The Church Members in my Station in our Community have been complaining that the church is dead because the number of worshipers has reduced in size and the most active members have moved to other churches and others have stopped coming.

The Rev. Father tried to give the remaining members hope and assured them that everything will be fine and that the church is not dead that they all need to pray and commit the situation into God’s hands and also speak to their friends and neighbors to visit their church in order to have new members.

But the devotees continued to convince everyone and the rest of the other church members that there’s no point trying, the church is dead.

Then the priest said, since everyone believes the church is dead, then the parishioners have to conduct a burial ceremony to bury the church. They were all surprised and the priest insisted that the church has to be buried.

A committee was set up to organize the burial and members were appointed to take charge of the different contributions and provide the necessaries needed for the burial.

The date of the burial was fixed and circulated, mourners were invited and all the necessary items needed including a casket were ready for the scheduled day to bury the church.

On the day of the burial, the Rev. Father told the burial committee to take the casket to the mortuary so that Mr Church’s remains would be conveyed to the church premises. At this point, the members were astounded and confused. A well decorated table was placed in the center of the church, adorned with beautiful flowers of different colors and perfumes to place the casket for Mr Church’s lying in state.

Behold, a hearse carrying the body of Mr Church accompanied by mourners and hefty looking bouncers slowly approached the church entrance to the astonishments of all church members.

The Rev. Father had convinced parishioners that Mr Church was inside the casket since non of them was inside the mortuary to know what happened, so they didn’t know what to think.

During lying in state, all the church members were line up to pay their last respect to Mr Church.

The Priest was standing beside the coffin that was made of glass like that of the late Queen 👑 Elizabeth of England. The first member stepped forward and the Priest unveiled the coffin, as the parishioner looked into the casket, he saw himself instead of Mr Church and the Priest asked him who do you see? And he responded I saw my own reflection in the glass and the Priest said you are the one dead, God’s words never dies only people do.


Repent and accept the Good News for the Kingdom of God is here. 😄😄😄



Aura cleansing is necessary to clear stuck and unhealthy energies to attract prosperity.

Aura cleansing can be performed with many different natural items found in your kitchen, here are some basic ones you can always use to clear your energy system.


Baking soda

Baking soda is a common household item that packs a powerful punch of spiritual cleansing. A natural alkalizer and detoxifier baking soda is great at pulling out blockages from the aura. Returning your energetic vibration to something more neutral. Leaving you with a sense of peace, and equilibrium. This is especially helpful when dealing with exhausting people, or situations. I find it combats feelings of anxiety and depression very well.


Simply run a bath of warm water that feels relaxing to the touch. Add a cup of baking soda to water. As the water runs the baking soda will begin to dissolve neutralizing the water’s acidity, not only leaving you feeling energetically level, but also leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

I like to say a prayer or affirmation while bathing in a spiritual cleansing bath. This can be a simple statement that comes straight from the heart. Something like:

“As I relax into this healing bath all negative blockages and energies dissolve. I am wrapped in the light of the divine Universe.”



Apple Cider Vinegar is another great remedy for energetic blocks and releasing psychic toxins. Soaking in Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for easing skin issues, detoxify and restoring its natural pH balance. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals which can be absorbed through the skin. The onset of a cold can often mean energetic disturbances in the aura…taking an apple cider vinegar bath will help the cold run its course, and move the energetic debris out of your system. Again, you will run a warm bath that is relaxing to the touch. Adding 1-2 cups of Apple cider vinegar to the bath water. Slip into the tub, easing your mind and relaxing. Allow yourself to become completely embraced by the experience. You can visualize the energetic toxins, and debris being drawn from your body/aura, into the bath to be neutralized. Be sure to allow your head to be submerged for a few moments.The base of the head/back of the neck is one of the major places we take on stray energy. You can also use the above affirmation, or an appropriate prayer during this bath. If the smell of Apple cider vinegar is offensive to your nose then add a 5-10 drops of peppermint oil to the bath. Peppermint is also a detoxifier, and it uplifts the senses… Easing the mind and emotions.



