues such as codependency or suffocating from the internal fear of not knowing who they are, who will recognize someone’s love bombing as a red flag but there’s always some of us who grew up feeling invisible, who have never met a psychological mile stone of feeling seen, the need to know who you are and feel valued, we missed this milestone, mirroring a relationship. And as a child to have a sense of self, you need a healthy relationship mirrored back to you, to feel, and so we carry emotional wounds within us trying to figure out how to be good enough and end up attracting people in our experience who may see us as amazing source of narcissistic supply, someone who idolize them, look to please them, someone who is agreeable, afraid of conflicts and find it difficult to set boundaries and if you struggle with shame, a narcissist will pick up what your vulnerabilities are and will exploit with them.


Exploitative narcissist

Narcissists, whether grandiose or vulnerable, are highly exploitative, they view your vulnerability as a weakness and explore them. If you are not aware of relationships paradigm, you can spend years trying to figure out what is happening, and what you are battling with is cognitive dissonance, feeling that it’s your fault, you can’t keep this person happy and the narcissist under the narcissistic spell will convince you that it’s your fault because you are no longer the narcissistic supply they thought you were.

When they come back after maybe leaving, it means either, the source of supply they have is not as fulfilling and exciting as they wanted in order to feel good about themselves to avoid feeling a narcissistic injury because it has to be you.

They must re-idealized you, when you say: “But you said I wasn’t good enough, why are you calling me?” The narcissist may say; We were going through a bad time, I know you didn’t mean those things, you are a good girl, I did not hold anything against you, I am ready to forget everything, let’s forget the past and let bygone be bygone.

They do this because they want to maintain their grandiose idea of themselves. All the negative things they feed people with about you is the torture that is going on within them, is the internal torture of someone who has narcissism. It’s a cycle, a torture experience, they can’t experience love, compassion, empathy and authenticity like normal people, that’s why they hurt other people badly.

2 Timothy Chapter 3 talks about narcissism.


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The power of Manifestation.

What do we actually mean when we mention the topic manifestation? This article will broaden your mind and help you learn about manifestation principles to enable you begin to manifest your dreams


What is manifestation

Manifestation simply means achieving your goals as planned. You can rest when you know you have thought out how to handle every outcome that happens. When your desires are being manifested as you have intended, there is a special kind of relief that you will experience, the excitement that comes with that is unimaginable and overwhelming. This however, is everyone’s expectation because it gives us enormous fulfillment.

Those who trust in God will always see his manifestation in their lives. When you rely solely on God , he manifest himself mightily in your life. The Bible says those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion who can never be shaken but abides forever, we do not have power on our own to abide, our ability and strength to remain trusting is the manifestation of his power upon us.


How can we manifest our desires

We manifest our desires by focusing on what we want. We see the manifestation of our desires quickly when we know who we are, identify our purpose and align our personality with God’s dream for us.

Manifestation of our intentions also become easy when we write our wants down and work towards achieving them.


What do we need to manifest our goals?

  • Believe without a shadow of doubt and fully trust the process.
  • Have expectations of positive outcome
  • Maintain a positive mindset

Don’t be too attached to the outcome by regularly checking whether what you have done is working or not after giving it up to the universe to bring it to pass by allowing it to manifest in your physical reality.


How can we know if we are manifesting our goals

We know we are manifesting our goals when we feel a sense of fulfilment and happiness, we are moving without the worries of life, we do not dwell in sadness and complaining. We walk gracefully and confidently. We are not bothered by whatever that is going on in our awareness because we trust the guidance we are receiving and the force that is in control leading our lives.

We are seeing positive results of the efforts we are putting in everything we are doing and this also gives us the motivation to do more as we continue to succeed.


What is the purpose of manifestation

Manifestation of our dreams bring us to an expected end, the essence is to live a fulfilled life and this start with knowing and accepting your calling, embrace it, do the work. When your higher self assign you to undergo the process that will awaken you to the truth as you enter your dark night which is the beginning of your transformation, surrender to the experience go through the pain that comes with it to enable you to fully accept and embrace your calling that brings about immense manifestation of the blessings of God upon your life.

Manifestation of your goal is to go through every scenario of the negative and positive possibilities that might happen. Balance is the key here since going to the extreme produces the opposite effect. Then consciously intend that those negative possibilities don’t happen while emotionally accepting them in case they do happen, then you allow yourself to feel your emotions, you are allowing the stream of life to pass through, you are able to experience the next thing without the need for the previous thing to reoccur.