Sea Salt is a traditional bath for spiritual cleansing. Salt also has a detoxifying quality that will draw out impurities in the energy bodies. You can substitute sea salt for Epsom salt which is high in magnesium, easing aches, pains and the muscles. Run a warm bath adding in a handful of sea salt. As you soak begin to imagine the tube filling with pure white light. This is the healing light of the Universe. Imagine any dark, and negative vibrations lingering in the aura being absorbed by this light. Envision these blocks being replaced with nothing but positive intentions. Salt can dry out the skin so you may want to dress yourself with a rich oil after your bath. You can dress yourself with a mixture of olive oil, and lemongrass essential oil to nourish the skin, and charge the aura with a magnetic quality.Lemongrass oil is an old botanical used for attracting prosperity and good fortune.




Adding all 3 ingredients together will create a wonderful spiritual cleansing bath!! Or combine them as you like. Remember to use an affirmation, prayer or visualization.

After bathing spend time in meditation, prayer, or just relax for the evening. I like to make a warm cup of chamomile and valerian tea to calm my nerves and promote sleep. Turn in early for the night, allowing the healing process to continue into sleep. If you are feeling especially heavy and blocked use a spiritual cleansing bath for 7 consecutive days.



Expectation, the thief of peace

Manifest Desires Freely by Having No Expectations

Expectation colours your perception of things. You don’t see how things are really happening when you expect them to happen a certain way. This prevents you from recognizing the good that comes your way and cause you to push it away believing that it is evil. Without preconceived ideas to limit your perception, you are able to accept what comes your way as part of the solution to realizing what you truly desire in life. You are able to receive and not resist truth and love.

Many a times we feel discouraged when things are not happening the way we want them to happen. We might even lose hope thinking that it’s not meant to be, and even give up pursuing it altogether because our actions are in vain. But we do not realize that we are right in the process of it all coming to pass, and we turn away when we are closer than we ever were before. Let go of expectations so that you can surrender to the process and let the outcome fall in place in the right way at the right time.


When we do not know how things will really turn out, we have to trust. There is no need for hope when we already know how the outcome will be like. Hope is confident expectation of good. The only expectation you need is the expectation that everything is happening for good and not evil in your life. You can expect good no matter what the outcome seems to be. To expect good is to trust that God is good and God never fails, that is why hope will never disappoint ultimately.

Expectation’s brother, Resistance the thief of joy

Peace and Joy is Key to Attracting Good Things.

Peace and joy is the greatest wealth of all. It is the energy of well being. All things are energy and therefore when you feel peace and joy, you are feeling the energy that all good is made of. The material world is really just a manifestation of the spiritual world. Material things lose their value in the spiritual dimension and the only thing that is of value there is the pure energy of thoughts and feelings. The essence of all your desires is peace and joy. True wealth is internal and is all that which you can possess.

Everything else is illusion. Money, fame, relationships, achievements, acclamation and material possessions are all part of the simulation that we experience in this world. None of those things define our true value, because who we really are is All That Is. We cannot be measured by how much we do or have because our true value is infinite. Our state of being in this world is our true expression of wealth in every moment. Your state of being is what you’re thinking and feeling. Consciousness is the only reality.

Intention without resistance is the most powerful and effective way to create reality. There are no problems, only resistance. Wealth and blessings want to come to you but you do not receive them because you are resisting them. All resistance is created by your worrying thoughts and lack of peace and joy. The less resistance you have, the more you will be in flow. First clear your resistance, then your intentions will have a lot more power to manifest freely. Peace and joy is a state of having no resistance.

When you kill expectation and resistance, your entire existence will be surrounded by peace and joy.



Intentional manifestation

The key to mastery is to keep choosing the same thing. Stay with one thing. Don’t take your mind off of it. Keep focusing on it until it becomes a reality. A Master chooses something to manifest and doesn’t go on to something else until he or she has manifested it completely. If you choose to create something, stick with it. Choose it with all of your heart and soul. Be committed, persistent, and focused. Don’t take no for an answer! Do not go on to something else until you have created your chosen dream or goal. If you want your life to calm down and bring you what you want, stop changing your mind so often.


Will is focused intent. You have to be fully intentional in order to manifest what you want. The problem with many of our intentions is that they are half hearted intentions. Half hearted intentions will only produce half hearted results from the universe. It is when we are fully intentional for something to happen that the universe would arrange the situations to allow us to experience our desires manifesting. The universe reflects to us what we send out to it. When you commit yourself, that is when the universe commits to you. Synchronicities show up more powerfully and more spontaneously when we have synchronized our internal world by aligning our thoughts and feelings about something in one direction.


It’s been said that consecutively sustaining positive thought is the hardest work in the world. But it is also the key to mastering the world. To monitor your thoughts and keep them only on those things you desire will require constant, moment to moment, minute to minute attention, especially in the beginning, when you may be used to worrying or fearing. It is a day-to-day, hour-to-hour, moment-to-moment act of supreme consciousness. This is Conscious Creation. You are becoming aware for the first time of the many thoughts that govern your life. This is a real awakening.


Intention and attention

The more attention you channel into an area, the more results you get at a faster rate. Attention is mental life. What you focus on is where you give life to. Neglect causes a thing to wither away and die. Some of our successful projects start declining and failing when we take our focus away for too long. To keep our dreams alive, we must keep feeding them with our thoughts and actions. When you focus a lot of your attention on something for a prolonged period of time you create lots of results in that area.

It’s an irony that people who achieve big results in certain areas of life tend to also achieve big problems in those same areas. A person who has great wealth also seems to have lots of money problems. A person who has great fame also seems to have lots of bad publicity. A person who has projects that are hugely successful also seems to have projects that are major flops. This sort of situations goes contrary to what one might expect about life. Understanding that energy works both ways is the solution.

When you were not having your attention on acquiring wealth, your manifestation in that area is at a slow speed. The more your attention is placed on something, the faster your energy moves in relation to that thing. At slow speeds, you tend not to have much financial increase or money problems either. But when you increase your attention in acquiring wealth, your manifestation in that area is at a faster speed. At faster speeds you may have greater financial increase but also more money problems








Using thoughts and words to cast spells and create wealth and dysfunction





Thoughts are powerful

Thoughts and words cast spells and create wealth and problems.

We are creating dysfunction, prosperity and casting spells with our thoughts and words whether we realise it or not.

Our thoughts whether positive or negative are creating outcomes. These outcomes affect us positively and negatively.

When we think harmful thoughts and projects towards others, we are casting spells and intending that our target experience a negative result. This is how we create dysfunction individually and collectively in the world. We can never experience a world of harmony so long as we continue to intentionally cast spells with our thoughts and words.

Don’t forget that whatever thoughts we ruminates with and cast out to affect others, we are sending a signal to the universe as to what we desire, and the same thing we attract to ourselves, the reason those who habour negative thoughts and feelings don’t progress naturally, for them to succeed in life, they must cut corners, manipulate and involve in terrible obscured ventures.

Feel prosperous and create more wealth than dysfunction

Start feeling Prosperous to Increase your Prosperity through mental creation.

There are times when you may be feeling low. Your income is down and you have a hard time seeing your dreams come true. There is a way to convince yourself that you are prosperous and successful. Sing the song “I am super prosperous, I am super rich and I am super successful.” This is the song of success. Craft it in any way that you like it to be. Sing “I am rich beyond my wildest dreams. I am, I am, I am!” The “I am” is an affirmation. You are affirming from a place of BEING which is central to everything else in your experience.

The result of it is that you may experience prosperity and success that is much more than what you ever had in previous times. Constantly express the attitude of being rich, abundant and successful in order to continue creating the reality of prosperity and success. Give thanks for the prosperity that you have been receiving as well in order to perpetuate the feeling of prosperity. Giving thanks acknowledges the reality of having and therefore to him that hath, much more shall be given to him says Christ.

When you are trying to bring yourself to a new place of vibration, there are forces that try to pull you back from time to time. Those are your current place of vibration. When you are trying to feel more rich, there are times when you are being pulled to feel less rich than the more rich feeling you intend to vibrate at. The key is to keep holding yourself to the new vibration until your projected reality becomes your actual reality. All movement across one reality to another is vibrational movement. It is all about alignment, alignment and realignment. Keep getting into the vortex.