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“Seek and you shall find” Those who seek shall manifest these blessings from The universe.

One thing about believers and manifestation is that they pray, believe and trust the process but when their hopes and intentions begin to manifest they don’t recognise it.

Just as the guidance you are receiving to take action in certain things so that you can start to manifest your desires could appear in any form, the same way the manifestation of your intention can also show up in ways that you sometimes don’t expect that is why if you are praying for something it’s important that you take your focus away from how it should manifest and don’t be attached to a particular thing because if the outcome is not what you have placed your focus on even if your desire has manifested in a related event you may not recognise and because you don’t recognise it you will not take action and you will allow the opportunity to slip away and pass you by.

The universe is all abundant, and is responding and attending to our wants but our poor focus often blindfolds us from seeing and receiving the blessings. The universe cannot be conditioned to appear and reward a person in a certain defined way, be open minded and broaden your mind to receive. Don’t restrict yourself or attached to only one thing or one way because it can also happens in ways that we do not expect, if we understand this we can always take advantage of the possibilities when they present themselves, and as we act on them we manifest positive results.


We struggle with limiting beliefs all the time and that is why we often want to control how everything should be. The fact that we want it a particular way does not necessarily mean it will happen the way we have envisioned, sometimes we want to bypass the normal process of unfolding or cut corners to achieve what we want, it’s essential to allow things to naturally unfold by trusting the process and relying on the universe to bring it to you, don’t get caught up in desperation this can cause you to miss out completely once you commit to something and play your part, give it up to the source of all creation and leave it there and continue to do other things, move your focus from it that way allows it to come back to you with a positive outcome but when you remained attached to the outcome, you begin to block it, you are creating resistance because you do not want to let go and resistance happens due to fear, and this fear result from double, where you start ruminating with thoughts of “what if” it did not happen as expected?

The key here is to believe without doubt, for whatever you are searching, be it happiness, wealth, freedom, love, health, whatever it might be that you are looking forward to manifest, trust and be positive about the outcome. Renew your mind from the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing and enjoying the life you want, well, we understand that the limiting beliefs are part of the human condition, being that we are raised with them and they form part of our ego or the limited-self identity, the self which is necessary in this space but we don’t have to allow them to restrict and limit our power from achieving our dream and prevent us from manifesting our true and highest potential. We are heires and heiresses of the the divine source and we have been commanded to seek and find, ask and receive therefore manifestation of all that is good is actually our birthright.


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Kings are rich. Royalty is rich. There is just no question of lack or limitation when it comes to those who rule. You were born to be a prince or a princess. This privileged position signifies wealth and power. You cannot be royalty without wealth and power. It just doesn’t fit. You can only truly live as prince or princess if you realize your right to be rich and powerful. People have conflicting ideas of seeing themselves as prince or princess but yet not see themselves to be rich and powerful. They’re conflicted.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































You must give up your idea of seeing yourself as a prince or princess if you have problems with wealth and power. People think they are seeing themselves as wealthy and powerful, but that is only a delusion.
































































































































































































































































In fact they are deceiving themselves. They fantasize about being rich and powerful, but at the same time, their minds are embedded with negative judgments about wealth and power. You can see by their actions of not going for wealth and power to know their true beliefs that form their reality.




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Activating the power within

You can learn the basics of activating the power within with this post. Of course, everyone has a form of power he or she can draw from within.

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Activating the power within: What does it mean

All humans possess great power within waiting to be activated. Lack of this awareness has caused people to feel powerless and remain like helpless victims, blaming themselves and the government for whatever they experience in their lives.

We all ruminate with stories of creation and how we are incarnated in this space, we remind ourselves all the time, the promises of a balanced and prosperous life contained in the religious books for those who believe to attain when they become evolved.

But how we can achieve this abundance remains a secret held tightly by the external authority figures who exert control over others and expose this secret to a selected few who are ever ready to succumb and pay allegiance to other filthy and demonic energy imprints they project the power to, to take control.


Unleashing divine powers

World leaders and religious authorities inclusive, prevented their devotees from accessing their true divine powers, they stopped people who were given the revelations on how to uncover this secret of the universe to activate their divine powers that unleashes all that is good, for fear of misuse of the same power for evil purposes.