Thoughts cast spells and harm as well as bringing abundance of prosperity

The basis of spell casting is built on two principles of truth. The first is that thoughts are energy. The second is that words are powerful. There is a natural law, which on a metaphysical level, like attracts like. By visualizing an object and affirming that you want this item to manifest itself in your life, you are sending a message to the universe and your subconscious as to what you want. The universe will listen, and a corresponding image will soon find its way to you. Magic is creating what you desire in reality.

Desires and wishes, when sent out in thoughts, words, and deeds, we will attract to ourselves. Your thoughts and words have more power than you can imagine. They are, in themselves, a form of magick. We are casting spells all the time, usually without ever realizing it. A magician is one who consciously creates his reality using the tools that are available to channel the power of consciousness from the higher to the lower. Magic blends the invisible realm with the visible. It is to use power in conscious way.

Magic is a natural act, easily accomplished. Each of us has the power to bring about change in our lives, and in the world around us. Our subconscious mind is the source of our personal power over the universe. Spells, incantations or invocations, are merely one way of conveying messages to the subconscious mind. Many spells incorporate symbols, and as we all know, symbolism is a primary language of the subconscious. Direct your subconscious to wield its power in creating anything you like.

We agreed that it’s difficult to hold a positive frequency and vibration but the harmful thoughts we are producing are creating dysfunction at different levels and affecting us. Let’s endeavour to think good thoughts to advance ourselves and create harmony in the world.




Shift your vibration

Deliberately Shifting Your Vibrational Levels add a layer of consciousness to your experience.

When you feel strong emotion, it means you are summoning a great deal of Source Energy toward your desire. When your strong emotions feel like fear, depression or despair, it means you are offering resistance to your desire. When your strong emotions feel good like love, passion or hope, it means you are offering no resistance to your desire. You are in a state of allowing the unfolding of your desire. Desire it, do not resist it, and it is. Allow yourself to feel strong emotions and direct them positively.

The perfect situation is to really, really want something that you truly believe is possible. When the combination of desire and belief is present within you, things will unfold quickly and easily in your experience. But when you want something that you do not believe is possible, it does not unfold easily since you are not allowing it into your current experience. When you have strong desire but with resistance, the thing to work on here is your belief. Direct your mind towards thinking why it is possible and expect it.

If you have been thinking and speaking  where you are all along that, it is not easy to suddenly shift your vibration and begin thinking and feeling something very different. The law of attraction says that you do not have access to thoughts and feelings that are very far from where you are vibrating. But you can access better thoughts that are vibrationally nearer to you, and then from those thoughts access even better thoughts that are vibrationally higher. Vibrational shifting is a deliberate and gradual process

Vibrational match attraction

Everything is Formed by Vibration and Geometry

Vibrations in the quantum hologram create geometric patterns and these patterns create rocks, trees, oceans, mountains, plants, animals and humans. The quantum hologram holds the blueprint of all possibilities that could ever take place past, present or future. We have the power to choose the blueprint, which already exists in the quantum hologram, that we want to activate in our lives.

Bio-Geometry is a science that deals with the effect of geometrical shapes on life functions and the design of shapes that interact with earth’s energy fields, to produce special pre-calculated effects on biological systems. Bio-Geometrical shapes, when designed or engraved on jewelry, have shown positive effects on the body’s energy field, and reduce the potential health hazards caused by cellular phones, computers and other modern appliances.

Vibration and Bio-Geometry

Dr Karim, who founded and developed Bio-Geometry discovered that higher harmonics of three energy qualities that he referred to as GB3 were beneficial to our health including that of plants and animals. He suggested ways to create these energies and studied the beneficial effects of the energies on diseases such as hepatitis C on reversing EMF sensitivity, growing plants without using pesticides, the animals we eat as food with zero antibiotics and lowering leucocytes in cows milk. In many ways the science and metaphysical discipline of Bio-Geometry provides one of the underpinnings to support what many know today as Feng Shui, which literally is a way of neutralising the negative energies we absorb from the environment to reduce their effect on us.

Elaborate geometries are used to alter states of consciousness. Crop circles contain special meaning. The Sacred Geometry within these formation is recognized by the subconscious, since all living creatures consist of geometrically shaped elements. Sacred Geometry is a universal language. The purpose of it is to evolve the consciousness of mankind to a higher level. This way they are literally creating Heaven on Earth. As a result mankind is more consciously prepared to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We absorb the codes much faster in our subconscious by looking at them than by hearing or reading.

We don’t access things by mistake. We attract things to ourselves based on vibrational match.

Are You Consciously Creating Your Reality With Your Thoughts?



Thoughts are things

Thoughts are things. All the things around us emerged from thoughts and belief.

All power is within and is absolutely under your control. There is no power outside of you. The key to accessing all power is to realize that you have the ability to create outcomes with your thoughts. The only reason why people are powerless is because they think that power is outside of them whereas they are unconsciously creating what they do not want. Whenever someone moves into a state of power, it is always because they found the power within them. This is the great secret of having or not being in charge of your given power. And because power is within, it is absolutely under your control, utilize it well. Your thoughts are creating the things you don’t intend unconsciously knowing that your thoughts are highly creative is the secret to creating and exercising control and bringing whatever you desire into reality.

Thoughts are creative

Your thoughts create your circumstances. It may seem as though your circumstances create your thoughts. But the primary event is that how you think creates what you experience as reality, and then your experience affects how you feel as well. This is a form of feedback loop. If you want to know whether the chicken or the egg came first, it is the chicken. The chicken produces the egg which reproduces the chicken. Your thoughts create your reality which then affects your feelings and the cycle forms.


Consciously create your reality

Consciously create your reality with positive thoughts and with the power within

The main rule is you get what you focus on. Concentration is the great secret to power. In order to control what you focus on, you must be conscious. Seek to polarize your thoughts on what you desire. Many people let their thoughts and feelings wander wherever they go without being conscious or in control of them. They are creating by default, which is to be a victim or slave to other forces. To direct your thoughts and feelings at will is to be a deliberate creator. Deliberateness is intention


4. The mind is powerful

You create Everything within your Consciousness

If one could take a picture of his objective circumstances and his subjective mentality, he would find that they would be identical. For one is the cause of the other. One is the image and the other is the reflection of that image. Cause and effect are parts of a complete whole. One is the inside and the other is the outside of the same thing. Cause and effect are but two sides of thought. Spirit is both cause and effect. God makes things through the direct act of becoming the things which He creates. This is what we do, for our thought becomes the thing thought of. The thought and the thing are one, in reality.

Prayer is its own answer. If you only pray with partial belief then you will set your intention in partial motion. But if the next day you fully doubt, your intention will be fully cancelled. You erase a thought from consciousness by putting in an opposite thought. This opposite thought meets the other and neutralizes it. When you neutralize something in your mind, you neutralize it in your reality. Belief, as soon as it is complete, is the formation of reality. The formation takes place within and not without. You have to know that your reality is already created the moment you visualize and emotionalize it in your mind. If you change your mind, you change your reality. But if you secure your mind, you secure your reality.

Never look for results while you are intending, for if you do you will not find them. Because if you’re trying to look for something, it means that it is missing. Your action of looking will only reinforce the reality of it not being there. Get clear about your desire and then pass the whole thing over to your mind, and let it operate. Just know that the desire is already a fact, and quietly say to yourself, as often as the thought comes into mind: “It is done.” The lighter the thought is, the less care or worry over it, the better. The best work is done when the element of struggle is entirely left out. Put out all negative thought and hold only positive thought in your consciousness. This is how productive your thoughts can be.


Will, desire and emotion, manifest intended purpose


Emotion is Energy for Manifesting Intention


Will is the central key of all mental phenomena. Magic is the act of causing change in accordance with will. Your will controls and shapes the energy of the reality matrix. The will is directed by desire. You will not will something unless you desire it. Strong will follows strong desire. When you strongly desire something, that is when you will strongly will everything in the universe to be aligned towards making it happen for you.


When the amplitude of your vibration is strong, that is when it will overpower every other opposing vibration and will not be stopped until it manifests into physical experience. Opposing vibrations will attempt to weaken it, that is why it is important to maintain the amplitude of your vibration. Think and do things that will bring back the intensity of your desire and the level of emotion that you experience with it.