However, the reason they dissuade people from knowing it and allow the external authority figures to pervert it for their selfish interest is not averted, because these people are actually using it to gain wealth and to destroy humanity.

The leaders are allowed full access to this information for control, manipulation and to acquire riches.

It is a calculated plan that has been in existence from time immemorial and many generations had passed without accessing this knowledge, all who received divine inspiration concerning this who were not part of or refused to be part of the control system and attempted to reveal the secret lived under threats, many were silenced and others were eliminated.


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How Einstein and Tesla did it

John Lock, Einstein and Tesla were able to do it without enmeshment into the filthy cult of control.

Any discussion that relate to this topic is usually a threat and unacceptable, in fact it’s perceived as offensive because it tend to intimidate the powers that be as a threat of any form of exposure is intensively dealt with because they prefer the illusion that it doesn’t exist, they want the world to remain under this illusion and brainwashing for ever, so that their contact with the aliens who have more advanced mental ability for exchange of resources continuous, that’s why the masses minds are easily influenced,

in this material world when they induced them through telepathy. The world is ruled by deception and cover up of the reality that exists within us.


Activating the power within: Don’t be deprived of your true existence

This control system is doing everything possible to deprive you of your true existence. That is why certain unhealthy things, behaviour, lifestyle including food must be encouraged to distract people from questioning authority and seeking answers where there’s lack of understanding.

They understand that the secret of this consciousness awareness lies in your third eye in the endocrine glands, which is just one of your energy light centers.

This is your spiritual antenna, it is the seat of the soul that when activated, you begin to have clarity of vision way beyond the physical eye, it is an incredibly powerful chakra which empowers you to see through the illusion that plays in this world.


Activating the ultimate truth and power

However, there’s a way in which people can begin to activate their divine ultimate truth and power. We come to this realization when we start to connect deeply with ourselves through certain practices, visualization and meditation create a portal that enables us to activate our energy light centers to enter our promised paradise.

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Meditation as a means of activating the power within

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind, it enhances concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and a calm, seeing the true nature of things. It allows people to observe and see their individual thoughts clearly without judgment in order to achieve a more relaxed and focused mind. With meditation you can reprogram your subconscious mind from the limiting beliefs that they programmed us with that are controlling how we think and keeping us away from exploring our abundance.

We are free spirits and limitless by nature. While visualization enables you to enter an altered state of mind, this is where we access ‘deep states’ of relaxation such as the alpha, beta and theta to slow the brainwaves frequency to enter the super conscious portal to find answers to all things. These are mental triggers which help you go deep to find a solution to whatever you desire.


Seven energy light centers

Everyone of us has seven energy light centers which are the glands that make up the endocrine system, these are spiritual points that when unclogged you begin to experience a new reality, you come to awareness and free yourself from the illusion that is playing here in this space, you start to see the reality for what it is and enter your promised paradise.

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How to love yourself


Do you want to learn how to love yourself? This is just the right article for you.


How to love yourself: What’s the relationship you have with yourself

The relationship you have with yourself is the most elegant and profound of all relationships. When you love, embrace and accept yourself fully, every aspects of your body start to respond positively towards you and your other relationships also improve.

Most people neglect themselves and focus only on others because they hate parts of themselves but admire and appreciate what they see in others and looking for people to love them, approve and validate them so they can feel valid and worthy enough to exist.

The fact is no one can authentically love you or others unless they are able to love themselves. You however, cannot truly love anyone else if you do not love yourself, the reason we dwell in bitterness, hate, anger and jealousy, we want to be like other people living in denial of our own beauty and brilliance because we have refused to look inward to behold the overwhelming exquisite beauty and greatness that lies within us if only we can reduce our outward focus and tune in to ourselves to explore our authentic natural and divine endowment.

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Loving yourself: Focus is necessary

Anything you give attention in this universe respond to you and begin to grow, whatever you focus on expands.

Dr Emoto, a Japanese and a scientist at California University conducted an experiment where he used frizzed water and crystals and projected different emotions both positive and negative such as love and hate, the vails of water that contained emotions of love turned out beautifully and symmetrical while the vails of water that hate and other negative emotions were projected into were nasty and ugly.

This goes to show that words can tear down and words can heal, the thoughts we hold in our awareness can either make or break us.


How to love yourself: Power in words

There’s power in words, Thoughts and beliefs. All the material things we see around us, the technology we enjoy today and everything else that exists within our awareness started with a thought.