The secret of will and perseverance is the level of emotion and desire that is driving it. You will only persist all the way for something that you strongly desire and feel lots of emotion for it. That is what it means to be on fire in your pursuit of a deep purpose. It is a fervent prayer that is effective. Prayer with strong desire and emotion allows God to move with the energy of your request act it out strongly and in mighty ways.


And this hugely bring about Godlike Manifesting from a Place of being

You are consciousness that has been individuated from original consciousness. In order to experience itself from multiple points of view, original consciousness stepped down from larger to smaller and smaller units of consciousness. Earth is a unit of consciousness that forms to collective consciousness of all living beings on the planet. Earth is part of the universe which is part of all that is. The further you have stepped down from the source, the less of its attributes you’d be able to manifest immediately.

Therefore it might seem like you are separated from your true power when the truth is that the appearance of separation is only an illusion. At the higher planes, thought manifest a lot faster or even instantly. But at the lower planes, the unit of energy that you created through intention has to step down through lower and lower forms until it fully manifest in your reality. Your true power is the power of God. In God Plane, you can be, do or have anything instantly. On Earth, time depends on source connection.

The stronger your connection to the source, the greater your energy levels will be. This gives you more power to alter reality and manifest what you desire. All intention takes energy to manifest, and the more energy there is, the faster it can manifest. When you are so strongly connected to the source, your energy level is so great that it results in near instantaneous manifestation of intent which is what others might define as a miracle. Your Connection to The Source is your Consciousness of The Source



People who suffered neglect as children share these traits

Everyone of us has our own childhood stories to share to the world if given the opportunity.

Some of these stories are fascinating and some are unfortunately sad, but they are all stories that form part of our life experiences.

When we reminisce about our early years, wrestling with the idea that perhaps the emotional and physical absence we experienced was not simply a figment of our imagination, but an actual issue we had to deal with.

If you truly suffered neglect as a child, these tips will deeply resonate with you and you probably may have been exuding them without knowing it.


High sensitivity to rejection.

All beings have a desire to be accepted, approved of and have a social connection because we’re social beings by nature. But for those of us who found ourselves lonely in our formative years, developed a heightened sensitivity to rejection and whenever that mirror of rejection is being reflected back to us, it triggers something in us that takes us back to our childhood and magnify the internalised fear of rejection within us.

As adults, if we haven’t gone through the process of healing, we begin to manifest excessive fear of being rejected in our relationships and express an extreme reaction to those who mirror that to us. We tend to overanalyze interactions and perceive criticism even where there isn’t any.

Difficulty in expressing emotions.

This is one of the most difficult traits to understand if you suffer rejection in your most vulnerable years as a child. This may become a serious issue. We may have learned to suppress our feelings as a surviving mechanism, making it difficult for us to understand and articulate our emotions in adulthood.

This can make us struggle with emotional intimacy, keeping our feelings locked behind an impenetrable wall. If you find it difficult to communicate your feelings and understanding the feelings of others around you, it could be a sign that you are still struggling with the effect of childhood neglect.

Excessive desire to take care of others.

People who were rejected during childhood develop the need to care for others in order to be deserving and accepted by them. They tend to overcompensate for the care and attention they were denied as children by becoming overly attentive to the needs of others.

These are the people that often get trapped in unhealthy relationships, they are constantly being taken advantage of because they consistently put the needs of others before their own, sometimes to their own detriment.

This compulsive desire to care for others stem from an unconscious need to fill the void they are carrying within them from their early childhood.

Lack of trust in your ability

When a person lack the attention of their care giver, emotional support and guidance, they internalised the belief that their thoughts and feelings are not to be considered, as a matter of fact, they are not important. This belief makes them to question their sense of judgement and abilities.

As they grow into adulthood, they begin to second-guess their thoughts and decisions, and start to doubt their capabilities and struggle with trust in their own judgement.

They may have people-pleasing behaviour and a constant fear of making mistakes and disappointing others. This fear of judgement and failure can make people to lose themselves and prevent them from pushing forward to realise their achievable goals.