Some people slept, thought about them, move into action and they all became reality. Thoughts of harmony, love, peace and gratitude gives life to anything.

Studies have shown that our consciousness and how we relate to our environment affect the things around us, this is how our thoughts and emotions impact us, if you ruminate with thoughts of hate, and project the hateful and sad emotions to the parts of yourself you do not appreciate, they will continue to reflect what you feel about them, but if you love every part of you and accept them the way they are and begin to see them in your mind’s eyes as beautiful and lovely, they start to radiate beauty.


The energy around us

The way we feel and resent rejection, everything we are made up of does the same. Everything around us is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

We are all a part of universal energy and also vibrate at different frequencies. Whatever we send out comes back to us, as we think so we are, we reap what we sow.

Therefore we attract who we are at a deeper level and life response to us as we think and feel about it.


Loving yourself: Avoid negative paradigm

If you are stuck in negative paradigms, you will continue to recycle same, whatever you give out comes back to you in the same proportion.

Self-love brings great transformation, it heals unprocessed childhood emotional experience and trauma. It feels good to love yourself, be gentle with yourself, you are the best person to do it, you are an expression of God, you are love energy love energy is like sexual energy because it is powerful, humanity emerged from it, there’s no existence without love.

Find love within yourself and bring that love energy to others and all that exist around you, for love heals all wounds and it is the best medicine for the ills of mind kind.
Stop depending on other people to love you before you can feel loved, you are loved because you emerged from love energy, all you need is to simply activate the love within you and bring it to others so that you will set a standard for others to do same.


Vibration of love

You are a vibration of love. If you can touch people with the divine love you can ignite within yourself, you become a magnet of love including the love you express and receive from the opposite sex.

You can create a happy life for yourself by focusing on love and gratitude.

Eliminate the things that don’t serve you and let go of people who don’t honour you by saying no to things that don’t lift you up, by standing in your vision and standing for your vision, by asking for what you want and praying for yourself because love attract love, you become a magnet of love by holding yourself accountable when you end a toxic relationship and get the lessons.

You love yourself by getting lessons for things that hurt you, by getting rid of family patterns that don’t serve you, by taking time to listen to yourself.

By making yourself a priority. If you do a good thing for others’s benefit, you are unleashing divine power of love, your love is divine, the only relationship that holds any value at all is your relationship with God, the creative source though you will come up with relationships that should have value in this space but the most important is to be in alignment with the creator, the God of your understanding, the divine love energy, only man is co-creator with God and this comes with responsibility.

You have the right and capacity to chose to ruminate with loving thoughts, feelings and actions, anything you are enslaved and obligated to, you made that choice, when you had another option which could be a choice of love. 

The only way we are going to experience freedom is to always chose love and not fear, become mindful, conscious about what you are thinking, what feelings you are allowing to breed in the garden of your heart and what you do in response to what you feel and think, prioritize your thoughts and anything you don’t feel attached to let it go.

Give up the story, it hurt, the shaming and distressing.

Freedom means authoring your life moment by moment to move you forward and stand in your inner authority to determine what you are going to chose moment by moment, if you continue to remind yourself about what someone said about you or what happened, what they did and what they didn’t, you are going to be enslaved to the past experiences and will never discover the allure that is in you, give up the story this way, look up, give up your humanness and step into your divinity, it doesn’t matter what you are seeking, write down what you want and how you want to see yourself, meditate and visualize the outcome you want, let go trust the process and watch.

Give up people’s opinion of you because when you start paying attention to people’s opinion of you it may leads you to judging yourself and judgement leads to enslavement, if you can free yourself from these, you have prepared yourself for freedom that comes with inherent rights and ability to make choices that will empower you to live a liberated life.

Commit to yourself, don’t feel guilty to give yourself the most elegant treat, don’t be ashamed to feel and give yourself what you deserve, forgive yourself for the times you disappointed yourself and acted in ways that made you to regret.

Take care of yourself and take responsibility and be accountable for your life, be willing to embrace uncertainty, it’s okay not to know if things appear strange, focus on what you have and be grateful, don’t get caught up in the lack consciousness and mentality, all beneficial change is preceded by chaos, maybe you need to loose the old self so you can create the new self.

Remember that every other relationship you have may end but the relationship you have with yourself remains forever.

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