Creating awareness and understanding the effects of childhood neglect

The environment a child grows in, forms the foundation of the person’s beliefs, children fundamentally become indoctrinated into the beliefs that plays in the environment, and that impact their perception about life and of themselves and their world view. Growing up, children absorb whatever they come in contact with within the environment, that is why they need guidance and attention. But when they don’t receive such guidance and are made to suffer neglect that experience sets a pedestal for how they determine their self esteem. They may subconsciously feel that the neglect maybe because they are unworthy, and undeserving, and when a child grows with these unhealthy beliefs into adulthood, it can create a distorted self-image, where they begin to perceive themselves as not good enough.

Struggling with self-worth and seeking approval.

Neglected children constantly seek validation from others in adulthood, bending over backwards to please people and prove their worth. They may find it difficult to say no even when it’s not convenient for them as they seek approval by serving others.

This neglect can also manifest itself in another way, they might find themselves pushing people away to protect themselves from being harm. These people may find it difficult to trust, and may view the world as unsafe, making it impossible to build meaningful connections.

However, it important to understand that all beings have the ability to overcome or undo whatever happened to them in the past and that’s why awareness and healing are essential, these are just clear signs that usually manifest when a person experienced rejection as a child, sometimes these signs are conscious and sometimes unconscious and they may be other ways in which some of these traits appear in others.

When we recognise them, it helps us to understand how these past experience might have shaped one’s behaviour and thoughts patterns.


When children are neglected growing up, they are left to depend on themselves for their physical, emotional and psychological needs. Learning to be independent is a positive trait in my opinion but if the independence is rooted or stem from a troubled past experience, it cannot be viewed as a positive trait as it can make the subject to believe that others cannot be trusted enough to rely on making them to become self-reliant.

In adulthood, these people often appear exceptionally independent, and always prefer to personally deal with situations on their own without seeking help from anyone even when it’s necessary but perceive it as a sign of weakness and sometimes not wanting to bother others or giving them a burden but rather result to finding a way to resolve it in isolation.

Simply misunderstood

Growing up with the feeling of neglect unavoidably set you up to embark on a healing process of embracing yourself fully. When one embark on a journey of self-love it’s a process of recalibrating yourself and undo all the negative beliefs and feelings of unworthiness that may have been internalised from the rejection experience and start to love and treat yourself right with the awareness that it’s not your fault but it’s an experience of life. When you become aware of this, it easy to forgive yourself for any short-comings, heal and begin to acknowledge your feelings and give yourself the permission to feel without judgement and criticism. Understand that it’s okay to ask for help and put your needs first, this doesn’t mean you are selfish. It simply means you prioritise and value yourself. Let go of any belief that is not serving you and any unrealistic expectations and standards you may have set for yourself and that set by the society for you.

When people begin to realise who they authentically are and start to make adjustments accepting the fact that it’s okay to not be perfect and embrace who they are, others don’t seem to understand them anymore, they are often misunderstood, the reason being that they start to make new choices, setting healthy boundaries and surrounding themselves with people who uplift them and won’t violate their boundaries in order to safeguard their mental health.

Finally, having this kind of experience as a child can make you as an adult to settle for less and become trapped in patterns of dysfunctions and codependency. It’s important to be aware in order not to allow the past control your life, stop people pleasing behaviour and learn to say no, avoid toxic and destructive patterns, promise yourself not to allow the opinions of others about you rule how you show up in the world.













Manipulation sometimes guised as care and if you have no idea how manipulators use their tactics to brainwash and use or take away your valuables you will feel betrayed, used and dumped for the rest of your life.

In this article you are going to learn seven effective ways to respond to their deceptive tricks to beat them at their mind game


Manipulation can really keep us in a roller coaster of emotions, feeling confused for as long as possible, if we don’t know what we are dealing with. Manipulators can be annoying because they often come up with different tricks at different times to mess with our minds, but once you learn these tricks you can dare them a blow and beat them at their own game.

Be firm and stand your ground.

Manipulators are good at making you doubt yourself so that you can begin to question your sense of reasoning. They play mind games with you to mess with your thinking, dealing with them is not as easy as you may think. They are going to push your buttons, test your boundaries and try to shake your resolve.

But one thing is sure, you are stronger and wiser than their tricks. Don’t let their triggers make you think less of yourself or lower your self esteem, hold firm to your values and beliefs. No one has the right to dictate how another should live.  You have every right to assert yourself and defend your boundaries. If they try to shame or guilt you over your decisions and lifestyle, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. If they attempt to play the victim, stand your ground.

You can agree with me that it’s not easy to stand the draining of a manipulator but trust me, standing up to a manipulator in a non reactive way but in a direct responsive manner to their tactics is a way of shattering their beliefs about themselves.

Never neglect your gut feeling.

Trusting your intuition can signal to you  when something is not right. When you are dealing with a manipulator, there’s always this gut feeling, that’s your intuition trying to communicate to you that something is off, it could be that they are not who they claim to be or that their compliments maybe fake and their words don’t match their actions. Trust those feelings, they are your emotional GPS, your spiritual antenna that helps you to descend, to separate reality from fiction.

Control your emotions

Manipulators are experts at toying with your emotions.

They are perfect at inciting you and evoking emotions of guilt and fear in order to sway your decisions in their favour. If you’re not aware of their games, they can easily pull you in these intense emotions and make you forget yourself and lose sight of what is really going on. The reason you should keep your emotions in check, don’t allow it to overwhelm you, so you don’t become reactive in your responses when dealing with such people because they will always trigger you to get you infuriated to lose your balance in order to gain power and control over you.

Calm down, take a step back, breathe in, and take a different perspective in viewing the situation.

When you don’t allow your emotions to cloud your sense of reasoning, you have whittle down one of the strongest tactics they use to weaponize their targets.

Set firm boundaries

One of the most effective strategies I have found in encountering manipulation is setting firm boundaries.

Remember that manipulators like to shame and guilt you when they are trying to have their way through something, giving the impression that their way is the best and if you are not familiar with their mode of operation you’ll get trapped in their game and start to seek validation and approval, it’s a way of having control over your thoughts. But having clear boundaries, meaning that you don’t give them the opportunity to interfere in your issues and even when they did uninvited, you are always ready to rise up and politely sound a direct note of warning, in a way to demonstrate that you don’t give anyone the permission to cross your boundaries. Having these boundaries in place, prevent manipulators and others from freely invading your space.

Study their manipulative tactics

Manipulators are skilled at psychological warfare. They know how to twist words, guilt, and explore your vulnerable and use it against you to achieve their aim. These people think they are smart, and sometimes we get so helpless when trapped in this paradigm and they will use us until we don’t longer think straight, at this point people may assume we are weak but they don’t understand that what we are dealing with is not just something simple but high skilled manipulation that requires psychological awareness to surmount.

Studying these tactics not only help you identify manipulation when it’s playing out but also equips you with the knowledge to effectively halt it whenever you find yourself in a situation that involves dealing with manipulators.

Learn to say no

Saying “no”doesn’t mean you are not a good person. It means you’re someone who doesn’t allow things that are not serving a purpose in your life, it means you are a strong individual who respects your own needs and rights.

Saying no without feeling guilty throw manipulators into confusion because they have this false belief that no one can say no to them.

They pretty much know how to pretend and make you believe they care so that when they make their heavy demands on you, it becomes difficult to say no, here is the thing, you have the right to say “no”. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your decisions and they don’t have to like it. Learn to be assertive to avoid people exploiting and taking you for a ride.

Don’t put the blame on yourself

You are not to blame for their actions so don’t guilt yourself, you are not responsible for the way they chose to operate in the world. Don’t carry their wrongdoings on your shoulders. You deserve respect and kindness, not manipulation and deceit.

It’s important that you don’t give them permission to stay long in your space. Spending too much time with a manipulator can affect your mental health.

Maintain your sense of humour

Manipulators lack a sense of humour, they don’t know how to crack your ribs, they are obsessed with taking control of every situation. What they understand as humour is throwing a calculated insult and turning it into an annoying joke in an attempt to make you feel they didn’t mean it, meanwhile they said it to test your limits and to get on your nerves.

However, since we understand that manipulators dislike when their opinion is not valued and respected, why not throw a good laugh when they say something they think it’s important to end the discussion?.

Finally, if you find yourself with someone who always manipulate you to get what they want, you are not alone, we have been there, these tools helped us to navigate our lives and beat them at their mind games. Understand that you have the strength and resilience within you to help you surmount their manipulative behaviour.

Ensure that you establish firm boundaries and only allow those who respects your values and self worth into your space.